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JetBlue has a baggage policy to minimize additional expenses for passengers carrying bags. The airline has clear rules about luggage, so travelers do not face any problems. JetBlue Airways makes sure that its policy is transparent and accommodating for both international and domestic travelers. If you are planning to fly with this airline in the future, it is essential to understand the fundamental aspects of JetBlue baggage policy.

JetBlue airlines baggage rules

JetBlue Baggage Policy- A Complete Guide

According to TSA guidelines, this airline has specified rules that passengers need to follow when carrying their bags. These rules are in place to determine that the aircraft does not carry more weight than it can handle. As a traveler, it is important to follow these rules for a safe journey.

The primary JetBlue baggage rules, outlined by the airline, are as follows:

  • The airline provides three options for bringing your luggage: checked, carry-on, and excess baggage, which includes overweight and oversized bags.
  • JetBlue Airlines has different fare classes, and the baggage rules vary depending on the class you choose. The classes include Blue Basic, Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, Mint, and Mosaic.
  • For domestic flights, passengers must check their baggage at least 40 minutes before departure. For international flights, bags must be checked in at least 60 minutes before departure.
  • The baggage allowance for Blue Basic remains the same for both international and domestic flights since it is an Economy fare.
  • The airline reserves the right to cancel your reservation if your bags exceed the maximum allowed limits.
  • The option to bring excess or additional bags is available, but it comes with an additional fee.

Rules for Jetblue Carry-on bags:

weight and size of Jetblue Carry on bags

Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint fares come with a carry-on bag (subject to available space) suitable for the overhead bin, along with a personal item such as a purse, laptop bag, or a pet carrier that fits under your seat.

The dimensions for carry-on bags must not increase 22" L (55.88 cm) x 14" W (35.56 cm) x 9" H (22.86 cm), including the wheels and handles. Personal items should not exceed 17" L (43.2 cm) x 13" W (33 cm) x 8" H (20.32 cm).

For Blue Basic fares, one personal item, fitting under the seat, is included, such as a purse, laptop bag, daypack, or allowed pet carrier. Any extra or larger carry-on bags brought to the gate will incur fees: $65 for the first or second checked bag and $180 for the third.

Exceptions to these rules include:

  • Mosaic members, who receive a carry-on bag and early boarding with all fares.
  • Travelers on JetBlue transatlantic flights, including connecting flights.
  • Travelers combining a Blue Basic fare with an Even More® Space seat on all legs, if connecting.
  • Active U.S. military personnel.
  • Unaccompanied minors.
  • Passengers who added a pet to a Blue Basic booking can board with both a personal item and an approved pet carrier.

For customers purchasing an extra seat, the checked baggage allowance is based on the fare option for that additional seat. According to FAA regulations, the allowance for a personal item and carry-on bag remains the same, calculated per person rather than per seat

Rules for Jetblue Checked bags:

Rules for Jetblue Checked bags

Passengers have the flexibility to add up to 2 checked bags at any time, from the booking stage to your arrival at the airport. Planning to check more than 2 bags? Additional bags or items incurring extra fees (in addition to standard checked bag fees) can be added to your booking 24 hours before departure or at the airport.

For fares without included checked bags, you can save costs by paying in advance on jetblue website or the JetBlue app for the first 2 checked bags. Mosaic members on American-operated flights and AAdvantage elite members on JetBlue-operated flights are eligible for up to 2 free bags at check-in, provided their TrueBlue or AAdvantage number was added to the reservation.

For international travel, please review bag limitations for specific markets.

Ensure the bags meet the checked bag size dimensions and weight requirements before packing. Bags exceeding 62" (157.48 cm) in overall dimensions (length + width + height) or 50 pounds (22.68 kg) will incur a fee. Details on overweight and oversized items are provided below.

How to add bags to your JetBlue reservation?

add bags to your JetBlue reservation

After making the reservation:

You have the option to include bags in your reservation through JetBlue website by using the Manage Trips feature on jetblue website. Simply navigate to your Extras, where you can add a bag and settle any relevant fees at any point before your departure. If you require assistance with adding bags to your reservation, feel free to reach out to JetBlue customer service.

During the time of check-in:

You have the option to specify the number of bags you'll be bringing and make the necessary payments for applicable fees during the check-in process, which is available up to 24 hours before your flight departs.

For your ease, we recommend completing the check-in process online or at one of the airport kiosks.. There is no variation in fees whether you add your bag online, at the check-in counter or at a kiosk, during this process. If you choose online check-in, you can drop your bags at the designated bag drop location upon arriving at the airport. A crew member will scan the boarding document to confirm the payment, check the bag count and weight, and print your bag tag.

Be aware that there may be additional fees for overweight and oversized baggage.

JetBlue Baggage rules at the airport:

JetBlue Baggage rules at the airport

Check-in times

When checking bags, make sure to verify the operational hours and self-service options available at your departure airport with JetBlue. The hours at the ticket counter can differ depending on the location.

