JetBlue Airlines Change Flight Policy And Fees in 2024

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If you like being able to change your travel plans without worry, JetBlue is a good choice. But make sure to pick the right fare class when you book. JetBlue got rid of fees for changing or canceling flights. However, this only applies if you do not book the cheapest fare class, called Blue Basic.

Upgrading to the next JetBlue fare class usually does not cost much more. So, you can change or cancel your flight easily with JetBlue. If your plans have changed and you need to know JetBlue change flight policy, keep reading for all the details.

Jetblue flight change Policy

What is Jetblue change flight policy?

JetBlue makes traveling super simple and easy for the passengers. If you need to change JetBlue flight then read the guidelines given below:

  • You can make changes to your reservation either through the "Manage trips" section on the JetBlue website or by contacting JetBlue directly.
  • You will need to provide details like your confirmation number, flight number, dates of travel, and customer information such as name, date of birth, and contact details.
  • For change/cancellations on nonrefundable fares, regardless of type, you will receive a JetBlue travel credit for future travel with JetBlue.
  • You can check the expiration dates of your travel credit by logging into your Travel Bank account.
  • It is important to note that travel credits are subject to their original expiration dates.
  • If you cancel a ticket purchased with a travel credit and that credit has expired, the funds will not be returned to your Travel Bank account.

JetBlue change flight policy for Non Refundable & Refundable fares:

According to JetBlue change flight policy, you can make modifications or cancel refundable JetBlue fares before the scheduled departure time. And for non refundable fares you may need to pay a change fee.

Non Refundable fares

If you have a nonrefundable JetBlue fare, you can make changes or cancel your booking before your scheduled departure time, but you will have to pay a fee per person for each change or cancellation, along with any price difference in the airfare. Any leftover amount will be given to you as JetBlue travel credit, which you can use for future trips with JetBlue. You can check the expiration dates of your travel credit by logging into your Travel Bank account.

Refundable fares

With JetBlue refundable fares, you can make changes or cancel your booking before your scheduled departure and get a full refund. If you decide to make changes, they are subject to availability and any price difference in the airfare. If you do not change a refundable flight before departure, you will receive all the associated money as JetBlue travel credit, which you can use for future JetBlue travel. You can check the expiration dates of your travel credit by logging into your Travel Bank account.

JetBLue same day flight change policy:

Jetblue same day change is possible for the passengers if they have any urgent work. However, you need to read this policy before moving forward:

  • The modification must occur on the same calendar day as your originally scheduled departure, starting from midnight in the departure airport's time zone.
  • Alternatively, if you're a Mosaic member, you can make same-day switches up to 24 hours before your scheduled departure.
  • The switch must involve a change to a different departure time (either earlier or later) on the same day as the initially planned departure.
  • The cities of origin and destination must remain unchanged, but you have the flexibility to switch between airports within the same city.
  • In the event that the fare difference is below $75, you have the choice to cancel your current flight and create a new booking to avoid the same-day switch fee.
  • Jetblue same day change policy
  • Is there a fee for JetBlue same-day flight change?

Mosaic members and individuals with bookings under a Blue Extra fare are eligible to make JetBlue same day flight change without any charges or additional fare differences. For all other fares and travelers, there is a $75 fee for same-day switches, but they won't be required to pay any extra fare if it exceeds $75. This is particularly advantageous when the fare difference is $75 or more.

How to change a Jetblue Flight ticket?

You have a few options for modifying your JetBlue flight reservation:

If you bought your ticket directly from JetBlue, you can make changes in the following ways:

  • Online through Manage Trips by retrieving your flight and following the prompts for changes.
  • By calling JetBlue flight change phone number at +1-800-JETBLUE.

For changes to an award ticket, the process involves:

  • Canceling it online first.
  • Then, reaching out to TrueBlue directly for further assistance.

If you purchased your ticket through a travel agent, get in touch with them directly for any changes.

How to change JetBlue Change Flight via website:

The quickest way to adjust your reservation is through this method. Modify through Manage Trips on or by contacting JetBlue. Provide the following details for changes: Confirmation number, Flight number, Date(s) of travel and Customer information (name, date of birth, contact information). If you paid with a JetBlue voucher or travel certificate, you can not use the online change feature.

Here are the simple steps:

  • Go to the JetBlue website on your device.
  • Log in with your details, then find the "My Trip" section.
  • Pick the flight to change and pick the flight you like.
  • If you booked through a travel agency, even a third-party one, you can still make changes online using JetBlue's website or app.

