Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy And Fees - Updated 2024

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Frontier Airlines is the best in terms of providing the amenities and best fares to its travelers. However, there is always a question in our mind about taking care of the baggage to carry on while traveling with Frontier or any other airline. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss everything related to the baggage policy and the type of materials to carry in your baggage. Before moving forward we will discuss, what is Frontier baggage policy?

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy: What to Know

Frontier Airlines' rationale says to unbundle the fares to fly at cheaper rates. It allows travelers to pay for what they choose. This way the cost is minimized for the travelers. There are specific guidelines for baggage policy at Frontier Airlines. Here are the detailed key points on the Frontier Baggage policy:

Types of Bags on Frontier Airlines:

The Frontier Baggage size explained below includes handles, wheels and straps

Personal Item Baggage Size

8''D x 18''W x 14''H

Carry-On Bag

10"D x 16"W x 24"H (Max Weight 35lbs)

Checked Bag

62 linear inches

Frontier Airlines like many other airlines, has the division of bags into three categories by sizes and weights:

Personal item: 8 inches depth x 18 inches width x 14 inches height can be carried while in the cabin.

Frontier Airlines checked baggage size

Frontier carry on baggage size and weight: 10 inches depth x 16 inches width x 24 inches height and maximum limit of 35 pounds or 15 kgs.

Frontier checked baggage size and weight: 62 linear Inches including depth, width and height together and a maximum limit of weight is 40 pounds or 18 kgs.

Carry-on Baggage:

Frontier Airlines carry-on Size
  1. Every traveler can take one carry-on bag and a personal item with them while onboard. 
  2. Frontier baggage limits for the carry-on bag should have a dimension of not more than 24x16x10 inches with handles and wheels. If you exceed Frontier carry on baggage size then there will be extra fees included.
  3. The size and dimensions of the personal item should fit within the dimensions of 18x14x8 inches. 

Checked Baggage:

Frontier Airlines checked baggage size
  1. A traveler can check up to 5 bags per person under Frontier baggage policy.
  2. The first baggage is free for all travelers except for those who travel on Basic Economy fare. 
  3. There are Frontier Airlines baggage fees involved with the checked baggage that vary as per the routes and time of the booking. 
  4. Frontier baggage size for every checked bag should not be more than the dimension of 62 inches including length, width and height and must not include more than 50 pounds of weight.

Frontier Baggage Fees:

Frontier Airlines has the best policy for fee structure which includes value for what you pay and no extra cost. Here are the guidelines for Frontier Airlines baggage fees.

Frontier Airlines Baggage Charges to Add-on (Charges To Add-on baggage will not be refundable and shown per direction)

Oversized Checked Baggage

$75 per bag

Overweight Checked Baggage

$50-$100 per bag


$100 per bag


$75 per bag

  1. For first checked baggage a traveler doesn’t have to pay any fees unless the traveler. 
  2. For the second baggage fee there is a fee of around $30 if a traveler purchased it online or at the airport check-in counter, and around $40 on purchasing at the gate. 
  3. Frontier Airlines baggage fees for third, fourth, and fifth checked baggage is around $50 per bag irrespective of the purchase.

Important Things to Note with Frontier Baggage Fees

  1. Any oversized or overweight bags while traveling with Frontier are subjected to extra fees. 
  2. Frontier Airlines offers a variety of add ons such as early bag check and priority boarding adding to additional Frontier Airlines baggage fees.
  3. Always be anticipated of the Frontier baggage policy and baggage fees directly on the website of Frontier Airlines before you book a flight to avoid any surprises later. 
  4. You can contact the customer support team of the airline to know more about the Frontier Airlines baggage policy economy or basic economy.

Frontier Airlines baggage policy also has guidelines for overweight and oversized baggage as well as special items such as musical instruments, sports equipment, and pets. 

Frontier Airlines Baggage Fees: Oversized and Overweight Baggage

On crossing Frontier baggage limits there are additional fees associated with it, of course. Let’s check out the additional fees with different dimensions and weights.

  1. For bags that exceed the standard dimensions of 62 inches or weight limit of 50 pounds or 23 kg, there are Frontier Airlines baggage fees associated.
  2. For bags that weigh between 51 to 99 pounds there is a fee of around $75 for each bag.
  3. Bags weighing 100 or more than 100 are not accepted at Frontier Airlines.
  4. On increasing the Frontier baggage size, from 62 inches and carrying a maximum of 80 inches, there is an additional baggage fee which costs around $75 for each bag.
  5. Bags that exceed the limit of 80 inches are not allowed as checked baggage. 

Special Items to Carry with the Baggage:

  1. For sports enthusiasts, various items are allowed to carry such as snowboards, golf clubs, and skis which may be checked for free under Frontier baggage policy. The additional fee involved for carrying such items can be checked online on Frontier’s website. 
  2. For musical enthusiasts, there are various musical instruments allowed. If they follow Frontier carry on baggage size and weight, there is no fee involved. However, if there is any additional limit of sizes and weights the fee is associated with that. For larger musical instruments there is an additional fee associated. 
  3. Travelers can carry their pets under Frontier’s pet policy, which includes guidelines for pet cargo services and in-cabin pet travel. There is a certain fee associated with the pet policy. Further, there are necessary documents that a traveler should keep in mind before carrying a pet with them. 

