Royal Jordanian Baggage Allowances And Fees In 2024

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Royal Jordanian baggage allowance is the amount of baggage you can take on the aircraft. Want to know about everything before traveling? There are different allowances based on the type of fares, route, and the type of baggage. Take the lead to read the blog to learn about the baggage policy.

Royal Jordanian Baggage Rules

Royal jordanian baggage rules

Royal Jordanian baggage policy is based on various destinations covered by the airline. 

  • As per Royal Jordanian baggage allowance, passengers can generally have one piece of carry-on baggage with a maximum weight of 7 kilograms or 15 pounds with the dimensions not exceeding 22 x 18 x 10 inches or 56 x 45 x 25 cm.
  • Royal Jordanian checked baggage allowance differs based on class travel and the type of route. To exemplify, on international flights, travelers on economy can carry one piece of checked baggage with a maximum of 23 kg or 50 pounds. In contrast, business class travelers can carry two pieces of checked baggage with a maximum weight of 32 kg or 70 pounds each.
  • The standard Royal Jordanian baggage allowance policy allows additional baggage services such as baggage, pet fees, sports equipment, and musical instruments.
  • Travelers can check up to two bags for free on flights within Jordan and the Middle East.
  • Economy Class fare travelers on flights traveling to and from Europe, Asia and North America, can carry up to two pieces of baggage and the weight of each bag should be up to 20 kg.
  • Crown and Business Class travelers can carry two checked bags each weighing up to 30 kg.
  • Every traveler can bring a third bag when on an international flight at Royal Jordanian baggage fees of 40$ per bag.
  • The upper baggage limit of the checked baggage should not exceed 32 kg.
  • Travelers can carry excess baggage or overweight baggage but with additional fees.

Royal Jordanian Baggage Allowance for all Destinations

Royal Jordanian Checked Baggage Allowance

Crown Class Royal Jordanian Checked Baggage Allowance

You can carry two pieces if traveling at this type of fare. The weight of the first bag should be a maximum of up to 30 kg whereas the second one should weigh up to 23 kg. The dimension of baggage should be 158 cm or 62 inches combining the length, width and height with handles and wheels. 

Economy Class Royal Jordanian Checked Baggage Allowance

The Royal Jordanian baggage limit for economy fare is one piece of baggage weighing at most 23 kg to all the destinations except the ones mentioned specifically under the Royal Jordanian baggage rules. The sum of length, width and height should not exceed more than 158 cm or 62 inches. 

Infants Royal Jordanian Checked Baggage Allowance 

There is one piece allowed for infants weighing up to 10 kgs or 22 lbs. The size of Royal Jordanian baggage limits to 115 cm or 45 inches including length, width and height together with handles and wheels.

Children Royal Jordanian Checked Baggage Allowance 

For children, the baggage allowance is the same as the adult traveler paying the full adult fare in any class. 

Royal Jordanian Carry on Baggage Allowance

Adult Travelers Royal Jordanian Carry on Baggage Allowance

Travelers can carry with them up to one item of hand baggage. The Royal Jordanian baggage limit is up to 7 kg or 15 pounds with the dimensions of 115 cm or 56 x 45 x 25 cm in length, width and height combined.

Infants Royal Jordanian Carry on Baggage Allowance

If you are an adult traveler and want to travel with an infant you can carry a fully collapsible pushchair or baby stroller, infant car seat or carrying basket which can be carried in the cabin and kept in the overhead bin. 

Royal Jordanian Buy Extra Baggage

To carry more than the baggage limit you need to go for Royal Jordanian extra baggage on a certain fee which is different based on the routes and fare type.

Weight and Size Restrictions of Royal Jordanian Extra Baggage

The extra bag should not go beyond 32 kg or 70 pounds in weight and the dimension of the bag should not exceed 158 cm or 62 inches in overall dimensions if length, width or height is combined. 

London to Amman or Amman to London

  • If you are traveling on the route of London- Amman or vice versa, the extra bag fee is 140 GBP.
  • In case of baggage weighing 23 kg to 32 kg exceeds, an additional fee is 50 GBP.
  • For Promotional Bags a fee of 80 GBP is applicable.

United States or Canada

  • The charge is 275 USD for the United States or Canada to carry an extra bag.
  • In case of baggage weighing limit from 23 kg to 32 kg exceeds; an additional fee of 110 USD is charged from the original extra bag price which is 275 USD.

Beirut to Amman or Amman to Beirut

  • While traveling the route of Beirut to Amman or vice versa the extra bag fee is 75 USD for the first additional bag.
  • If the bag weight exceeds the limit of 23 kg to 32 kg, an additional fee of 50 USD is charged.


  • If you are traveling from or to Australia or vice versa the fee is 200 USD for the first additional bag of up to 23 kg.
  • For a second extra bag from or to Australia, the fee is 300 USD up to 23 kg.
  • In case of overweight baggage .ie. exceeding the limit from 23 to 32 kg, an additional fee of 65 USD is charged.

How to Add Checked Royal Jordanian Extra Baggage

Royal jordanian baggage Fees

You can add checked Royal Jordanian extra baggage online, airport counter, and manage the booking section.

  • Online Booking

While making a booking you can add extra bags online through the website. You should read the Royal Jordanian baggage rules before adding extra baggage.

  • Manage Booking

In case you have booked your flight, you can add Royal Jordanian extra baggage through the Manage Booking option. 

  • Contact Royal Jordanian

In case you have trouble adding extra bags online you can speak to one of the representatives of the airline to get it done for you. 

FAQs About Royal Jordanian Baggage Rules

Q1. How much checked baggage can I bring with Royal Jordanian?

The allowance for checked baggage depends on the type of ticket, route, weight and size of the bags. For Economy class, travelers can carry a weight of up to 32 kg without extra fees while Business class travelers have a higher allowance. Check on the website of the airline or contact the airline to know the most updated information on Royal Jordanian Baggage rules. 

Q2. Can I bring additional baggage?

You can add extra baggage anytime before flying. Check with the support team of the airline on the purchase of extra baggage with weight limits, fares, fees, routes and more. Add extra baggage online or by calling the customer support desk.

Q3. Are there any restrictions on baggage dimensions or weight?

Royal Jordan Baggage Allowance has certain baggage weight and size restrictions. Every traveler should remain within the Royal Jordan Baggage limit. Crossing these restrictions costs dedicated fees to facilitate easy check-in and boarding.

Q4. Are there any items prohibited in baggage?

Royal Jordanian prohibits a few items from being carried in the baggage because of safety purposes. A list of such items includes flammable materials, corrosives, explosives, and other dangerous goods. Check the guidelines with prohibited items before you pack your belongings.

Q5. How can I check my baggage allowance for my Royal Jordanian flight?

Travelers can check their baggage allowance by checking the booking confirmation, logging into the RJ account online or contacting the customer service of Royal Jordanian. If you check the baggage allowance online it is easier to board. The baggage fee always differs based on fare type, baggage weight and size and route.

Q6. Can I carry sports equipment and musical instruments on the aircraft?

Yes, you can carry both sports equipment and musical instruments with Royal Jordanian depending upon a few restrictions and additional charges. Read the guidelines clearly before you pack such belongings or contact the airline for assistance.

Q7. Can I purchase Royal Jordanian extra baggage by contacting customer service?

You can contact the airline to add extra baggage and make the payment to confirm the extra baggage for your journey. Also, learn from them about all the guidelines such as weight, route and fee before you buy Royal Jordanian extra baggage.