Spirit Airlines Flight Cancellation And Refund Policy in 2024

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Flight cancellations are a real pain and not just costing money. There are circumstances that we cannot avoid and this leads to cancellation. Besides, there are a lot of other things such as refunds, rebooking and so on. When it is Spirit Airlines here is everything that you should know either it is you or Spirit Airlines canceling the flight. Let’s get to know the Spirit cancellation policy first.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy 2024

Spirit Flight Cancellation Policy

Spirit Airlines offers a cancellation of full or 100% refund. There are certain conditions listed below for the same:

  • Spirit Airlines cancel flights can be refunded fully. 
  • Making flight cancellations at least 60 days before the scheduled flight gives you a full refund. 
  • Flight cancellations made in less than 24 hours after booking for Spirit flights schedules for departure at least a week later is 100% refundable. 
  • Delayed Spirit Airlines by more than 2 hours are fully refunded upon certain circumstances. 
  • For any rescheduled flight there is a full refund.
  • Special/unforeseen situations like death, jury duty, serious illness etc are entitled to get a full refund provided that all the documentary evidence justify the situation. 
  • Third party ticket purchase allows you to contact the agency directly( voucher or refund issued by the agency).
  • In the rest of the cases, there is a Spirit Airlines cancellation Fee depending upon when you cancel.

Under Spirit flight cancellation policy there are certain cases where you have to pay the cancellation charges. 

Below are the charges for cancellation and change: 

Cancellation Fee/Charges

Duration From Departure (Befrore)


0 to 6 days From Departure


7 to 30 days From Departure


31-59 days From Departure


More than 60 days From Departure

Spirit Airlines 24-Hour Cancellations

Can I cancel a flight within 24 hours? - Spirit 24 hour cancellation policy allows you to cancel the flight within 24 hours or a day of the flight purchase. The traveler can obtain a full refund of the flight departure and get a full refund if the departure of the flight is at least 7 days or one week later.

Spirit 24 hour cancellation policy is for all the types of fares. However, you will have to pay a Spirit Airlines cancellation Fee if you cancel a flight less than 7 days before the scheduled departure or 24-plus hours after the purchase of the ticket.

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy

Spirit Refund Policy

Complete Refund: Under Spirit Refund Policy you can cancel the reservation for any purpose up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the first flight. The airline guarantees you the choice between a full refund of the initial cost of the flight purchase or 100% of the initial cost of the flight purchase as a one-year reservation credit which is valid for any available flight on Spirit Airlines.

80% Coverage: Under Spirit Refund Policy, you can cancel the flight for any reason till 24 hours or a day before the scheduled departure of the first flight. The airline guarantees you the option between an 80% refund of the initial cost of the booked flight or 80% of the initial cost of the reservation as a year credit which is valid for any available flight on the website. 

Spirit Airlines Cancel Flight: How To Do

Spirit Airlines has a very user-friendly approach to cancel the flights. You can make Spirit Airlines cancel through the website, phone, and app. Here are all the ways explained:

Cancel Spirit Airlines Flight tickets Using website

  1. Navigate the Spirit Airlines website through a browser. 
  2. Log in to your Spirit Airlines account
  3. If you have booked as a guest use the confirmation code.
  4. Move to the ‘Manage Booking’ option or ‘My Trips’ option on the website.
  5. Enter booking details or retrieve your reservation by entering your last name and confirmation code. 
  6. Go for the option to cancel your flight. 
  7. Follow all the prompts to complete the process. 
  8. Check the cancellation details.
  9. Also, check for any Spirit Airlines cancellation fee associated with the booking if any.
  10. Confirm the cancelation, and you will receive a mail of confirmation. 