  • Checked bags won't be accepted more than 6 hours before a flight's scheduled departure time, except for flights leaving from San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU), where the limit is 4 hours.
  • For US domestic flights, all bags must be checked at the airport 40 minutes prior to departure. For international flights, the check-in deadline is 60 minutes before departure.

Checking bags for someone else

Following federal rules, the airline can't take checked bags unless the person who checked the bag is on the same flight.

Usually, each traveler needs to check their own bag. However, if you're part of a family traveling on one reservation, one family member can check bags for everyone by showing a valid government-issued ID.

JetBlue baggage allowance for different fares?

When choosing the optimal fare for your trip, several JEtBlue baggage policy need to be followed, including comfort and convenience. Yet, for many travelers, the primary concern revolves around luggage. Every JetBlue fare incorporates one personal item, like a backpack or purse, as long as it fits underneath the seat. This acts as the fundamental allowance, and extra provisions for carry-on and checked baggage hinge on the particular fare class you opt for.

There are exceptions to these baggage rules, applicable to Mosaic members, passengers traveling to and from London (including connecting flights), active U.S. military members, unaccompanied minors, and travelers combining their Blue Basic Fare with an Even More Space seat. For those who don't fall under any of these exceptions, here is an overview of the baggage allowances and fees associated with each level of JetBlue service.

Blue Basic

Choosing JetBlue's most affordable fare is an excellent choice for those seeking a budget-friendly option, but it does come with certain limitations. Notably, this fare does not include either a carry-on bag or a checked bag, making it less suitable for those who pack extensively. However, there are a few noteworthy exceptions to consider. 

If you choose the Blue Basic fare with JetBlue and require additional luggage, you will incur charges, and these bags must be checked since carry-on bags are not permitted for Blue Basic customers, unless falling under the mentioned exceptions. The most cost-effective way to add luggage is to do so online. On the JetBlue website, the first checked bag costs $30, and the second one costs $40, provided you book them more than 24 hours before your flight. If bags are purchased online within 24 hours of flying, there is an additional $5 charge. Waiting to check bags at the airport results in higher fees, especially if you find out at the gate that you cannot carry a suitcase. Gate-checking the first or second bag costs $65, and for the third checked bag, it skyrockets to a hefty $180. Fees can be even higher for flights between the U.S. and Europe. In summary, if you opt for Blue Basic, limit yourself to an under-the-seat personal item or be prepared to incur additional costs.


This represents the regular JetBlue fare, ensuring you receive both a personal item and a carry-on. The sole exception is when traveling to or from London, as this is the only scenario where a checked bag is included. Similar to Blue Basic fares, for non-U.K. flights, the only option to obtain a checked bag is by making a payment, following the fee schedule mentioned earlier.

Blue Plus

Blue Plus is JetBlue's intermediate choice, offering a personal item, carry-on, and one checked bag as part of the package. If you require a second checked bag, you can include one for a starting fee of $40 (varying based on your destination, the timing of the purchase, and whether it is done online or at the airport).

Blue Extra

This fare package offers several advantages, such as early boarding and same-day standby, but it doesn't include checked luggage. Blue Extra customers are permitted one personal item and one carry-on, but checked bags are not part of the package. This makes it ideal for travelers who prefer to pack lightly but still enjoy premium benefits. To include checked luggage at this fare level, you must buy it as an additional option, following the same fee schedule starting at $30/$40 and upwards, as previously mentioned.


Aside from the luxurious features and roomy suite-style seating provided by JetBlue's Mint service, reserving a Mint fare entitles you to two complimentary checked bags. Another significant advantage is the inclusion of a preferred bag claim service, ensuring that your checked bags will be among the first to be available at the baggage claim carousel. It's important to note that Mint service is not offered on all JetBlue flights. To confirm if the route you desire includes Mint service, refer to JetBlue's official route map.

What will happen if I bring a carry-on with a Blue Basic fare?

If you bring more than a personal item to the gate, requiring checking, fees of $65 (for the 1st or 2nd checked bag) or $180 (for the 3rd) will be applied. Exceptions to the fees for bringing more than a personal item to the gate include Mosaic members, who get a carry-on bag and early boarding; travelers to/from the U.K./Europe, including connecting flights; and travelers combining a Blue Basic fare with an Even More Space seat on all legs if connecting; active U.S. military; and unaccompanied minors. If you opt for a Blue Basic fare, it is advised to travel light, check all bags in advance, and benefit from the cost savings.

How To Avoid JetBlue Baggage Fees?

JetBlue's checked baggage fees may not be the highest in the industry, but finding ways to avoid them can still save you money, especially for travelers flying with Blue Basic. Here is how you can bypass JetBlue baggage fees on your upcoming flight:

Become a Mosaic Member:

  • Loyalty with JetBlue is rewarded with two complimentary checked bags on all JetBlue-operated flights.
  • Mosaic status is earned through tiles, with one tile granted for every $100 spent on JetBlue flights, vacation packages, or Paisly, or every $1000 spent using a JetBlue credit card.
  • Achieving 50 tiles unlocks Mosaic status, entitling you to the perk of two free checked bags.

