Can a minor fly alone on Spirit? - Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Rules

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Is your kid flying alone? Don’t worry just book Spirit Airlines flights for them and enjoy the privilege of Spirit Airlines unaccompanied minor policy. Here in this blog, we will get into the details to have a safer journey ahead. Let’s have a look. 

Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy: Important Points 

Through Spirit, you can book the tickets for your little ones and let them fly without any risk. 

Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor policy

Here are the guidelines for it:

  1. Spirit Airlines allows minors aged 5 to 14 years to travel alone without any parent or guardian on the flight. 
  2. Children can travel alone or non-stop through direct flights operated by the airline under Spirit unaccompanied minor service
  3. This is not available for connecting flights or partner airline-operated flights. 
  4. Unaccompanied minors' reservations should be made directly with the Spirit Airlines booking department.
  5. You cannot book this service through an agent or third party.
  6. Spirit unaccompanied minor fee should be paid to book a minor ticket which is charged per child and direction of travel. The fee depends upon the factors like route and booking time. Always check the current fee before you book.
  7. It is important to provide all the necessary documents which include a valid passport, visa, parental consent forms, or any government ID based on the destination of travel.
  8. Parents or guardians should accompany Spirit unaccompanied minors to the airport to follow the check–in process and boarding process. 
  9. A parent or guardian should remain at the airport till the child’s flight departs. 
  10. Once the minor reaches the airport, he/she should be escorted by a personnel of Spirit Airlines. The personnel should get Spirit unaccompanied minor through the check-in process with security screening.
  11. The minors are also supervised during boarding and handed over to the attendants for safety and care.
  12. At the time of the flight journey, Spirit Airlines unaccompanied minors get special attention from the attendants who ensure comfort and safety for them. The attendants take care of the needs such as meals, restroom visits, and service. 
  13. Once the minor reaches the airport, the staff should escort them off to the destination of arrival. The personnel can hand over the minor to the designated person at the airport for pickup.
  14. The guardian or parent should fill out and sign the UM form, which includes information like the name of the child, contact of the parent or guardian, and details of the drop and pick-up person at the departure and arrival airport. 
  15. There are certain flights which have restrictions to fly on certain routes for unaccompanied minors. This is especially for late-night departures or layovers. You can check the airline for any specific requirements or restrictions.
  16. Guardians or parents must inform the child about the Spirit unaccompanied minor process and ensure they comprehend what to expect on the journey. Provide the minor with essential items such as snacks, a phone, and other necessary medication. 

How Can You Book for Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service

There are different ways through which you can make a flight reservation for your minor. In case you find any difficulty in booking you can call Spirit customer service. Here are the following methods:

Book Spirit Unaccompanied Minor Reservation Through Website

  1. Reach the Spirit Airlines website and scroll to the "Help" or "Contact Us" section.
  2. Search for information related to Spirit unaccompanied minor services
  3. Go through the instructions provided to reserve the unaccompanied minor services online. 
  4. This involves filling out a form or contacting Spirit Airlines customer service through the chat feature of the website. 

Book Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Services Through the App

  1. Download the Spirit Airlines mobile app on your Android phone, tablet or iPhone.
  2. Open the app and search for a section related to booking special services or booking assistance.
  3. Go for the prompts to request Spirit Airlines unaccompanied minors through the app. Provide various information related to the booking of the child and confirm them. 

Book Spirit Unaccompanied Minor Reservation Through Phone:

  1. Make a call to Spirit Airlines customer service phone number. You can find the number on the website of Spirit Airlines. 
  2. Tell the customer service representative of the airline to book Spirit unaccompanied minor services for your child. 
  3. Give all the required information about your child, including the age, name, and contact details of the parent or guardian. 

Book Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Services Through Live Chat

  1. Move to the official website and navigate to the Help section or Contact Us page. 
  2. Tap the Let’s Chat or Live Chat on the page.
  3. Follow the prompts and inform the chat agent about your booking for UM services. 
  4. Give the necessary details about your child and get the booking done by the agent after your request.

Book Spirit Unaccompanied Minor Services Airport Counter

  1. Visit a Spirit Airlines airport counter in person.
  2. Tell the representative of the airline that you need to book Spirit Airlines unaccompanied minor service.
  3. Give all the required information about your child and confirm the booking with the airport representative.

Spirit unaccompanied minor fee

Spirit Airlines minor fee charges $150 for a minor each way. The charges include drinks and snacks for the minor to be served during the journey. For a round trip, the minor fee is $200 which includes a two-way flight. 

Spirit Airlines charges a fee per child and per direction of travel for Spirit unaccompanied minor services. This implies that the fee applies to each leg of the journey no matter if it is a one-way or round trip flight. 

