Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy And Charges 2024

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On booking a flight, you must wonder if you could book some other day at a low fare—especially if you purchase tickets for your entire family. However, many U.S. airlines charge heavy change fees of up to $150 to 200. Southwest is free of cost. Yessss, you read it right! Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy is very streamlined and easy to apply. Here is everything to know about it.

No matter whether you have booked your flight with cash, points or credit card, the airline allows you to rebook your flight and receive the difference in fare back if any. This is very unlike other airlines where there are change fee waivers for elite members only. Southwest change flight policy allows you to book another flight at the best available fares, irrespective of what type of ticket fares you have bought. 

southwest airlines change flight

Southwest Airlines Change Flight Policy: Important Points 

Southwest Change Flight Policy is one of the most easy to understand and most user-friendly. There can be any changes in your travel plan and the airline respects that. That is why Southwest is the most lenient airline in terms of flight change. Here's a comprehensive explanation of Southwest Airlines change flight policy:

Flexibility with Southwest Flight Change Policy

Southwest Airlines offers greater flexibility in changing flights. It allows passengers to make adjustments to their travel itineraries and plans without any Southwest Airlines flight change fee. This gives a significant advantage to all the travelers of the airline when compared to another airline which charges a substantial fee for any flight changes. 

Southwest Flight Change within 24 Hours

In case you want to change your flight within 24 hours of the original booking, you can do this without any additional Southwest Airlines flight change fee. Through this grace period, you get the confidence of traveling peacefully, especially if you want to make last-minute changes to your schedule of traveling.

Southwest Airlines Change Flight After 24 Hours 

If you make changes after 24 hours of the grace period, you are eligible to pay the Southwest Airlines flight change fee. The amount of fee is different based on the fare type and specific routes. This fee ranges from $25 to $200 per traveler based on the circumstances. 

Flight Differences with Southwest Airlines Flight Change

If you reschedule Southwest flight or make any other changes to your existing booking, you are bound to pay a fare difference between the old booking and the changed booking. However, if the new flight is less expensive you get travel credit issued in the form of original payment to use for your future bookings. 

Southwest Airlines Change Name on Ticket 

The airline doesn’t charge a fee to correct the name of the passenger on a reservation if the change is minor and it doesn’t allow transferring the ticket to a different traveler. However, if there is some major correction or name transfer to another individual, there is a Southwest Airlines flight change fee applicable. This may be a typical $100 per traveler or the fare difference in some cases. 

Southwest Airlines Date Change Number on Ticket

Southwest Airlines flight change policy states that there are no change fees applicable for changing the dates of the ticket. Travelers might need to pay the fare difference if the changed flight is more costly than the original one. Southwest offers same-day standby & same-day confirmed changes, at a certain Southwest Airlines flight change fee. 

Southwest Airlines Change Flight with Non-Refundable Fares

Some Southwest Airlines fares are non-refundable, which means that you cannot change or cancel your reservation without losing the entire fare amount. Check out the fare rules before you book to understand the refund options. You can contact the airline’s customer service to know more in detail.

Customer Service Support for Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy

If you require assistance or have specific questions about changing your flight, you can contact the customer service department of Southwest Airlines. The team is available 24 hours a day to offer dedicated support and guidance.

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy for Wanna Get Away Tickets 

Wanna Get Away tickets are the lowest fares of Southwest Airlines. However, these fares have stricter rules to make flight changes and cancelations than Anytime & Business Select. Under Southwest flight change policy, if you wish to change your flight, you can change it up to 100 minutes before the scheduled departure without any penalty. However, the value of the ticket gets converted to Travel Funds or Flight Credits that you can use for future travel within one year of the original booking without any Southwest Airlines flight change fee charges. 

Flight Change Policy for Anytime and Business Select Tickets

Southwest flight change policy lets a traveler make changes to Anytime and Business Select tickets up to 10 minutes before departure without any Southwest Airlines flight change fee applicable. If you don’t make any changes to your existing booking and no-show for it, the value of Business Select or Anytime tickets gets converted to Travel Funds or Flight Credit. You can use this in future up to one year starting from the date of the original booking. However, if you have bought the ticket through Rapid Rewards points, the points get redeposited in your account. 

How to change Southwest flight?

Flight changes can be easily made through a website or mobile app. This self-service allows you to manage the bookings efficiently. You won’t require any customer service assistance for it. However, if you find it difficult you can call the customer support team of the airline. 

Southwest Airlines change flight online

Here are the steps to change or reschedule Southwest flight reservations online:

  • Move to 

  • Tap on the Change/Cancel option on top.

  • Get the flight booking details by entering the confirmation code and full name. 

  • As you enter the details, the Change Flight option gets selected.

  • Tap the Search button.

  • Choose the flight you wish to change.

  • Click on Select new flights. 

  • If you have booked the round trip, you will be able to see both departure and arrival destinations.

  • After picking your flight, make changes & confirm. 

Note: If you made a booking with the help of a third-party website or agency, get in touch with the same to make Southwest change flight happen.

