Qatar Airways Flight Cancellation Rules And Charges

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Everyone hopes for a smooth trip, but cancellations can happen unexpectedly. When flying with Qatar Airways , it is wise to be prepared for any situation and handle things smoothly. There are instances where the airline might cancel your flight, or you might need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. You should review the Qatar Airways Cancellation policy before making any involuntary or voluntary ticket cancellation requests to explore the best options available.

Furthermore, you can always inquire about refunds from Qatar Airways, either for free or with minimal charges. Simply check the rules of your ticket to determine if there are fees for canceling. Keep reading to understand more about Qatar Airways cancellations and the underlying rules for refunds.

qatar airways flight cancellation policy

A Guide to Qatar Airways cancellation Policy:

You have the option to request a flight cancellation up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure for international flights and 90 minutes for domestic flights. However, you need to follow Qatar cancellation policy and other conditions for a smooth cancellation process:

  • Flight reservations made with reward points or miles are not covered by the cancellation policy.
  • Passengers canceling a reservation after 24 hours from purchase can receive a refund for the unused portion of the ticket, minus applicable cancellation fees.
  • Some fare rules linked to your flight booking may restrict cancellation after the scheduled departure, with no refund available under any circumstances.
  • For non-refundable fares, no part of the fare qualifies for a refund upon cancellation.
  • When a booking includes two or more fare conditions, the Qatar Airways cancellation policy that is the most restrictive will be applicable.
  • Passengers denied boarding due to invalid travel documents must pay the applicable Qatar cancellation fee and no-show fee.
  • If a passenger makes multiple Qatar Airways flight change requests on the booking, the most restricted or highest fee among all reissued fares may apply.
  • No cancellation request is valid if made after 12 months from the date of departure.

Qatar Airways 24-hour cancellation policy:

In some countries where the risk-free cancellation rule applies, Qatar Airways has a 24-hour cancellation policy for customers. This means that if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, no matter what type of ticket you have, you can get a complete refund without any charges. The only condition is that your flight must be scheduled to depart at least 7 days later when you cancel. This rule applies to all passengers, regardless of their ticket type, as long as they meet the specified conditions.

Qatar Airways Cancellation Due to Illness:

If you are unable to take your flight due to serious illness affecting you or a close family member, Qatar Airways has a policy in place for such situations. There is a chance you could receive a refund, but you must submit a medical certificate that meets Qatar Airways' criteria. 

Qatar Airways Cancellation Due to Death:

If a passenger passes away before their scheduled journey, their family or legal representatives are eligible to request a refund. They need to provide a valid death certificate to Qatar Airways. This is necessary to qualify for a refund. This policy is helpful in these sad situations, but it is really important to reach out to Qatar Airways to know all the details.

Qatar Airways policy For Non- Refundable and Refundable Tickets:

For Qatar Airways fully refundable ticket type, a full refund is available if the flight is canceled before departure, regardless of the time. This refund policy also extends to Business class bookings, following the guidelines of the refundable fare rules. However, the airline will only provide a refund for the unused portion of the ticket, regardless of the fare type.

On the other hand, if the booking has a non-refundable fare, the following rules apply:

  • Non-refundable fares are typically not subject to refunds, unless there are government regulations requiring a refund for YQ and YR charges. Complete documentation is required to obtain pricing approvals, and the fare rules and coding should reflect the refundable nature of YQ/YR charges in such cases.
  • If a ticket is issued with non-refundable fares, you have the option to get a refund for the taxes on coupons that have been flown but not used.
  • If you exchange a non-refundable fare for a refundable one, the YQ/YR charges and the original base fare will still not be eligible for a refund.

Can I cancel my Qatar Airways ticket?

Yes, you can cancel a Qatar Airways ticket if you want to change your travel plans. To do this, you should contact Qatar Airways through their official channels. Just keep in mind that there might be fees or penalties you need to be aware of before canceling.

