How Do I Talk To A Live Person At Spirit Airlines In 2024?

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Have you canceled a flight and not able to get a refund? Wanna travel with your pet but no information? Or Looking to add a bag but not aware of the fares? Spirit Airlines customer service is there to offer a helping hand. Here’s the guide to get you help in every case. Let’s get to know about how you can contact the Spirit Airlines phone number. 

How Do I Contact Spirit Airlines Customer Service?

how do i talk to spirit airlines

Spirit Airlines offers several convenient ways for passengers to reach their customer service team. Here are different ways to reach out to Spirit Airlines customer service:

Connect With Spirit Airlines Customer Helpline By Phone?


Spirit Airlines Phone Number

1(844) 769-1366

Whatsapp or text

855-728-3555 (24 hours a day/ 7 days a week)

From Mexico


Assistance for the hearing impaired

For TTY/TTD dial 711

Spirit Vacations package


Colombia (Bogota – AGUNSA COLOMBIA)

601 2414000 ext.1401

Colombia (Medellin – TURISMO POLARIS SAS)

57 305 345 4762

Colombia (Armenia – TRAVEL Y TRAVEL LTDA)

57 6067497244

Cartagena – GEMA TOURS S.A.S.

605-6767066 & 6767156

Barranquilla – JIREH TRAVEL

(57-5) 3093238

Bucaramanga - Santur Lalianxa Sas



593 4 371-0897




502-2292-0828 / 502-2368-1695

San Lucas Sacatepequez

4145 9764

Quetzaltenango (Xela) – NEW VISION SOLUTIONS S.A.

502 77254500 & 502 5780 8259


(504) 9452-0238


(504) 9472-8517


505-227-81149 & 505- 2251-5176

For general inquiries you can contact Spirit Airline customer service by phone 1(844) 769-1366 and get the assistance over booking, baggage, flight changes, and other related concerns. The customer service number is always available there on the website of Spirit Airlines. 

For any special services, the passengers require which includes wheelchair assistance, medical concerns, traveling with pets, can reach out Spirit Airlines customer services under special services for personalized assistance.

  1. Search the phone number: Move to the official website or search online to get Spirit Airlines customer service number. You can find the number on the Contact Us page or in the Help section. 
  2. Dial the Number +1(844) 769-1366 With the help of mobile or phone. Dial the Spirit Airlines customer service phone number. Just ensure you have a strong signal to have a clear connection. 
  3. Listen to the Options: Once connected, you can hear a recorded message with various options. These may include general inquiries, baggage inquiries, booking assistance, flight changes and more. Spirit Airlines contact number helps you get the best option to sort out the issue.
  4. Select the Appropriate Option: Go to menu options and pick the best match as per the issue or inquiry. For example, if you require assistance with an existing booking, you will be prompted to dial a phone number for Spirit Airlines for customer or bookings. 
  5. Wait for a Representative: Once you choose the right option, you will be placed on hold and will need the next available Spirit Airlines customer service representative. The waiting time may vary which depends on the volume of calls and time of the day. 
  6. Provide Information: When you are connected with the Spirit Airlines customer service representative, be prepared to provide related information, such as booking travel dates, confirmation number, and specific details which are related to issue or inquiry. 
  7. Communicate Clearly:Communicate your inquiry or issue to the representative of Spirit Airlines customer service. Listen clearly to the instructions or responses. Be polite and patient throughout the conversation. You can ask the representative to repeat in case it is not clear.
  8. Follow Instructions: Go through the instructions and follow the prompts given by Spirit Airlines customer service agent. If it is to resolve the issue, make changes to your booking, or get assistance with other travel-related concerns. 
  9. Take Notes: If necessary jot it down, while the call is going on, which can include representative name, any reference numbers given, and details of the resolution or further steps. 

How to do a Live Chat with Spirit Airlines Customer Service?

Spirit Airlines can offer live chat support on their mobile app or website. The option allows travelers to chat with a Spirit Airlines customer service representative in the real time to get assistance immediately with their issues or inquiries. 

To perform a live chat with Spirit Airlines customer service, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Spirit Airlines Website: Open your browser and navigate to the official website—
  2. Find the "Contact Us" Section: Look for the Contact Us or Help section on the website. You can find this at the website footer or main menu. 
  3. Locate Live Chat Option: Within the Contact Us section, go for the live chat option. It can be labeled Live Chat or Chat With Us or something similar. 
  4. Initiate Live Chat: Click on the Live Chat option to begin with the chat session. This action may launch a pop up window or redirect you to a new page. Through this you can access the chat feature. 
  5. Provide Information (if prompted): Provide some basic information to initiate the chat. This involves email address, name, and a brief description of your issue or inquiry. 
  6. Wait for a Representative: Once the chat initiates, you might be in the queue and will have to wait for the next representative. After initiating the chat, you may be placed in a queue and will need to wait for the next available customer service representative. The wait time may vary depending on the volume of chats and the time of day.
  7. Engage in the Chat: Once connected to a Spirit Airlines customer service representative, communicate your inquiry or issue clearly and concisely. Use the chat interface to type your messages and receive responses from the representative.
  8. Provide Necessary Details: Be prepared to provide relevant details related to your inquiry or issue, such as your booking confirmation number, travel dates, and any specific concerns you have.
  9. Follow Instructions: Follow instructions offered by Spirit Airlines customer service. Provide any additional documentation requested or additional information. 
  10. Resolve the Issue: Work with the customer service representative to inquire about or resolve issues to your satisfaction. This can involve troubleshooting, seeking assistance with other travel-related matters or making changes to your booking. 

How to Contact Spirit Airlines through email?