Flight Change Policy for Changing International Flight Itineraries

If you want to change an itinerary that includes an international flight, follow the same procedure as mentioned. You will not be charged any Southwest Airlines flight change fee, but the fare difference if it is there.

Southwest Change Flight Policy for Changing Fare Classes

In case you are changing between the fare classes, there are a few exceptions that apply. To exemplify, if you are changing the Anytime fare to a Business Select fare, the value of the former converts to reusable Flight credits. If you are making changes to your itinerary you have to pay additional taxes and fees that apply to the new fare. 

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy for Same-Day Changes

If you make a same-day change to an international flight booking, contact Southwest Airlines at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) or ask for an agent at the airport ticket counter. You can’t book international Southwest flights online within 2 hours of the takeoff. 

Southwest Change Flight Policy for Irregular Operations

Under Southwest flight change policy if any flight is affected by certain issues such as bad weather or similar circumstances that are not under the control of the airline you can make changes to any international flight. However, by calling customer representatives at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) and getting guidance the changes can be made freely to any international flight. 

Same Day Flight Change Policy 

Southwest knows the need for changing plans. That is why it brings the policy of no Southwest Airlines flight change fee. You just have to pay the difference in fare between the changed flight and the original one. What if you need to make a change to your flight on the same day you are going to fly? Same-day change and same-day stand advantages give you even better flexibility on the day of travel so that you can hop on a different flight.

To change your departure time you have the options!

Same-day standby list

  • List on another flight. 

  • Same-day standby lets you get the hold on your existing flight along with listing for standby on an earlier flight booking through the app or web, should one have to be available. 

How can you list for same-day standby

  • Get the details of your itinerary on Southwest web or app, at least 30 minutes before scheduled departure or take off.

  • To see that on the app, tap View or Manage, & then choose same-day standby. 

  • Choose the flight and get the confirmation by mail. 

The other way is to ask the agent at the airport counter to list you on same-day standby.

Same-day confirmed change

  • Lock a seat on another flight.

  • Same-day change allows you to swap your flight on the travel day for an earlier or later flight—as long as there is an open seat & the departure and arrival airports are the same. 

How can you make a same-day confirmed change

  • Get your itinerary information on the web or app. Log in if you are A-List preferred or A-List.

  • Choose a new flight.

  • You will get an email confirmation.

  • It is done

  • Check in and get the boarding pass.

FAQs About change flight rules of Southwest Airlines 

Q1. What is the Southwest Airlines Flight Change Fee?

Southwest Airlines has no change fee for the tickets purchased on points or cash. If you wish to cancel a flight booking with Rapid Rewards points, you get the points back in your Rapid Rewards account. The security of the government will be converted to Travel Funds or Flight Credits which can be used in future. Don’t forget to save the confirmation number. 

Q2. What is Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy?

Southwest Airlines name change policy allows name changes on tickets only when there are last name changes, spelling errors, or name changes due to marriage. You can also get this issue solved by canceling the flight within a day of booking and rebooking your flight with the correct name. You can provide documentary evidence if changing your name because of marriage. Also, call customer relations at 1-855-234-4654 if you have to talk about a name change due to marriage.

Q3. How many times can I change my flight on Southwest?

You are allowed to make as many changes as you wish with Southwest Airlines. However, if your new flight costs more than the original booked flight, you will have to pay the fare difference. You can easily make changes to the existing flight by visiting the website or through the app. In case you have any difficulty you can change it by calling the customer service of the airline.

Q4. What is the time limit for making flight changes?

You should change the flight at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure. This is the limit of changes. For example, if the flight is at 9 am, you should change your flight by 8:50 am. If you forget to make changes to the flight, the value of your ticket gets converted to Travel Funds or Flight Credits or forfeited. 

Q5. Will I have to pay a fee for changing flight dates?

Southwest Airlines doesn’t charge a fee for changing flight dates. You will only have to pay a fee difference if the changed flight is higher in fare than the previous one. Contact the airlines for the same if you have any doubts about Southwest Airlines date change.

Q6. Can I change the timing of my flight?

Yes, you can change the time of the flight but stay to any fare difference and other conditions that Southwest may have. You can even change the time on the same day as the departure of the flight. Please check with the airline if you have any issues regarding flight change. 

Q7. What if I'm not satisfied with the dates of my Southwest flights?

You can of course change the flight dates before the departure. Go through Southwest flight change policy and stick to the guidelines to avoid paying any fees while changing the flight. However, there can be a fare difference that you have to pay.

Q8. Can I change my flight to the same day?

Southwest Airlines offers same-day standby and same-day confirmed changes. However, you have to pay a fee for it with the difference in fare. Contact customer service and know about any further terms and conditions.

Q9. Can I cancel my flight?

Yes, you can cancel and rebook your next flight too. If you do another booking there might be some fare difference that you should pay while sticking to the conditions. Call the airline’s customer service if you have any difficulty while changing or canceling flights. 

Q10. Can I change the name on my ticket?

Southwest generally doesn’t charge any fee on name changes. However, if there is any major change or ticket transfer to another traveler, you must have to pay a certain fee or difference in fare. Check out with customer service or reach the airport counter if you have any issues with the name change or flight transfer.