Jetblue customer service change flight:

Travelers also have the option of making changes or modifications to the reservations through offline methods with the airline. This can be done by contacting the JetBlue change flight phone number or by visiting the airport help desk. The airline representative will provide assistance and support in making the necessary amendments to your reservation.

What happens when JetBlue Changes your flight?

Sometimes due to unavoidable situations JetBlue needs to cancel the flight. If you face this issue then you can change your flight as per your need or request a refund from the airline:

Reissue due to JetBlue schedule change:

Travel agencies can reissue tickets for flights affected by schedule changes within one day before or after the original flight. The new flights must be with JetBlue (B6) and between the same origin and destination or an authorized co-located city. If the same fare class is not available, book in the lowest available class while keeping the original fare basis code. No need to contact JetBlue Customer Support, but document PNR and Tour Code Box as specified.

Refund due to JetBlue schedule changes:

Travel agencies have the authority to refund a single JetBlue ticket in the event of a JetBlue schedule modification under the following circumstances:

  • A schedule adjustment exceeding 2 hours, without an available JetBlue flight with a comparable route.
  • Schedule Jetblue changes causing a misconnect or failing to meet the minimum connect times.
  • Termination of service on a particular route.
  • Alteration of the scheduled JetBlue flight route, introducing one or more stops to the original itinerary.
  • Documents required for Jetblue canceled flight refund:
  • Please ensure the Passenger Name Record (PNR) is updated with the following Operational Service Information 
  • If a corporate discount has been applied in this box, include the waiver code in the Endorsement box after necessary annotations.
  • Failure to adhere to these instructions may result in a debit memo. 

JetBlue Flight Change Fee:

The fee for changing a JetBlue flight varies based on factors like fare type, the chosen time, and date for the flight change. The airline charges a $75 JetBlue fee for changes made 60 days prior to the departure. Additionally, fees include $75 for passengers with $100 fare, $100 for fares ranging from $100 to $149, and $150 for fares exceeding $150. TrueBlue Mosaic Elite Members, however, are exempt from change and cancellation fees.

How does JetBlue standby list work?

Standby travel with JetBlue means you are hoping to catch a seat on a flight that is fully booked. You can request this if you have already bought a ticket for another flight between the same cities on the same day. If there are empty seats on the standby flight, you might be able to switch to it. However, there is a $75 fee for standby, and you will not be charged extra even if the new fare is different from what you originally paid.

  • Standby costs $75 for all fares except Blue Extra, but this fee is refundable if you do not get confirmed.
  • You can only list standby at the airport before your original flight; it can't be done online or over the phone.
  • You must travel between the same cities for standby, but you can switch between nonstop and connecting flights.
  • If you have an Even More Space or Core (preferred) seat and choose standby, you'll lose the seat fee without a refund.
  • Standby is only available for cities with multiple flights on the same day; it's not for cities with just one flight daily.
  • Mint customers can opt for standby, but their Mint seat isn't guaranteed and they might get a Core seat if available, with the $75 fee applicable.
  • Only a single person per booking needs to be at the airport to list for standby, but each person must be present for check-in.
  • Mosaic customers and those with a refundable fare will not be charged for standby listing.

Changing a JetBlue reservation booked with points

It is not possible to book a Blue Basic fare using JetBlue points, changing a JetBlue award reservation does not cost any fees. However, if the points needed for your new flight are higher, you will need to pay the extra points. On the other hand, if the new flight requires fewer points, you will get the difference back in your JetBlue account.

Similar to changing paid reservations, you can also make changes on the day of travel without worrying about a fare difference. But keep in mind that the change fee is applicable, much like it would be for paid fares.

JetBlue Schedule Change Reservation option:

  • Schedule changes within 60 minutes: Customer pays change/cancel fee plus fare difference for any changes.
  • Schedule changes between 61 and 119 minutes: Rebook the customer on any flight within the same city pairs or to a nearby city on the same day, day prior, or day after the original flight.
  • Schedule changes of 120 minutes or more: JetBlue Change flight fees and fare differences are waived with the appropriate waiver code.Rebook the customer on any flight within the same city pairs or to a nearby city on the same day, day prior, or day after the original flight. If no suitable flights are available within that time frame, the customer can be moved up to 7 days before or after the original flight.


After reading the information mentioned above, you may have understood the JetBlue change flight process. Now, you can make changes to your travel plan without any hesitation or issue.