The exact fee under Spirit Airlines minor policy depends on several factors which include time of booking, route, and other essential requirements. Therefore, it is critical to contact Spirit Airlines phone number 1(844) 769-1366 to get the exact information regarding the travel itinerary and applicable fee for it. 

Spirit Airlines ID Requirements for Minors

Under Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy when a child travels alone on the airlines, the parent or guardian of the minor should provide related documents to it. This is needed to ensure the safety of your child. Here are the essential documents needed for unaccompanied minor travel:

  1. Flight Reservation Confirmation: Flight reservation confirmation number, including details such as flight number, booking reference number, and departure and arrival times is required while traveling.
  2. Unaccompanied Minor Form: Spirit Airlines Minor Policy needs a parent or guardian to finish and sign a form of unaccompanied minor which gives the information related to child travel arrangements. This form includes details such as the name of the child, the age of the child, and the contact number of the parent or guardian about the destination of the pickup person. 
  3. Identification Documents: The child traveling as UM should have appropriate identification documents which involve a valid passport or government ID. This is required to verify the identity of the child during the check-in and boarding process. 
  4. Parental Consent Forms (if required): Based on the child's age and the destination country's requirements, parental or guardian consent forms might be needed for Spirit unaccompanied minor travel. Such forms usually require the child's parent or legal guardian's signature with notarization if needed.
  5. Emergency Contact Information: It is necessary to give the emergency contact information of both the parent or guardian of the child to contact during an emergency. Also, the designated pick-up person at the destination should give their name to the contact. Through this, the airline can reach out to the concerned person during any emergency.
  6. Medical Information (if applicable): In case there are any medical emergencies for the child then the documents are required for such conditions under Spirit Airlines unaccompanied minor policy. This may be any allergy, health issues or medical need. 
  7. Visa or Travel Authorization (if applicable): To allow unaccompanied travel alone, the child requires a visa or travel authorization which depends upon the arrival destination’s requirements. Check the visa in advance to avoid any difficult circumstances. 
  8. Special Instructions or Preferences: Parents or guardians should tell about any preferences or special instructions to Spirit Airlines about unaccompanied minors. This can include seating preferences, dietary restrictions, or any other specific needs that the airline must be aware of.

FAQs About Spirit Airlines Minor Rules

Q1. Can minors fly alone on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, minors aged from 5 to 14 years can travel alone on Spirit flights. You can book for them online through the website, app, and live chat or offline through phone number and airport counter.

Q2. What is an unaccompanied minor (UM) on Spirit Airlines?

An unaccompanied minor should be 5 to 14 years of age and have to travel alone without any adult (guardian or parent) on the same flight. Spirit Airlines ensures a safer journey with special assistance and care for the minor under Spirit Airlines Minor Policy.

Q3. What is the minimum and maximum age for a UM on Spirit Airlines?

The maximum and minimum ages for minors are 5 and 14 respectively. Children under 5 cannot travel as unaccompanied minors and should travel with a parent or guardian whereas children above 15 years of age cannot travel as minors and are considered the same as adults. 

Q4. What services are provided for UMs on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines offers special assistance and supervision for UMs throughout their journey. This includes escorting the child through the airport during both arrival and departure and helping with the check-in and boarding to ensure safety and comfort throughout their flight. 

Q5. How much does it cost to book the Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Unaccompanied Minor fee varies upon the destination and time of traveling. However, in general, there is a $100 flight when traveling one-way and $200 while traveling round-trip. You can contact the airline for more details.

Q6. Can I book the Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service online?

Yes, you can make the booking online through the website, app, or live chat. The other ways to book are through Spirit Airlines phone number. You cannot book a ticket through a third party or agent.

Q7. What are the check-in & boarding procedures for unaccompanied minors on Spirit Airlines?

The parents or guardians should submit the form for unaccompanied minor boarding and check-in. Also, they should escort the child to the pick-up point. From there, Spirit Airlines escorts the child through the airport and assists the minor through the security process, and check-in.

Q8. Can UMs travel on connecting flights or flights operated by partner airlines?

Minors are not allowed to travel on the connecting, or partner airline. Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor service is only available for nonstop or direct flights operated by Spirit Airlines. 

Q9. Are there any restrictions or limitations for unaccompanied minors on Spirit Airlines?

There are certain restrictions on a few flights for unaccompanied minors, particularly on flights with layovers or later night departures. The children are kept under great supervision and assistance to provide comfort during the journey. 

Q10. Where can I find more information about Spirit Airlines' Unaccompanied Minor (UM) policy and procedures?

To get more information about Spirit Airlines Minor Policy, which includes booking, fees, restrictions and more travelers can reach out to Spirit's website or contact the airline for help.