Additional Services Under Frontier Baggage Policy:

There are some optional services offered by Frontier Airlines which involve The WORKS bundle, priority boarding, and the PERKS bundle. Let’s check them out.

  1. The WORKS bundle includes benefits such as carry-on bags, checked bags, seat selection, and refunds whereas the PERKS bundle includes seat selection and priority boarding. 
  2. With these services a traveler's baggage fees and allowances are impacted. 
  3. It is critical to note that baggage fees and policies can change at different times. So, be updated with the official website and contact the customer services of the Frontier to get updated details and information before your trip. 

Some FAQs About Baggage Rules Of Frontier Airlines

Q1. What is Frontier Airlines baggage policy?

There are specific rules under Frontier baggage policy. To know more in detail go through the website of Frontier Airlines or contact the customer support team. There are various weight restrictions, size restrictions and item restrictions that you should take care of while traveling with the airline.

Q2. Is there any difference between the Frontier Airlines baggage policy economy and business class?

As Frontier Airlines operates with a single cabin configuration and it doesn’t have any traditional business class seats, there is no difference in the baggage fees of the economy and business class. 

Q3. Do I have to pay extra baggage fees with WORKS and PERKS?

For all the travelers, traveling with PERKS and WORKS, there is one checked bag and carry-on bag included in it without any fee addition. However, for exceeding the Frontier baggage limits you must contact the airline’s customer support team to get the latest information. 

Q4. How much does Frontier charge for bags?

The charge of the baggage under Frontier Airlines baggage policy depends upon the date of travel, and the route of travel. Contact the customer service team for more information on the baggage fees and weight. 

Q5. What is the difference between a carry-on and a personal item?

Personal items cannot be larger than 14”x18”x8” and it includes items such as computers, laptops, small backpacks, totes, purses, briefcases and even diaper bags. 

However, a carry-on bag should be able to fit in the overhead bin and cannot be larger than 24”x16”x10” including handles, straps and wheels. Also, the weight should not exceed 35 pounds. This usually involves duffel bags, large backpacks, and small suitcases/wheeled bags.

Q6. How much does Frontier charge for bags?

Frontier Airlines has different charges for the baggage. It depends upon the routes and dates of traveling. You can contact Frontier Airlines before making the booking to get updated with every information of Frontier Airlines baggage policy

Q7. What if my baggage is lost or damaged during the flight?

This is a rare case when you lose a bag or it gets damaged. However, if such an incident happens you can contact the airline's customer service and also report to the Airport counter immediately. They will guide you through the process of filing a claim for your lost baggage and assist you. You will get the lost baggage within 24 hours.

Q8. Are there any items that are not allowed in either carry-on or checked baggage?

Yes, there are a few restricted items that you cannot carry on the plane. These are typically any sharp object, hazardous material, inflammable items, and other items that might be risky for safety. To adhere to the guidelines check the official website of the baggage policy. 

Q9. Is there any weight limit for checked baggage on Frontier Airlines?

Yes, Frontier Airlines has a weight limit for checked and carry-on baggage. You can contact customer services to know in detail or navigate to the Frontier Airlines baggage policy on their website to get the latest update.

Q10. Can I pre-pay for baggage online?

Yes, not just Frontier but many airlines allow passengers to pay in advance for the baggage during the booking procedure online on the website. This can save you more fees than paying on the airport counter. 

Q11. What are the size and weight limits for carry-on baggage with Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines has specific dimensions and weight restrictions for carry-on bags. Make sure your carry-on meets these requirements to avoid additional fees or the need to check the bag.

Q12. Can I bring a personal item in addition to my carry-on bag?

Passengers can carry one personal item and one carry-on baggage for free. The personal items include a small backpack, purse or laptop. However, carry-on bags include large backpacks or duffel bags or large suitcases which fit in the overhead bin of the plane. 

Q13. How can I add or modify baggage to my reservation?

To change or modify the baggage to your existing reservation through Frontier Airlines you can visit or use the mobile app. If you encounter any issues, reach out to the customer services for assistance. There are extra frontier baggage fees involved with extra baggage. 

Q14. How much does Frontier Airlines charge for checked baggage?

Various factors vary the baggage fees of the checked baggage. It depends upon size, route, and date of traveling. Check the airline’s official website to know further about Frontier Airlines baggage fees. Contact the airline’s customer service to know everything in detail. 

Q15. How many checked bags are allowed when traveling with Frontier Airlines?

You can carry one checked baggage for free with one carry-on baggage. However, if you want to increase the bag limits, you can carry five checked bags under the Frontier Airlines baggage policy at an additional fee per bag.