Frontier Airlines Pet Travel Requirements for Domestic And International Flights

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Frontier Airlines is the only low-cost carrier with comfort and value for money. It offers easy traveling for all its travelers. No matter if you are traveling alone or with your kid or pet. It is the safest airline so far. If you are wondering over whether Frontier allows pets, then don’t worry Frontier has got your back! Here in this blog, we will discuss everything about Frontier Airlines pet policy in detail to sort out all your queries related to pet travel. 

Frontier Pet Policy: Everything to Know

flying with pet on frontier airlines

Let’s go through the complete Frontier Airlines pet policy which will help you to carry your pet on the plane:

  1. You can carry cats, dogs, hamsters, small birds, guinea pigs and rabbits with you on the plane.
  2. The dogs and cats should not be less than 4 months old while traveling.
  3. Overall, up to 10 containers are allowed in one flight.
  4. One traveler can carry only one pet carrier.
  5. For trained service dogs there is no Frontier pet fee in the cabin if traveling with a disabled traveler. 
  6. A traveler can make the reservation for their pet during booking online or by phone and make the payment for the pet in advance or at the time of check-in. 
  7. One-way directional charges will apply and should be paid in advance while booking. 
  8. In case you don’t pay in advance you will need to pay during check-in of your pet.
  9. You should carry your pet in a container as a personal item with an 8”x14x18” or carry-on bag with 10”x16”x24” dimensions. 
  10. For carry-on bags, there is an additional Frontier pet fee.
  11. Frontier doesn’t allow the pets to be checked as baggage.
  12. Check all the customs, laws, and government regulations before Frontier flying with pets.
  13. Get all the health-related documents of your pet to offer in front of the airline when traveling to some other country than the U.S.
  14. In the U.S. health certificates may not be required for pets as travelers in some states.
  15. The animals that need emotional support are not accepted free of charge and should travel under the guidelines and restrictions of Frontier Airlines pet policy.
  16. The pet should be in the container every time while flying in the cabin for safety reasons. 
  17. Frontier advises to not give food or water to the pet while on the aircraft as the stress of traveling, the motion of the aircraft and other factors could make the pet uneasy.

Please Note:

  • This might be tempting to help your pet provide comfort with sedatives but most of the vets are against it as the effect of any sedatives can be unpredictable on the critters at higher altitudes. 
  • In the event of an emergency, there will be no oxygen administered to pets. 
  • Pet flying with the traveler should be harmless, odorless, non-disruptive and require no attention during the flight. 
  • Inform the airline prior if there are any special health concerns of the pet, in inorder to get assistance from the staff when in need.

Pet Container: Things to Know 

frontier airlines pet rules

Here are a few things which will let you know about the container of the pet. Let’s go through them:

  1. The travel container for a pet should be large enough to let the pet stand, lie down, and turn around comfortably and naturally. 
  2. The carrier should be designed in a way it fits underneath your seat in front of the traveler. 
  3. A few seats cannot accommodate your pet container, but Frontier works for the traveler to get a seat assigned with space. 
  4. The maximum dimensions for a pet container should be 18 inches in length 14 inches in width and 8 inches in height to allow comfortable movement to the critter.
  5. The travel container can also be carried in terms of a personal item or a carry-on bag. 
  6. There is a dedicated Frontier pet fee that a traveler should pay while carrying the pet in that additional carry-on bag.
  7. The pet container should be a soft-sided case to allow easy carrying.
  8. The pet should stay in the container all the time while traveling.

Frontier Flying with Pets in Cabin: What to Know

frontier airlines pet policy

Here are a few things to know when you are on Frontier flying with pets in the cabin. 

  1. There are only a few animals that are allowed in the cabin. 
  2. Domesticated dogs and cats should be at least 8 weeks of age. 
  3. Within the U.S. domesticated dogs, rabbits, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, or small birds can be carried on the flights. 
  4. Large birds such as parrots, cockatoos, and macaws, are not allowed. Also, you cannot carry rodents which include mice, rats, squirrels, beavers, reptiles, ferrets etc. You can also not carry insects such as spiders, snakes and more. Further you cannot carry tigers, lions, or bears. 
  5. Travelers can carry domesticated dogs and cats to or from international destinations. 
  6. On all the domestic Frontier flights pets are allowed in the cabin. 
  7. A traveler cannot sit in row one or an exit row when doing Frontier flying with pet as per Frontier pet policy.

Please Note: Make sure you follow every instruction under Frontier Airlines pet policy before you book your Frontier flight. If there are any doubts or you need any clarity, feel free to contact the customer desk of Frontier Airlines

FAQs About Pet Policy Of Frontier Airlines

Q1. Does Frontier allow pets on the plane?

Yes. Frontier allows you to carry your pet with you on the plane. However, you must offer the required documents and pay additional fees for them. Further, there are some restrictions on the type of animal you can carry. Please read the policy on the website of Frontier or call the Frontier helpdesk to get more information.

Q2. What kind of pets does Frontier allow?

There are a variety of pets allowed on Frontier including rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, or small household birds on the flights within the U.S. for a one-way directional charge. However, you can only carry domesticated dogs and cats to or from international destinations. 

Q3. Is it necessary to carry your pet in the container?

Frontier Airlines has special guidelines under Frontier Pet Policy that state to carry the pets in a container. You should meet them to carry the pet safely and comfortably on the plane with you in that container. For safety reasons, your pet should be able to stand, turn around and sit in the container.

Q4. Can I carry my pet as checked baggage on Frontier Airlines?

Frontier flying with pets is not allowed as checked pieces of baggage. You should carry your pet in a carry-on bag under specific guidelines. There is a specific dimension of the baggage that you should take care of.

Q5. How Can I add a pet to my existing booking?

To add your pet to your existing booking. Move to the official website of Frontier and select the My Trip/Check-in option. Enter the travel details such as Last name and confirmation code to view the travel itinerary. Then you will be directed to the Manage Your Booking option where you can add the special services.

Q6. What is the Frontier pet fee?

There is an additional Frontier pet fee associated with carrying pets on the plane. One-way pet carrier charge is $99 for domestic flights. However, for international flights, the charges may vary depending on the route of the departure and arrival destination.

Q7. Are there any necessary documents to be submitted when Frontier flying with pets?

Yes, you need to submit a health certificate of your pet stating your name, address, pet species, and country of origin. Also, inform about the immunization of your pet and it should be clearly stated in your document that your pet is free from any illness and parasitic attack. 

Q8. How many pet carriers are allowed on Frontier Airlines?

There are 10 pet carriers allowed on each flight. However, one traveler can carry only one pet carrier with them while doing Frontier flying with pets

Q9. What should I do if my pet becomes anxious during the flight?

It is necessary to prepare your pet for air travel to offer a safe journey to your pet. Your pet should get familiar with the environment in which it is going to stay. Consult with an experienced vet to get the best tips for keeping your pet calm throughout the journey.

Q10. Can my pet travel in the cargo hold?

Frontier Airlines allows small pets to travel as personal items or carry-on bags in the cabin. However, it doesn’t allow small pets to transport or travel as cargo holds. Read all the restrictions clearly before booking your flight and make the Frontier pet fee payment online.

Q11. How do I book a flight for my pet on Frontier Airlines?

To get a pet on Frontier Airlines, you should make a reservation for your pet in advance with your booking online or through the help of customer service of the airline. However, if you forget to make the reservation at that time you can modify the existing booking and make the payment.