Frontier Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy - Age Limit, Fee

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Frontier Airlines is a low-cost carrier designed with all the amenities and luxuries to comfort its travelers. It serves more than 100 destinations worldwide. Let’s read below to learn about Frontier unaccompanied minorservices

What is Frontier Airlines unaccompanied minor policy?

Frontier has been at its best to offer unaccompanied minors services. Since November 1, 2018, Frontier Airlines has discontinued the services of unaccompanied minors. The children who are 15 years below age could travel alone under the supervision of the staff primarily. However, right now the services are not in practice. 

What is an unaccompanied minor?

An unaccompanied Frontier minor is a child who is below 15 years of age and travels alone on the flight without any guardian or parent. The unaccompanied minor is under the supervision of the staff. The parent or guardian should submit the documents and come to drop and pick up the minor at the airport of departure and arrival after signing the documents. 

Frontier unmr Policy

Now, Frontier Airlines recommends that minors below 15 years of age should not travel alone and must have the same reservation as the adult. The minors should be accompanied by an adult traveler. The age of the adult should be at least 15 years old. 

In order to streamline operations and minimize the cost of travel the airline has discontinued the Frontier Airlines unaccompanied minor services. This in turn states that the children between ages 4 to 15 cannot travel alone and should be accompanied by an adult. 

Unaccompanied minors Frontier should have the parents complete a detailed form and an additional Frontier unaccompanied minor fee. To let the child travel alone you had to meet the guidelines offered by Frontier Airlines. It advised to prepare the documents, mention the child’s age and know the behavior of the child. 

Frontier no longer offers travel services for children under the age of 15. Parents or guardians should accompany someone from their family or travel themselves with the child on Frontier flights.

However, the airline can again restart Frontier Airlines unaccompanied minor services with updated information. Get to know about the updated guidelines if you wish to let your child travel alone on the flight. Follow the procedure and guidelines thoroughly to ensure safe traveling.

What are the rules of Frontier Airlines for minors?

Lap infants who are 7 days old or under 2 years can travel without any charges on the lap of an adult. The adult should be at least 15 years and older for domestic flights whereas for international flights the minimum age should be at least 18 of age. The children above this age require additional ticket purchases

Frontier Airlines Norms for Children:

  1. Children of age 2 years and more should travel on a paid seat. 
  2. Children below 2 if traveling on a seat will be charged for that seat. 
  3. Each ticket holder who is an adult can hold one lap infant. 
  4. A ticketed adult who travels with 2 lap infants should pay for the second seat. 
  5. The lap infants on a paid seat should use a harness or FAA-approved car seat. You can take the booster seats but these are only available during flight takeoff and landing.

Frontier Airlines Fares for Children and Infants Traveling

Frontier Unaccompanied Minor Policy

The infants of the lap . i.e. children who fall between 7 and 2 years old can travel free of charge on both domestic and international flights based on the following conditions:

  1. The infant cannot occupy a separate seat on the flight,
  2. A full fare-paying adult passenger holds the infant, 
  3. Adult passenger is supposed to be at least 15 years old on a domestic flight while for an international flight, the age is 18 years old 
  4. Infants of lap and children who occupy a seat cannot travel without the purchased ticket and they will be charged an adult ticket unless they have purchased a special fare ticket.

Frontier Airlines Rules for Lap Infants: Frontier Minor Policy

When adults are traveling with minors or lap infants of children they should follow the procedures which apply:

  1. You can book flights for minors or infants by phone or online. 
  2. An adult traveler can carry one lap infant.
  3. An adult traveler traveling with 2 lap infants can carry one lap infant on the lap and should buy a ticket for the second lap infant and carry an FAA-approved child restraint machine.
  4. It is a must to have a birth certificate for age verification, 
  5. Always carry a birth certificate for age verification and Frontier Airlines ID requirements for minors( this acts as proof of verification for the child and you are less questionable) 
  6. The accepted infants on the flight depend on the type of aircraft because of the limitations of the equipment. 
  7. 2 lap infants with 2 adults cannot get seated on a similar side of one row. 
  8. A passenger who travels with an infant in lap can’t sit on a 1st-row seat if there is an airbag seatbelt installed. 

