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Grab Latest Deals And Discounts On Spirit Airlines Flight Reservations

Spirit Airlines is one of the leading ultra-cost carriers which not only serves the U.S. but also extends to the Caribbean and Latin America. It has so far flown to 70-plus destinations. It is headquartered in Miramar, Florida. The airline commits to low fares and no-frills services. However, there are extra charges for the services like baggage fees, advance check-in, and seat selection. Are you stuck in the reservation process of Spirit? Let’s go through the detailed process of Spirit Airlines reservations.

Spirit airlines flight booking

Spirit Airlines Reservations: Everything You Should Know

Spirit Airlines has different ways to book a flight. You can consider anyone based on your convenience. The lowest fare that Spirit offers is $21. However, this might add up the cost of baggage or seat selection. Here are a few ways to get to know about Spirit Airlines booking:

Book Spirit Airlines Flight Using Online Method

Making Spirit Airlines with the help of its website is the foremost easy and convenient way. Here are a few steps through which you can directly book online:

  1. Go to the official website of Spirit Airlines

The user-friendly website of Spirit Airlines allows you to make a Spirit Airlines reservation in convenience and comfort. Also, you get a hassle-free process with streamlined operations.

  1. Enter Your Travel Details

After opening the website go through the intuitive search bar to lock the departure and arrival cities, with the travel dates at your convenience. The search engine of Spirit Airlines generates faster responses with a list of available flights. 

  1. Choose Your Preferred Flight

You can check the fares after the list of flights opens. Apart from fares, there are other options which you should consider—departure time, layovers, and any extra fees. Pick the one that fits your travel preferences and budget. 

  1. Choose Your Seat

Spirit Airlines allows you to choose your seat during the booking process. Optimize your comfort by selecting your preferred seat for the journey. 

  1. Add Extra Services 

Beyond selecting the flight, you can add additional services to your desired flight such as priority boarding, extra baggage, and in-flight amenities. This might involve additional fees. 

  1. Review and Confirm

Before finalizing your reservation, carefully review the selected options. Confirm your booking, and you're on your way to your next adventure with Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines Book a Flight: Phone Method

Booking a ticket by directly calling on Spirit Airlines reservations phone number is the easiest way. All you have to do is:

  1. Gather Your Travel Information

Get all the necessary information regarding the booking. The details which you can provide are:

  • Travel details such as departure and arrival destinations, dates and times.
  • Information about the traveler such as name, birth date, and contact information. 
  • Payment details such as credit card, debit card information etc.
  1. Get Spirit Airlines Phone Number

Go to the website and locate the appropriate Spirit Airlines phone number. It is easy to book through the airline’s phone number and make the booking. After the phone connects you can follow the IVR prompts and tell the travel details to book.

  1. Dial the Number

Using your phone, dial the Spirit Airlines reservation phone number. Dial 1(844) 769-1366 if you are calling from Mexico. You can also call this number +1(844) 769-1366 to get the flight booking done. Dial the right number to connect for reservation and reach the right department. 

  1. Choose Your Language and Reason

Connect with the airline’s representative and choose the language of your preference. Pick the appropriate option. Select the purpose of your call—making a Spirit Airlines reservation.

  1. Provide Travel Details

You can book further by giving the representative your travel details which include:

  • Cities of departure and arrival 
  • Dates and times of traveling
  • Number of travelers and their names
  • Other preferences and requests such as seat selection
  • Confirm and review the information

The Spirit Airlines customer service representative saves the details and locks your tickets. Confirm the details with the itinerary and other passenger information. 

  1. Provide Payment Information

After confirmation, the agent of Spirit Airlines asks for payment to proceed with the Spirit Airlines booking. Have your debit or credit card ready to make the payment.

  1. Receive Confirmation

On successful completion of the payment, the representative provides you with the confirmation of reservation through email ID. Note the confirmation number and other relevant information. 

  1. Ask About Additional Services

After booking a Spirit Airlines reservation you can also add additional services such as baggage, meals and more with the help of the agent.

  1. Confirm Next Steps

Once you get the reservation updates done, confirm through the mail and check the flight status for more updates through the representative.

