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Qatar Airways, established in November 1993, has quickly risen to become one of the world's premier international airlines. Awarded "Airline of the Year" in 2017, it boasts a fleet of over 180 aircraft and serves more than 150 destinations across six continents. Headquartered in Doha's Qatar Airways Tower, the airline joined the Oneworld Alliance in 2013, marking a significant milestone in its progression. Under the leadership of Sheikh Hamad Bin Ali Bin Jabor Al Thani, the airline began its flight operations in 1994 with just 75 staff members and has since become renowned for its exceptional service and modern fleet.

How to book a Qatar Airlines ticket?

Qatar airways flight reservations

Booking tickets with Qatar Airways can be done by visiting their official website. Alternatively, you have the option to use travel agencies or reach out to Qatar Airways customer service for Qatar Airways booking.

  • Visit the official website for Qatar Airways online booking
  • Enter your departure city, destination, travel dates, and number of passengers.
  • Browse through the available flights and select the one that suits your preferences.
  • Enter passenger details and contact information.
  • Choose any additional services or amenities you may require, such as seat selection or special meals.
  • Proceed to the payment page and enter your payment details to complete the booking.
  • Once the booking is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with your e-ticket details.
  • Alternatively, you can also book tickets through travel agencies or by contacting Qatar Airways customer service directly

How to make Qatar Airways group booking?

To arrange group travel with Qatar Airways, you can purchase tickets either online or by contacting their group booking number via phone or email for assistance. Follow these steps:

  • Contact Qatar Airways' group booking number to make a reservation.
  • Provide detailed information about your group, including the total number of passengers (adults and children), departure and arrival destinations, and travel dates.
  • A dedicated expert will assist you in finding suitable flights and will offer you a quote based on your requirements.
  • If immediate assistance is not available, you can expect to receive a quote within two business days.
  • Upon receiving the quote, review the prices and if satisfied, proceed to purchase the tickets for your group through Qatar Airways.

How to book multi city flights on Qatar Airways?

Your multi-city flight can be scheduled over the phone. In other words, you can make a call to book To book your flight with Qatar Airways, you can call their phone number from anywhere. You can also follow these steps:

  • Choose your preferred language and use the IVR system to book your flight.
  • Allow a few seconds for the call to connect.
  • Provide all required information to the assistant for arranging your flight.
  • Before finalizing your submission, ensure you remember all the details.
  • The assistant will promptly schedule your flight once all necessary information is provided.

How to Grab Latest Deals With Qatar Airways?

Traveling affordably with Qatar Airways is achievable as they offer competitive prices and excellent customer service. Here are some tips to maximize savings:

  • Follow on Social Media: Stay informed about Qatar Airways' latest offers by following their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. They frequently share flash sales, discount codes, and exclusive deals. To ensure you don't miss out, enable notifications for their posts.
  • Subscribe to Newsletters: Qatar Airways sends newsletters to subscribers containing updates on promotions and exclusive offers. By signing up, you will receive timely updates straight to your email inbox, keeping you informed about the latest deals.
  • Plan Ahead: Booking flights well in advance can often lead to discounted rates. If you have your travel dates confirmed early, consider making your reservations months in advance to take advantage of potential discounts offered by Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways Fleet

Qatar Airways has a modern fleet with different types of planes to meet different travel needs. They include fuel-efficient Airbus A350s, versatile Boeing 777s, and comfortable Boeing 787 Dreamliners, among others.

  • Airbus A350: Qatar Airways stands as one of the prominent users of the Airbus A350 series, housing different variants such as the A350-900 and A350-1000. Renowned for fuel efficiency and spacious interiors, the A350 ensures optimal passenger comfort.
  • Boeing 777: Qatar Airlines operates a range of Boeing 777 models, including the 777-200LR, 777-300ER, and the extended-range 777-200LR. These aircraft are predominantly deployed for long-haul journeys, offering passengers an array of amenities.
  • Boeing 787 Dreamliner: Qatar Airways boasts both the Boeing 787-8 and 787-9 variants in its fleet. Praised for fuel efficiency and enhanced cabin environment, the Dreamliner prioritizes passenger well-being.
  • Additional aircraft: Qatar Airways maintains a fleet diversity, incorporating Airbus A320 family members (A320, A321, A319), Airbus A330, and Boeing 747-8 freighters for cargo operations.

