United Airlines Unaccompanied Minors Policy And Fees

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United Airlines knows that the thought of letting your kid fly alone might scare you. That is why there are best norms made by the airline under United Airlines Minor Policy. You can let your kids fly alone. Let’s get to know about who is considered a minor.

united airlines unaccompanied minor

What is a United unaccompanied minor?

An unaccompanied minor on United is a kid aged 5 to 14 who is flying alone internationally or domestically. The kids who are aged 15 to 17 come under optional services after showing the circumstances.

Unleashing the United Airlines Minor Policy 

United Airlines unaccompanied minor policy is needed for kids aged from 5 to 14 years who have to fly alone or with someone who is aged under 18. Here we have important points to know about how this policy works:

  • Your children need to be booked on the nonstop United Express or United flight. 
  • If you have kids of age under 5 then they don’t fit for United Airlines Minor Policy and a parent or guardian of age above 18 to fly with them. 
  • If your kids are aged 15-17 your kids are 15-17, they can travel alone without using this service, but you can use it if you want to.
  • There is a United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Fee which varies on how many kids are flying and if it is a one-way or round trip. 
  • Parents or guardians can buy the United unaccompanied minor online through the official website or by calling the United Airlines customer service. Just ensure that you choose the right traveler age group.
  • At the time of booking you need to tell who is dropping off the kid and picking up. If there is any change in this info you can call the airline and get it changed later by them. 
  • There is always a dedicated staff member with the kid to help out with any service they want.
  • The airlines ensures that your kids get the kind of care they want, they select their seats for you within 72 hours of your United Airlines unaccompanied minor booking. 

Pro Tips for Travelers

Even if the kids have flown earlier, we have certain tips to ensure they are ready prior handed:

  • Jot down any phone number the airline needs including the parent and the one who is meeting them at the drop point of United Airlines unaccompanied minor flight. 
  • Just ensure they know to wait on the aircraft for a United staff member to company and walk with them. 
  • If your kid has a phone or tablet, ensure it is completely charged in case they are not sitting near an outlet. 
  • Your kids need to fill the form before they go through customs if they fly internationally. The form should be handed over to the staff during flight, therefore, write the information they may need before time. 

At the airport

There are a few steps that you need to take notice at the airport to ensure your kids are onboard the plane safely. 

  • For the first time, you need to ensure you reach 30 minutes before the minimum check in time that is needed.
  • Children need to check in at the airport counter when they travel alone. The airline ensures all the contact information is correct, and gives them a wristband for identification along with the envelope for travel documents.
  • If the kids are flying internationally and not within the U.S. you will receive a pass during check in and accompany them to the gate. Also, an agent will meet the kid(s) at the airport ticket counter and take them. 
  • Be at the airport till your minor(s) flight takes off, whether you went through security with them or not. United unaccompanied minors get to board their flight first, meet the pilots, and are also shown to other members of the staff.

On the plane

Here’s what the United Airlines will do for your kid(s) once they onboard on the flight:

  • The airline staff keeps a check on the kid(s) throughout the flight. United unaccompanied minor can call the flight attendant anytime if they need anything. 
  • You should pack snacks for the kid(s) as far as they meet the TSA guidelines. United Airlines unaccompanied minor also get one free snack on the plane.
  • Your kids can see different entertainment cartoons, movies, and other series. These vary on each flight. They can see this through the United app. 

Upon arrival

United Airlines unaccompanied minor once get to the arrival airport, they need to wait on the plane for a representative to come get them. United then brings the UM to the parent or guardian picking them up. The arrival procedure depends on if the flight is domestic or international.

Domestic flights

If the United Airlines unaccompanied minor doesn’t have to go through customs, you need to get the gate pass at the ticket counter to underpass security and pick the kid up at the arrival point. As a parent or guardian you need to be there before 30 minutes of the arrival of the flight.

