Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy - What To Know

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Frontier Airlines is known as an ultra-low-cost carrier and it allows easy traveling with a streamlined booking process. However, many times it happens that your flight might get canceled due to certain reasons such as bad weather, tight flight schedule, lack of passengers, security, air traffic and so on. Further, there might be travel schedule changes and you want to cancel your flight. No need to panic in such situations, the airline has always got your back! There are many ways through which you can cancel your flight, track your refund status and rebook your flight. Here in this blog let’s know about every detail of the Frontier cancellation policy.

Frontier Flight Cancellation Policy

Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy - Explained

Frontier cancellation policy contains all the scenarios of flight cancelation with refund and cancelation fees. Here are the revised guidelines of the policy in all the scenarios where you get a full refund:

  1. To cancel a Frontier flight, book at least one week before the take-off and cancel within a day.
  2. You choose not to catch the alternative flight after the scheduled flight cancellation.
  3. You cancel the flight under a refundable ticket (WORKS bundle).
  4. You cancel a flight because of COVID by transferring it to Aeroplan Points with a 65% bonus or an Air Canada Travel Voucher.
  5. You cancel the Award ticket of the last seat before the scheduled departure.
  6. You cancel an award ticket before the scheduled departure of at least 180 days.
  7. You cancel a standard ticket before the scheduled departure of at least 60 days.
  8. You cancel frontier flights due to special circumstances such as serious illness or death of a close family member, jury duty etc.

Note: Except in these scenarios you will have to pay a certain frontier cancellation fee based on the fare conditions of the ticket.

Frontier Airlines Flight Cancellation Fee

Fee Updated Date Officially Duration Of Cancel Flight Flight Change Fee
BOOKINGS MADE 6/2/22 - BEYOND 60+ Days Prior to Departure $99
59 to 7 Days Prior to Departure $99
6 Days or Less Prior to Departure
(Including Same Day)
Fee Updated Date Officially Duration Of Change Flight Flight Change Fee
BOOKINGS MADE 7/27/21 - 6/1/22 60+ Days Prior to Departure 0
59 to 7 Days Prior to Departure 49
6 Days or Less Prior to Departure
(Including Same Day)
Fee Updated Date Officially Duration Of Change Flight Flight Change Fee
Bookings Made 4/1/21-7/26/21 60+ Days Prior to Departure 0
59 to 7 Days Prior to Departure 49
6 Days or Less Prior to Departure
(Including Same Day)

How to Avoid Frontier Airlines Cancellation Fees?

Here are a few ways through which you can save on Frontier Airlines cancellation and change fees.

  1. Purchase the ticket at least one week before the scheduled departure. This allows a free cancellation within 24 hours of booking. Also, it is applicable to all types of fares.
  2. You can buy the WORKS bundle. Though these are costly you won't have to pay any cancellation or change fee if there is a change in travel.
  3. Earn the status of Elite-level.
  4. If you have a canceled flight you can rebook your flight for free under Frontier Airlines cancellation policy.
  5. If you get a rescheduled flight and are not comfortable with the schedule you have the choice to rebook for free of charge.
  6. Ask the customer support team to help you the best.

If Frontier Cancels Your Flight: What To Do

When you get fly Frontier cancellation by an airline, there are two options:

  1. You get a choice of accommodation on the next flight to your preferred destination. This depends upon your route and might also include an overnight stay or multi-day delay.
  2. Another is that you can request a refund under the Frontier refund policy. If the flight of a passenger is delayed by more than 72 hours or canceled instantly, you get a 100% refund of the unused portion of the booked ticket. Further, it means that if you have a round-trip ticket and haven’t begun your trip, you can get a refund for the return flight too. If in case, at the end of your trip, you return home, you get a portion of the refund that you haven’t yet flown.

Note: Frontier Airlines states that you will have to initiate the process of refund—it won’t issue it automatically.

How Can I Rebook After a Frontier Flight Cancellation

If you get your flight canceled by the airline then here’s what you can do to rebook your flight:

  1. If there is a fly Frontier cancellation, and you want to rebook another flight, then Frontier has no agreements with partners to get you an alternative flight.
  2. If you choose to travel with Frontier Airlines after the cancelation, you need to choose a seat on Frontier’s next available flight.
  3. If you have to fly on a rare route you will have to wait overnight or even days to reach your destination after a frontier flight cancellation.
  4. If you are time-sensitive with the traveling schedule, you can accept a cash refund and reebok with another airline.

How to Get a Refund Under Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy

As we have mentioned above, the airline doesn’t process a refund for your canceled flight automatically. This clearly states that you will have to request a refund through Frontier’s Refund Request Page. Here’s how to request Refund on Frontier canceled flights:

Refunds will be issued in the cases—canceled flights, delayed flights or scheduled changes exceeding three hours. You will have to offer the information for the refund request with name, address, flight confirmation code and route of the flight. Once after the submission, Frontier processes the request under Frontier Refund Policy and applies the refund to the original form of payment. You can check the status of the refund online, by phone, airport counter, or by customer support.

Frontier Airlines Refund Policy

Refund with Credit Card

This type of refund works when you have booked a Frontier flight with a travel credit card. Some cards of complimentary travel insurance can be invaluable if your flight gets canceled.

Although Frontier refunds the ticket on a canceled Frontier flight, its liability is limited otherwise.