Qatar Airways Privilege Clubs:

Qatar Airways loyalty program, called Privilege Club, consists of four membership tiers: Burgundy, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Membership in Privilege Club is determined by a combination of spending and miles flown with Qatar Airways. Additionally, there is a Family Privilege Club where families can pool Qmiles and Qpoints to earn rewards more quickly. Members of Privilege Club have the opportunity to redeem their points for various rewards, including free flight tickets, discounts on car rentals and hotels, among other benefits.

Facilities provided by Qatar Airways:

Prepare for an amazing journey with Qatar Airways reservations, where you will experience exceptional Middle-Eastern hospitality designed to cater to all your needs. Here is what you can look forward to:

  • Treat yourself to delicious cuisine crafted by renowned chefs and served with care.
  • Enjoy a selection of exclusive wines poured for your pleasure.
  • Take advantage of the on-demand à la carte menu, allowing you to enjoy tasty dishes whenever you want.
  • Choose from a wide variety of beverages, including signature mocktails, fruit juices, and freshly brewed coffee or tea after meals.
  • Qatar Airways offers a range of specialized meals for passengers with dietary requirements.
  • Stay entertained with the in-flight entertainment system, offering a diverse selection of up to 3,000 options, including movies, TV shows, music, and games.
  • Browse through the duty-free magazine for onboard shopping, featuring a variety of exclusive products.
  • Stay connected with onboard WiFi and advanced communication services, allowing internet access, messaging, and email usage on your portable electronic devices.

Why fly with Qatar Airways?

There are several reasons why you might opt to book your flight with Qatar Airways. Here are just a few considerations that could influence your decision to fly with them:

Here are some key reasons why Qatar Airways stands out:

  • Modern and Comfortable Fleet: Qatar Airways boasts a contemporary fleet equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, ensuring passengers enjoy comfort and top-notch entertainment.
  • Recognized Excellence: Qatar Airways consistently earns accolades for its exceptional service, inflight experience, and overall quality.
  • Extensive Global Reach: With flights to over 150 destinations across six continents, Qatar Airways offers one of the most extensive flight networks globally.
  • Outstanding Service: Known for its exceptional customer service, Qatar Airways' cabin crew go the extra mile to enhance the passenger experience.
  • Privilege Club Loyalty Program: Qatar Airways' Privilege Club rewards frequent flyers with perks such as upgrades and lounge access.
  • Hamad International Airport Hub: Operating through its hub at Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar Airways benefits from modern passenger amenities.
  • Inflight Dining and Entertainment: Qatar Airways offers a diverse array of meals prepared by renowned chefs and a wide range of entertainment options.
  • Safety and Reliability: Qatar Airways prioritizes safety and adheres to stringent standards, ensuring passenger confidence.

FAQS About Qatar Airways Flight Reservations

Q1. How to book Qatar Airways with points?

To book Qatar Airways flights with points, join their frequent flyer program, Qatar Airways Privilege Club, and accumulate enough points. Log in to the Qatar Airways website, go to "Redeem Miles," search for flights, and use points as payment. Availability varies based on factors like route and time. Complete the booking process online, selecting the points payment option. Contact customer service for help if needed. Review program terms for any redemption rules.

Q2. How to book Qatar Airways with Avios?

You can book Qatar Airways flights with Avios, using a partner frequent flyer program like British Airways Executive Club. Ensure you have enough Avios points, then log in to the program's website. Search for Qatar Airways flights and choose one. During booking, opt to pay with Avios points. Complete the process and contact customer service if needed. Availability may vary based on factors like route and time.

Q3. How to book wheelchair assistance in Qatar Airways?

You can arrange wheelchair assistance with Qatar Airways, you have several options. During the booking process or after booking, you can request assistance directly through the airline's website, or by contacting their customer service via phone or email. Provide detailed information about your requirements to ensure a seamless experience. 

Q4. How to select seats on Qatar Airways?

To pick seats on Qatar Airways, you can do it when you book online or through their app. If you have already booked, log in to their website with your booking details to choose seats. Some seats might cost extra, like the ones with more legroom. If you need help or have special requests, contact Qatar Airways customer service.

Q5. Does Qatar Airways have last-minute deals?

Yes, passengers searching for affordable flights can find them with Qatar Airways bookings at the last minute. These offers are available via a travel agency or on the airline’s official website. These last-minute offers frequently have lower costs, which can help travelers save money on their airfare.

Q6. How do I get my e-ticket from Qatar Airways? 

Passengers can access e-ticket on the official Qatar Airways website, you typically need to provide your booking reference and the passenger's last name. Navigate to the "Manage Booking" or "My Trips" section to view or download your electronic ticket. If you encounter any issues, reaching out to Qatar Airways customer service directly can also be helpful.