There are a lot of Spirit Airlines complaints online received through email ID. Travelers Travelers can reach the support team by mailing them directly. However, this method is better to choose when there is any no-urgent query or request. The email address is usually available on the website of the airline. The response time also depends upon the volume of inquiries and convenience.

How to Contact Spirit customer service through Social Media?

Passengers can reach out to the airline's social media accounts to ask questions, report issues, or seek assistance. Spirit Airlines is active on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media channels are often monitored by customer service representatives who can provide timely responses. 

How to contact Spirit customer service Desks?

Travelers who travel through airports served by Spirit Airlines can visit the customer service of the airline to get assistance with baggage, check-in, flight changes, and other inquiries. At the airport, a customer service representative offers assistance and support to travelers in person. Travelers can provide the booking details to the airport counter. 

How can you contact Spirit Airlines customer service through App?

Spirit Airlines mobile app allows passengers to manage their booking, and flight status, and access customer support directly through their smartphones. The app offers features such as messaging or live chat for quick assistance. 

You can contact Spirit Airlines through the app with the following steps:  

  1. Download the App: Install the mobile app of Spirit Airlines from the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices).
  2. Log In or Create an Account: Get the Spirit Airlines app & log in to the existing account. If you don’t have your account, you will have to create one by offering your personal information and making a password. 
  3. Navigate to Help or Support Section: Once you log in, reach the Help or Support button of the app. You can access this section from the main menu or through a designated button or icon. 
  4. Find Contact Options: Search for contact options within the Help or Support. Once you click there you get Customer Support, Contact Us, or Chat with Us. 
  5. Initiate a Chat: If there is a live chat feature, choose Chat with Us or Contact Us. Begin the chat session with the representative of the airline. After choosing such an option there is a chat window. You can type the inquiries or concerns. 
  6. Provide Information (if prompted): If this appears you should provide the basic information to begin the chat, such as email address, name, and a brief description of the issue or concern. 
  7. Wait for a Representative: Once the chat is initiated, you might be asked to hold to go through your query or wait for one of the representatives to be available. The wait time generally varies on the time of the day or the volume of the inquiries.
  8. Engage in the Chat: After the connection with the customer service representative, talk to the representative clearly and concisely. Implement the interface to type your message and get responses from the representative. 
  9. Provide Necessary Details: Be ready to give all the relevant information in concern to your queries or issues such as your confirmation number of the booking, travel dates, and other specific concerns that you have. 
  10. Follow Instructions: Go through the instructions offered by the customer service representative of Spirit Airlines and offer further additional information or requested documentation. Once you follow the instructions you can get the proper help related to your concern.
  11. Resolve the Issue: Cooperate with the Spirit Airlines customer service representative to resolve the issue or inquiry and get satisfaction. The issues might be troubleshooting, seeking assistance, making changes to the existing booking and more. 

FAQs About How To reach Spirit Airlines Helpline

Q1. How do I speak to a live person at Spirit Airlines?

You can reach out to Spirit Airlines customer service online, via live chat, phone number, social media, email ID and contact forms. However, the best way to reach out live is to dial Spirit Airlines contact number 1 (844) 769-1366. Tell the representative about the details such as confirmation code and last name.

Q2. How can I contact Spirit Airlines' customer service?

You can call Spirit Airlines customer service via different channels which include phone, live chat, email, in-person assistance and social media. You can choose the one that prefers you as per your convenience.

Q3. What are Spirit Airlines' customer service hours?

The hours of customer service may vary but Spirit Airlines offers help through phone and live chat options even during the extended hours, often adding evenings and weekends. It is suggested to check the website of the airline for current hours of operation. 

Q4. Can I speak to a live representative at Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines provides access to live customer service representatives through phone and live chat options. You can connect with a representative to receive assistance with baggage questions, booking inquiries, flight changes, and more.

Q5. How long does it take to reach a customer service representative at Spirit Airlines?

The wait time to talk to a customer service agent depends on factors such as time of the day and call volume. Through the live chat option, the response will be faster when compared to the phone during the peak hours of Spirit Airlines complaints. 

Q6. Can I email Spirit Airlines for customer service inquiries?

You can ask the related queries which are not urgent or immediate through email. You can find the airline’s number on the website. The response time may vary depending on the inquiry volume. 

Q7. Can I get assistance with booking changes or modifications through customer service?

Spirit Airlines customer service team assists the traveler with modifications, booking changes, and related inquiries. No matter if you need to change flights, update passenger information, or add baggage, customer service representatives can guide you throughout the process. 

Q8. How can I get assistance with a specific issue or concern?

If there are specific concerns or issues, such as spirit flight cancelations, flight delays, baggage problems, you can contact the Spirit Airlines customer service team for personalized help. Get ready to provide the relevant details such as booking details and specific concerns. 

Q9. Is there a fee for contacting Spirit Airlines' customer service?

There is usually no fee to contact the Spirit Airline customer representative via phone, email, social media or live chat. However, the fees may apply for changes or additional services such as booking, adding baggage and more. 

Q10. Can I get assistance with special requests or accommodations through customer service?

Spirit Airlines customer service team assists you with special requests such as wheelchair assistance, medical concerns, pet traveling and more. Inform the airline before the departure to get such assistance. 

Q11. Where can I find more information about Spirit Airlines' customer service policies and procedures?

To get more information about Spirit Airline policies and services, which include frequently asked questions, contact forms, operating hours and so on, you can contact customer service for direct assistance. 

Q12. Is there any fee for contacting the customer service of Spirit?

No, to contact customer service you get a toll-free number. Further, the airline doesn’t charge any fees to talk to the representative. However, there might be some fees to pay for changes in services.