Spirit Airlines Book A Flight Through Loyalty Program

Booking Spirit Airlines reservations and redeeming miles of the FREE SPIRIT Loyalty Program is one of the best cost-saving things if you are a loyal customer of Spirit. Go through these steps to go through:

  1. Log In to Your FREE SPIRIT Account

Login to the FREE SPIRIT account on Spirit Airlines after reaching the official website. In case you don’t own an account you would need to sign up for the FREE SPIRIT program. 

  1. Check Your Miles Balance

To make Spirit Airlines flight reservations through Miles, you need to check your FREE SPIRIT miles balance. You can check this on the dashboard of your account anytime.

  1. Start a Flight Search

Begin with searching for a flight by entering your departure and arrival destinations, dates of traveling and other necessary details on the website of Spirit Airlines. 

  1. Select the "Use Miles" Option

When the search results display, go for “Use Miles”. You will see a checkbox or filter which allows you to see the available flights for redemption with miles. 

  1. Browse Available Flights

Review the available flights you can book using FREE SPIRIT miles. Give attention to the needed miles for each flight and pick the one that matches your preferences. 

  1. Confirm Flight Details

After choosing the flight, lock in the details which include departure and arrival times with destinations and layovers if any. Ensure it matches your travel plans. 

  1. Proceed to Booking

After choosing your flight, move to the booking page, you might be prompted to the login page again due to security reasons. 

  1. Enter Passenger Information

Give the needed information regarding each passenger which includes names and contact numbers for booking Spirit Airlines flight reservations. Make sure the information matches the associated details with your FREE SPIRIT account. 

  1. Review and Confirm

Go through the booking details, which include miles, redemption, fees and taxes. Lock all the information which is accurate before you finalize Spirit Airlines reservation.

  1. Pay Any Additional Fees

Spirit Airlines gives redemption flights for a minimal fee. There might be an extra charge for some add-on services. Make the additional fees for the confirmed booking.

  1. Receive Confirmation

Once the process is completed, you get a confirmation mail with your flight details and the reservation number. Note the number for reference. 

  1. Manage Your Booking

Login to the FREE SPIRIT account to Manage Your Booking, which includes any changes or additional services. 

Spirit Airlines Flights Reservation: Live Chat

Spirit Airlines has a live chat option to connect directly and faster with the agents online. Follow these general steps to get assistance in booking through live chat:

  1. Go to the Spirit Airlines Website

Visit the Spirit Airlines website through your web browser and scroll through the bottom. 

  1. Look for Customer Support or Contact Information

Find the Contact Us button or Support option. Proceed to make the booking. 

  1. Check for the Live Chat Option

Check the option—Live chat on the website. You will get the inbox opened up to chat. Choose your preferred language.

  1. Begin the Live Chat

Once you click the Live Chat option, initiate the chat session. Give the basic travel information, such as the name of the traveler and the type of your inquiry. 

  1. Provide Booking Details

On getting connected to the live agent on chat, you can provide the necessary details related to Spirit Airlines booking. This includes travel destinations, dates, number of travelers and more. 

  1. Follow the Agent's Guidance

Spirit Airlines agents on live chat will guide you through Spirit Airlines flight reservations. You can get help regarding seat selection, promo deals if any and more. Also, the agent will tell you about the flight information.

  1. Confirm and Complete the Booking

Go through Spirit Airlines booking information and confirm that it is accurate. If you are good to go the agent confirms the details and asks you to make the payment.

  1. Receive Confirmation

On successful completion of the flight booking, you get the confirmation mail with the details of the flight and reservation number. 

Spirit Airlines Group Reservations: Catch the Best Deals

Spirit Airlines offers group reservations for 10 or more travelers to travel together. No matter if you are traveling with a group of friends or family you can get your ticket booked under Spirit Airlines group travel. There is a group reservation through Spirit Airlines that involves a specific process to get a smooth and coordinated booking. Let’s go through the key steps:

  1. Go to the Official Website

Visit the website of Spirit Airlines after entering https://www.spirit.com/ to get the group travel ticket and plan your itinerary.

  1. Contact Support Team

Go to the Contact Us section after scrolling through the webpage. Connect through chat or call to make Spirit Airlines Group Reservations.

  1. Provide Group Details

After knowing the Spirit Airlines group Travel sales team you can tell the details of the passengers such as a number of passengers, date of traveling, name of the passengers, departure and arrival cities and any other related information. 

  1. Request a Quote

Spirit Airlines typically offers a group fare quote on the basis of the information you provide. This may include details such as total cost, deadline of the payment and applicable T&C. 