Use Spirit Airlines Mobile App For Instant Flight Cancellation

  1. Open the app of Spirit Airlines. 
  2. Launch the Spirit Airlines app on your phone.
  3. Log in to the airline account or retrieve the reservation if you have booked as a guest. 
  4. Go to the ‘Manage Booking’ or ‘My Trips’ option in the app.
  5. Enter the booking details or retrieve the information through the confirmation code and last name. 
  6. Search for an option of canceling a flight. 
  7. Follow the prompts to complete the Spirit Airlines cancel flight process.
  8. Review Spirit Airlines cancellation Fee or any terms related to the booking.
  9. Confirm the cancelation with the help of an app. 
  10. You will receive the mail of confirmation on your ID.

Process To Cancel Your Spirit Flight At Airport

  1. Visit the Spirit Airlines counter at the airport of departure.
  2. Offer the booking details to the representative of the airline. 
  3. Request the cancellation of your booked flight and ask about the fees or terms.
  4. Confirm the cancellation with the airline’s representative.
  5. Receive the cancelation receipt if any.

Use Live Chat To Cancel Spirit Flight Ticket

  1. Visit the official website on the browser. 
  2. Scroll through the Live Chat option often available in the customer support option or Go to: https://quiqurls.com/RzCbQk
  3. Begin with the live chat with a Spirit Airlines representative.
  4. Offer the booking details and continue with the request of Spirit Airlines cancel flight process. 
  5. Follow the guidelines of the agent and go through the process. 
  6. Offer any other relevant information if needed.

Direct Call To Cancel Your Spirit Airlines Flight

  1. Go to the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  2. Move to the Contact Us page https://www.spirit.com/s/contact-us.
  3. Call the given Spirit Airlines customer service number 1(844) 769-1366. 
  4. Follow the IVR instructions.
  5. Connect with the Airline’s representative.
  6. Provide the booking details which include the confirmation number and last name.
  7. Offer requests for Spirit Airlines cancel the process.
  8. Inquire about Spirit Airlines cancellation fee and terms if any.
  9. Confirm the cancelation with a customer service representative. 
  10. Receive the confirmation in the mail.

Benefits of Canceling a Flight with Spirit Airlines

You can cancel a flight with Spirit Airlines in several situations which are beneficial. Here are a few advantages of canceling under Spirit Airlines cancellation policy

Refund: Your money back depends upon the type of fare and cancellation policy. Spirit Airlines gives various fare options and allows for a full or partial refund if you cancel within a time frame. You can opt for the refund online method and claim your amount there. 

Flexibility in Travel Plans: With the fair cancellation you can apply for a Spirit refund request. Doing so the refund is in your hands after a certain time. Canceling the flight gives you the flexibility to adjust the travel arrangements without being in a specific itinerary. If you are looking to postpone the trip or change the destination, cancelation allows you to change the plans accordingly. 

Avoiding Additional Costs: If you feel like you can’t cancel you can avoid extra costs to it. By canceling you can save your money without adding extra costs. 

Peace of Mind: Now you know that there is an option to cancel the flight. There is a relaxation, especially if you are sure about your uncertain plan of traveling. With flexibility to cancel the stress is less and you can make informed decisions on the basis of changing circumstances. 

Some FAQs About Cancellation Rules Of Spirit Airlines

Q1. Are Spirit flights refundable?

Yes, flights with Spirit Airlines are refundable under certain guidelines. Read the refund policy clearly. If you have any queries, call a Spirit Airlines representative and get every bit of information. You can reach out to them through calls or live chat. 

Q2. How can I cancel my Spirit Airlines flight?

Visit the official website to cancel your Spirit Airlines flight. Login to your account and move to the ‘Manage Booking’ option. Enter the travel details such as confirmation code and last name to open the booking details. Now you can cancel the airline and get the confirmation online after reviewing and locking the confirmation.

Q3. Are there any fees for canceling a Spirit Airlines flight?

On canceling your flight, there is a certain Spirit Airlines cancellation fee eligible for the traveler to pay, however, in certain cases. This depends upon the type of fare and other factors. The non-refundable fares are not eligible for refund. There are refundable tickets for which you can get 100% or 80% refund. Please connect with Spirit airlines customer representative to know in detail. 