If there is a delay of controllable cancellation exceeding 3 hours, Frontier offers you food vouchers too—that is the end of the case. However, credit cards can cover some of the cost of other things associated with the booking such as car rental, prepaid tours or non-refundable hotels.

Cards such as Platinum Card® and The Chase Sapphire Reserve® are two such options, which offer trip interruption and insurance coverage of delay with certain terms and conditions.

To be eligible for insurance through your credit card, you will have to buy the tickets with that particular card. If your flight gets canceled you can apply for reimbursement for the fares involved. In case of any queries, you can always connect with the customer support team of the airline.

Refund with Travel Insurance

In case you don’t have a travel credit card and you are bothered that the insurance it offers won’t cover enough. You can purchase a travel insurance policy including trip cancelation and interruption coverage.

Just like complimentary insurance given by cards, travel insurance covers the events of flight delays or cancelation. Different policies offer different coverages, with any expensive vacation you can have additional coverage. The dedicated staff at the airline can help you out with all the details of travel insurance without any issues.

How Do I Check the Refund Status of My Canceled Flight with Frontier Airlines?

Once your flight gets canceled you can check the status of your refund with Frontier in two ways—online, or through customer support.

Check Refund Status through Online Mode

You can search the website and reach out to the "My Trips" option. After this, you can enter your last name and confirmation code. Once you enter this, tap the search button. You will get the status of your refund.

Check refund Status through Customer Support

Frontier Airlines has the best team of dedicated professionals who can help you out with any queries. You can ask about the refund status of your canceled Frontier Airlines flight after telling the details of the booking.

Apart from these ways, you can also reach out to the airport counter and ask about the details of the refund status of your canceled flight.

How Can I Cancel Frontier Airlines Reservations?

There are three ways to cancel Frontier Airlines booking—phone, online and customer support.

Cancel Frontier Flight Online

  1. Move to
  2. Choose My Trips
  3. Enter Last Name and Confirmation Code
  4. Select the Search button
  5. Confirm Cancel

Cancel Frontier Flight through the phone

  1. Download the Frontier App
  2. Log in to My Trips
  3. Enter the booking details
  4. Select Search button
  5. Confirm Cancel

Cancel Frontier Flight through Customer Support

If you are troubled to cancel the flight on your own you can contact the customer support team at to do so for you. The dedicated staff asks you for the booking details and cancels the flight for you. There might be a Frontier cancellation fee after the cancellation.

Can I get a refund on my voucher after canceling my flight voluntarily?

In case you are canceling your flight voluntarily, the rest funds will be given back to you in the form of a voucher after deducting the applicable fees, if any. If you have used a voucher to book the flight then the canceled flight refund will be paid back to you in the form of a voucher.


Can I cancel my Frontier Airlines booking?

All the tickets booked under Frontier are non-refundable unless a traveler purchases WORKS at the time of initial booking. The bookings are refundable within 24 hours of the booked flight and over 7 days from the scheduled departure. So, you are allowed to cancel your reservation anytime but can only refund under certain scenarios.

Will I be charged a Frontier cancellation fee to cancel my reservation?

Within 24 hours of purchase, a traveler can cancel the booking with Frontier. However, if the date of traveling is more than 7 days all the tickets will be canceled with a full refund till 24 hours from the time of purchase. Apart from this if you have booked a refundable ticket you have to pay no fees. Under any other scenario, there are charges applicable under Frontier Airlines cancellation policy.

If I haven’t used my ticket can I use it later?

In case you haven’t used the ticket it must be canceled before the departure to keep their value. Under the no-show policy, there is no refund for an unused ticket. If you have lost a ticket with no residual value preserved you have a ticket credit with the airline. You can simply book new flights here.

Can I change my name on the ticket?

To change the name on your ticket before traveling, but choose to have the same itinerary, you can do so by paying a certain fee. The amount will be only the difference between the paid fare and the new fare.

How can I get a Refund under Frontier cancellation policy?

You will have to initiate the request to Frontier in order to get a refund from the airline as per Frontier Airlines cancellation policy. Open the website and navigate to the option “Manage Booking” and request a refund. Once you submit the details of the canceled flight the process of refund initiates.

What if I need to change my plans?

In case there are any changes in your travel plans such as canceling your flight or updating your itinerary you can log in to “My Trip” and navigate to “Manage Your Booking”. Once it opens you can make changes to the booked flight or cancel it. However, there is an applicable fee that you will have to pay to lock the changes. In case you cancel the flight there might be certain conditions wherein there is no frontier cancellation fee.

What is a schedule change?

When an airline makes any changes to the scheduled flight before the departure of the flight to make certain adjustments or accommodate changes to the routes or aircraft it means a schedule change.

What to do if Frontier Airlines cancels or changes my flight schedule?

There are many reasons why the airline can cancel or change your schedule. In case you are not comfortable with that you can contact the airline and talk about the alternative options anytime.

How to know if there is a schedule change?

After booking through Frontier, reach out to or download the Frontier Airlines app to know about the schedule change of the booked flight. The airline sends you mail regarding every significant change to your booked flight with different available options.

How to cancel my trip?

You can cancel your reservation anytime with Frontier. Open the website or app. To cancel your reservation you can move to the My Trips option or Check in option. Enter the booking details and choose to cancel Frontier flight.