Become a JetBlue Plus Cardmember:

  • Prior to achieving Mosaic Membership, becoming a JetBlue Plus Cardmember grants one free checked bag for all fare types.
  • The card membership, priced at $99 annually, is cost-effective, especially for travelers flying domestically.
  • Purchases made with the JetBlue Plus card contribute towards earning Mosaic Status for additional free checked baggage benefits on future flights.

Fly Mint:

  • Opting for a Mint fare ensures two complimentary checked bags, each weighing up to 70 lbs, exceeding the standard 50 lbs limit for main cabin travelers.
  • Although Mint service is not available on every flight, it provides a luxury experience on cross-country, Caribbean, and transatlantic routes.

Provide Military Documentation:

  • Active military personnel receive the honor of two free checked bags on all flights, both domestic and international, by presenting their DoD Common Access Card during check-in.
  • Military members can also use MilVetID for immediate access to booking discounts and benefits.

Travel with a Carry-on:

  • To entirely avoid baggage fees, opt for traveling without any checked bag.
  • Carry-ons are provided with all fare types except for Blue Basic, with a few exceptions.
  • JetBlue imposes no weight limit on carry-ons, allowing flexibility as long as you can lift it into the overhead compartment.
  • Traveling with a carry-on eliminates the stress of check-in to baggage claim, providing a hassle-free start to your journey.

JetBlue Baggage Policy for Pets

JetBlue has implemented a specific policy for traveling with pets, aligning with the JetBlue Business Class baggage allowance. The following rules must be adhered to:

  • All JetBlue domestic and international flights allow the transportation of pets.
  • JetBlue permits only four pets per trip, emphasizing the importance of securing your pet's reservation early. The airline specifically allows small cats and dogs to travel in the cabin.
  • Throughout the entire journey, pets must remain confined in their carriers, with the doors closed, and be placed under the passenger seat.
  • JetBlue does not allow dogs to be transported in the cargo hold due to concerns about oxygen levels and pressurized air in its planes.
  • Pets should be able to stand up and move around comfortably within the carrier, in line with the JetBlue Airways carry-on baggage allowance.
  • All pet carriers must have a leak-proof bottom and a minimum of two adequately ventilated sides.

JetBlue Baggage Claim and Compensation

If you experience issues such as lost, delayed, or damaged baggage with JetBlue, you have the option to file a claim with the airline. In the case of delayed or damaged bags, it is necessary to report your claim shortly after arriving at your destination airport. The airline's agents are available to assist and provide guidance as required.

JetBlue Baggage Compensation 

Occasionally, your belongings may be received in a damaged state, or your bag might be delayed or lost. In such cases, you are eligible for compensation for delayed and lost baggage from JetBlue. Domestic passengers are entitled to Jetblue baggage claim of USD 3800 per ticket as compensation. For international passengers, the compensation amount varies based on the extent of the damage. To determine the exact amount, you will need to get in touch with the airline.

Bottom line

While JetBlue typically charges a fee for checked baggage for most customers, there are several ways to avoid this additional cost. Firstly, if you can manage to pack in a smaller suitcase and don't book a Blue Basic fare, you can bring your bag as a carry-on and store it in the airline's overhead bin.

However, if checking a bag is necessary, having the JetBlue credit card allows your first bag to travel with you for free. Even though adding another credit card might not be appealing, if you frequently fly with JetBlue, having an eligible JetBlue credit card is a simple way to bypass the JetBlue baggage fee.

FAQs About JetBlue Baggage Rules

Q1. Is JetBlue checked bag fees refundable?

Refunds for checked bag fees, as well as other additional services like Even More Space, pets, etc., will be issued to the initial payment method if the reservation is canceled before the scheduled departure. However, if you do not end up checking the bags you paid for during the flight, the checked bag fees are non-refundable.

Q2. Are there any exceptions to the new Blue Basic no-carry-on-bag rule?

Yes. Mosaic members, those traveling across the Atlantic (including connecting flights), passengers combining a Blue Basic fare with an Even More Space seat (on all legs, if connecting), active U.S. military personnel, and unaccompanied minors can bring a carry-on bag.

Q3. Can a Mosaic customer bring a carry-on bag?

Mosaic members and passengers on the same reservation (up to 8 additional customers) can always bring a carry-on bag, even if they choose the Blue Basic fare.

Q4. Can my delayed bag on JetBlue be shipped to me?

In case of a delayed bag, you can choose to retrieve it directly from the airport or opt for delivery to either a permanent or temporary address. The bag will be sent to the address specified in your claim, and you can modify this address through the online customer portal until the bag is picked up by the delivery driver.