Q4. Can I cancel my Spirit Airlines flight and get a refund?

The refund always depends upon the type of fare you purchased. You can process Spirit refund requests within the timeframe to get a 100% refund otherwise in case of emergencies the timeframe cannot be followed and you get a partial refund. Always consult the airline before canceling.

Q5. How can I request a refund for a canceled Spirit Airlines flight?

If you have booked with the airline you can get a full refund or partial refund. All you have to do is process the Spirit Refund request form or call on the airline’s helpline number to get assistance. You can also raise a request on live chat. Always read the policy carefully before beginning the refund.

Q6. What happens if I cancel my Spirit Airlines flight close to the departure date?

If you cancel it close to the departure there are higher Spirit Airlines cancellation fees that are eligible to pay. There are some fares which have full refund while some are there in which you will have to pay a larger amount of refund. Check the terms closely before doing so. 

Q7. Can I cancel a non-refundable Spirit Airlines flight and use the value for future travel?

Spirit Airlines typically offers the option to have use of the value of the canceled non-refundable flight for your future travel. The airline may also issue a credit to it which is known as a travel credit or voucher. There are several terms and conditions which apply to it. Call the airline before you lock a flight cancelation.

Q8. What is the process for canceling a Spirit Airlines flight through customer service?

To have a Spirit Airlines cancel flight option you can call the airline or reach out through a chat process. The representative helps you through the process and completes it faster. Discuss all the booking details to confirm your flight and then cancel it through the representative. 

Q9. Can I book another flight after cancellation?

Yes, you can easily get another booking done through the website, app or on-call, once after cancelation. Read the terms and conditions that apply to the process. 

Q10. Can I cancel only part of my itinerary if I have a round-trip or multi-city booking with Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines considers round trips or multi-city trips as a whole. Once contact Spirit Airlines customer support for help. The cancellation varies on the specific fare regulations and the request time of the process. 

Q11. What happens if Spirit Airlines cancels my flight?

In case Spirit Airlines cancels your flight, you are eligible for a refund. Spirit Airlines also provides alternative flight options or you receive a travel credit. There are specific options available which depend on the cancelation and the policies of the airline. Check with the airline about the refund policy and then cancel.

Q12. Is there a grace period for canceling a Spirit Airlines flight without incurring fees?

Spirit Airlines generally has no offer or a grace period to cancel the flight without fees. It is advisable to know about the Spirit Airlines fee before you cancel the flight. Read the terms and conditions which apply to it. 

Q13. Can I cancel my Spirit Airlines flight and receive a refund due to a medical emergency or unforeseen circumstances?

Spirit Airlines can offer flexibility in such situations as medical emergencies or unforeseen scenarios. Call the customer service of the airline and offer the documents in support of the situation. The airline reviews your case on the basis of circumstances. You can get assistance or more options for resolving. 

Q14. What should I do if I need to cancel my Spirit Airlines flight due to changes in my travel plans?

If there is any change in plans and you need to cancel Spirit Airlines flight. You can visit the airline’s official website or contact customer support sooner to get assistance. Subscribe to the Spirit Airlines social media pages to get the best results on alternate options if you choose.

Q16. Can I transfer my Spirit Airlines ticket to someone else if I need to cancel?

Spirit Airlines doesn’t allow the transfer of tickets to some other person. If you need to make changes to your existing reservation you can ask for assistance. Get to know about Spirit Airlines cancellation policy before you cancel it. However, there are also Spirit Airlines cancellation fees associated with some cases. 

Q17. Can I cancel my Spirit Airlines flight online after checking in?

Once you check in online, you are eligible to cancel a Spirit Airlines flight. Contact the airline support team to know about the terms and conditions in detail after the check-in process is done. Be sure to check the fees and other related terms before you confirm cancellation.