Pet Travel Rules

United Airlines Pet Policy

Get your cat or dog with you on a trip and have fun. Yet, there are various rules that you need to follow.Read More

Frontier Pet Policy

Frontier Airlines is the only low-cost carrier with comfort and value for money. It offers easy traveling for all its travelers.Read More

Spirit Pet Policy

It is a big pain to leave your animal when you are traveling on a flight. How will the pet survive? What will the pet do alone? Who will take care of your pet?Read More

Southwest Pet Policy

Carrying your pet with you on the flight? No worries, Southwest Airlines pet policy is to let you fly with your pet. If you wonder can pets fly on Southwest?Read More

Jetblue Pet Policy

As Jetblue allows only 6 pets per flight, So book a flight early to fly with your pet. Jetblue charge $125 each way for a pet.Read More