International flights

If the United unaccompanied minor has to go through customs, then as a guardian or parent you can meet him in the arrival area of the airport after all the formalities. It is recommended that parents or guardians should reach the airport before 30 minutes of the arrival of the flight.

You need to show your ID and sign a release document before leaving the airport to pick up the kid with you.

How to Book United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor

united airlines unaccompanied

To book a flight for an United unaccompanied minor, follow these steps:

  • Before booking the flight, contact United Airlines reservations department or customer service to inquire about United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy and any specific requirements or restrictions.
  • Ensure that the child meets the age requirements set by United Airlines for unaccompanied minors. Generally, children aged 5 to 14 are eligible for the unaccompanied minor service.
  • When booking the flight for United unaccompanied minor, inform the airline’s representative that the child will be traveling alone as a UM. Provide the necessary details, including the child's name, age, and contact information for both the child and the parent or guardian who will be dropping off and picking up the child.
  • United Airlines unaccompanied minor services are for children traveling alone on the airline. This service provides supervision and assistance for the child throughout their journey, including check-in, boarding, and arrival. Make sure that the unaccompanied minor service is selected and included in the booking.
  • United Airlines may require the parent or guardian to complete and sign additional forms, such as an unaccompanied minor consent form, to authorize the child's travel. Make sure to fill out these forms accurately and submit them as required.
  • The airline usually charges a United Airlines unaccompanied minor fee, varying on factors such as the route and whether it's a non-stop or connecting flight. Be prepared to pay this fee at the time of booking.
  • Review the child's itinerary, including flight details, layovers (if any), and instructions for drop-off and pick-up procedures to ensure the safe journey of United Airlines unaccompanied minor. Make sure that both the child and the parent or guardian are familiar with the travel arrangements and any specific requirements.
  • Before the day of travel, discuss the trip with the child and explain what to expect during the journey. Review safety procedures, including how to identify the airline staff and what to do in case of any concerns or emergencies for United unaccompanied minor.
  • On the day of travel, arrive at the airport well in advance of the scheduled departure time. Follow the instructions for check-in and drop-off of the United unaccompanied minor, and make sure that all required documentation is provided.

FAQs About About United Airlines Minor Policy

Q1. Do minors need ID to fly United Airlines?

United unaccompanied minors generally do not require government-issued identification for flying on the aircraft within the U.S. Yet the minors are required to carry specific documentation as identification proof such as school ID or birth certificate, mainly for international flights or circumstances where identification may be required.

Q2. United Airlines identification requirements for minors?

United Airlines has no specific identification needs for minors who travel domestically and within the U.S. yet, the airline needs a document identification for the unaccompanied minors flying internationally. You need to show this to airport staff for letting your kids fly alone.

Q3. How much is the unaccompanied minor fee?

Number of kids traveling

Roundtrip fee

One-way fee










United Airlines unaccompanied minor fee differs on the factors which include various factors such as route, fare type and the number of travelers as UM. The unaccompanied minor fee for one-way nonstop flights starts from $150 and goes to $450 whereas for round trip nonstop flights, it is from $200 to $500. For the latest information, you can contact united airlines cusotmer support.

Q4. How old does a child have to be to fly alone on United Airlines?

As per United Airlines minor policy, children who are of age 5 to 14 and traveling alone are called unaccompanied minors and should use the UM services of the airline. Kids aged 15 or older are generally considered adults but in optional conditions, they can be treated as unaccompanied minors if traveling alone.

Q5. Can a 12-year-old fly alone on United Airlines?

United unaccompanied minors of 12 years old are eligible to fly on the airline without anyone. As per the policy, the kids aged 5 to 14 can travel alone or without their parents or guardian. The parent or guardian can formalize all their documents and show these to the airport staff to ensure their safer and snug journey.

Q6. What if I’m traveling with my kids but we’re on separate reservations?

In such cases, you don’t have to make use of United unaccompanied minor services. Just make a call before the trip darts and the staff will make sure that your reservation is updated. Your kid will be required to check in at the counter rather than through the website or United’s app.