  1. Coordinate with Group Members

Once you have the details and quotes from Spirit Airlines coordinate with members of your group to make sure they commit to the dates of travel with the itinerary. 

  1. Make the Group Reservation

Once after confirming the details with the group travel, work with Spirit Airlines Group Reservations. This involves providing traveler’s information, making payments, and making sure all the necessary details are accurate.

  1. Review Group Policies

Familiarize yourself with Spirit Airlines' group booking policies, including any specific terms related to changes, cancellations, and additional services.

  1. Manage the Group Booking

Keep track of group booking and communicate any further changes or updates to Spirit Airlines Group Travel. You can also provide final passenger details closer to the date of departure.

You can also book Group travel by submitting a form. After filling out the form you will get a response within 3 days. You can explore more options and add additional services to the booking. Once you have sent the details your booking will be confirmed after making the payment. To sort out any issues related to group travel you can contact Spirit Airlines customer services.

How can I Make Spirit Airlines Multi city booking?

You can make Spirit Airlines Multi city booking online, through phone and chat. However, while making an online choice you can go to the official website and enter the travel details. After that select the multi city travel option. Hit the search button and lock your details by making the final payment. If you do this by call you will have to provide the agent with complete travel details in order to get the confirmation. You will receive the confirmation through the mail in both cases. If you have any queries or concerns regarding the booking you can tell Spirit Airlines customer services to get the assistance quicker. 

FAQs About Spirit Flight Booking

Q1. How can I book a flight with Spirit Airlines?

It is straightforward to book a flight with Spirit Airlines. Move to the official website. Enter the travel details such as departure and arrival, choose your travel dates, and follow the step-by-step procedure to book the flight. Make the payment and complete the booking process. You can contact the customer services of the airline in case you get any issues related to booking. 

Q2. Are there any exclusive deals or promotions available for Spirit Airlines bookings?

Spirit Airlines offers exclusive deals and discounts with seasonal promotions. You can check the official website to know more. Visit the Deals option and get to see various offers online. Further subscribe to social media handles, and email to get posts and newsletters regarding offers and deals. You can always catch the latest deals and promotions.

Q3. Can I book a flight over the phone with Spirit Airlines?

Yes, you can book your flight through a call or chat using the phone. Just visit the website and go to the Contact Us button to chat with them. Give them the details of travel including travel dates, departure and arrival destinations, with the number of travelers. You can also call customer services to make Spirit Airlines reservations.

Q4. What is the FREE SPIRIT loyalty program, and how can I earn and redeem miles?

You can earn miles under the FREE SPIRIT Loyalty Program and redeem them later to get various flight benefits such as priority boarding, checked baggage, lounge access and even booking a flight. Further, you can upgrade seats, meals and more through the loyalty program.

Q5. Can I choose my seat during the booking process with Spirit Airlines?

With Spirit Airlines you can get the desired seat during the booking process. Select the preferred seat based on availability and your preferences. Enjoy your journey ahead with spacious and comfortable seating.

Q6. Are there any family-friendly options provided by Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines offers family-friendly options which include the Kids Fly Free program for kids under a specific age when it is accompanied by an adult. The airline also offers spacious seating, delightful meals and in-flight entertainment options for the kids and adults. 

Q7. How can I contact Spirit Airlines customer support for assistance with my booking?

To get help from the airline when in need, you can contact the airline’s customer service anytime. Just visit the homepage of the website and scroll down to get the Contact Us button. Once you reach the support page you can follow further prompts and talk to the airline’s representative.

Q8. Can I add extras like checked baggage or priority boarding after booking my flight?

Spirit Airlines gets you to add extra services such as checked baggage, priority boarding, and many other services even after the booking is done. Just log in to the website and scroll to the Manage Booking option. Once it gets opened, you can make the changes to your existing booking.

Q9. What are some essential travel tips for Spirit Airlines passengers?

To have a better and safer journey you should follow these tips—Read the baggage policy of the airlines thoroughly, check in online to save time and avoid long queues, make sure with the travel details to avoid any changes later on, be aware of any additional fees, reach the airport sooner and before time to avoid any missed flight issues. To have any issues solved call customer support directly.

Q10. Can I book a one-way ticket with Spirit Airlines?

Of course, you can book one-way, round trip, and multi city booking anytime as per your flexibility of traveling. Plan your itinerary accordingly before flying.