How many bags can infants and children carry on the Frontier?

Travelers who travel with children or infants on their lap can carry the following baggage without any charges:

  1. 1 child restraint device which is pre-approved (if the device does not get the approval label, it should be checked in).
  2. 1 diaper bag 
  3. 1 stroller, which you should deposit at the gate and retrieve at the arrival airport. 

Note. You cannot use Booster seats at the time of takeoff and landing— they should be stowed in the overhead bin or under the front seat. 

Frontier Airlines Child Policy for Seat—Children Traveling at Paid Seats

Children under or equal to 2 years old on the paid seat should use FAA-approved car seats/harnesses. The minimum width of the seat varies by the aircraft, and go through the following for more guidelines: 

  1. The minimum seat width on A321 aircraft is 16.5 in. 
  2. The minimum seat width on A319/A320 aircraft is 17.4 in. 
  3. Frontier Airlines minor policy says that the use of the AMSafe Child Aviation Restraint System (CARES) as a substitute for car seats. 

Car Seats 

On using a car seat on Frontier Airlines aircraft, ensure the following:

  1. The child’s weight should not exceed the maximum limit of weight of the car seat. 
  2. The car seat is sturdy and equipped with proper restraint straps. 
  3. Car seat bears the label that the restraint system conforms to all Federal motor vehicle safety standards with certification for use in aircraft and motor vehicles. 

Car Seat Restrictions on Frontier 

Car seats:

  1. You cannot place a car seat during an emergency exit row or directly in front of/behind seats 
  2. Can’t be placed on the seat with an airbag. 
  3. Must be secured by a seatbelt during the whole trip. 
  4. Must not block the path of a passenger. 

Points to Remember

  1. You need to book your kid on the same reservation as yours, i.e. Just like an adult passenger. 
  2. Check in in advance by visiting the website or online. 
  3. Frontier Airlines tries to assign group seats on the basis of availability. 
  4. If you can’t get a seat assignment together with your family, ask an agent at the gate for assistance. 
  5. Normally, Frontier blocks some seats and releases them later on after the check-in to accommodate the groups and families at check-in. 
  6. Get a toy with you to keep your child engaged throughout the flight. Frontier Airlines provides activities to the kids that you can get your kids associated with. The activities include activity pages, flight certificates, maps, etc. 
  7. If you travel with a child below 3 years, you will get boarded first than most passengers through Courtesy Boarding faster after Zone 1 travelers. 

When Should Children Travel on Their Dedicated Seats on Frontier Airlines?

The Infants of Lap under the Frontier minor policy below 2 years can travel free in the lap of an adult passenger who is a minimum of 15 years old. But you must purchase the seat on Frontier Airlines in case:

  1. Your child is older than 2 years or equal to 2 years.
  2. Your infant of lap below 2 years should travel in his/her own approved car seat.
  3. You travel with a second lap infant because 1 lap infant can be carried in the lap of an adult traveler having purchased a ticket. 

FAQs About Minor Rules Flrying On Frontier Airlines

Q1. What is an Unaccompanied Minor (UM)?

An Unaccompanied Minor Frontier is a kid who travels alone without any parent or guardian and should be at least 15 years of age. However, the Frontier Airlines unaccompanied policy no longer exists from 2018. 

Q2. What age range qualifies as an Unaccompanied Minor on Frontier Airlines?

Generally, children between 5 and 14 years of age are called unaccompanied minors on Frontier Airlines. 

Q3. How do I book Unaccompanied Minor services with Frontier Airlines?

You can easily book the services for minors but unaccompanied minors services are no longer continued on Frontier. You can make the booking for your little ones online or through phone anytime by giving the Frontier Airlines ID requirements for minors.

Q4. Is there an additional Frontier unaccompanied minor fee?

Frontier Airlines might have an unaccompanied minor fee later on after it starts again. As of 2018, minors cannot travel without a parent or guardian or at least 15 years of age on domestic flights and at least 18 years on international flights. This might vary so always consult customer service to know the latest update.