Qatar Airways flight cancellation can be done online or through customer Service as well as at the airport too – 

Method 1: To Cancel Qatar Airways Flight Online

To cancel a flight you booked on, go to the Manage Booking section.Canceling your flight may come with fees and extra charges from the airline, and you will need to pay them online. You can follow the steps to help you through the Qatar Airways cancellation process:

  • Visit the official Qatar Airways website for processing ticket cancellations.
  • Access the "Manage My Trip" section to retrieve your booking.
  • Enter the necessary booking details in the relevant field to proceed.
  • Select the specific flight segment you wish to cancel.
  • Confirm your selection by acknowledging the terms on a consent page.
  • The refund amount will be presented on your screen.
  • Finalize the cancellation by submitting the online refund request form.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from the airline via your registered credentials, such as your mobile number and email address

Method 2: Cancel Qatar Airways Flight Offline

If you face difficulties canceling your tickets online, Qatar Airways offers the option to cancel through Customer Service. However, keep in mind that canceling via phone may involve paying airline penalties and service fees. You can view the points below on how to cancel your ticket through a phone call:

  • Dial the Qatar Airways customer service number and wait to connect with a representative.
  • Further, the representative may ask you to confirm your identity for security reasons.
  • Provide necessary information like your booking reference or e-ticket number to verify your identity and proceed with the cancellation.
  • Inform the representative of your intention to cancel your ticket.
  • If you are entitled to a refund or travel voucher as per fare rules or specific circumstances, inquire about the applicable process.
  • Pay any required fees or charges associated with the cancellation.
  • After canceling your ticket, request confirmation from the representative, including a cancellation confirmation number or reference.

Qatar Airways cancellation fees and fare rules:

Cancellation fees are determined by the membership tier and per ticketed passenger (adult, child, and infant). The cancellation policy is outlined as follows:

Cancellation made more than 24 hours prior to departure:

  • Gold main or Platinum member: No refund or cancellation fee applies.
  • Silver, Burgundy, or a guest/family of Platinum and Gold members: USD25 Qatar Airways cancellation fee applies.

Cancellation made between three hours and 24 hours prior to departure:

  • Gold main or Platinum member: No refund or cancellation fee applies.
  • Silver, Burgundy, or a guest/family of Platinum and Gold members: USD100 Qatar Airways ticket cancellation charges apply.

Cancellation within three hours or after departure (considered as a no-show):

  • Avios and Cash collected are forfeited.
  • Only airport and government taxes will be refunded.

Does Qatar Airways have free cancellation?

Passengers also have the option to request a complimentary cancellation with the airline, and no cancellation fee will be incurred. Here are the specific scenarios in which this applies:

  • Passengers must submit a cancellation request within 24 hours of the ticket purchase.
  • In the unfortunate event of the death of an immediate family member, passengers can request cancellation at any time before the scheduled departure, provided they submit a death certificate as proof.
  • If a flight is delayed by 5 hours or more, passengers have the right to claim a refund for the unused portion of the ticket if they choose not to opt for an alternative flight.
  • If the airline cancels the flight, and the disruption was directly under the airline's control, the cancellation may be free of charge.

What is Qatar Airways No-Show Policy?

If a passenger does not use their reserved seat on a flight, they may be charged a Qatar Airways no show fee. This could happen if they don't show up at the airport on time or if they arrive without the right documents for the flight. Here are some reasons why someone might be marked as a no-show:

  • If a passenger does not use their reserved seat for a reason other than missing a connecting flight.
  • If a passenger cannot check in because they don't have the right travel documents, like a passport or a valid visa.
  • If a passenger doesn't show up for the flight before the gate closes, unless the delay is because of a connecting flight delay, and the entire travel plan is in one or connected QR documents.
  • If a passenger doesn't change or cancel their reservation at least 3 hours before the flight.
  • Any changes made within 3 hours before the flight or after the flight has left, as mentioned in the e-ticket, are considered a no-show.
  • In a situation where the original reservation is canceled before reaching the no-show condition, but new reservations are made after the flight's departure time, QR Reservation and Ticketing Staff may manually handle the transaction (without ATC entries) to avoid charging a no-show fee.

Qatar Airways Flight Delay Compensation:

Passengers should know the possibility of being eligible for a Qatar Airways flight delay compensation for flights originating from a European airport. This is because EU regulations entitle passengers to compensation of up to $700 per person from the airline for flights delayed by three hours or more.

  • The reimbursement is determined based on the time of arrival at the destination, irrespective of the departure time or travel location. 
  • If, despite a timely departure, you arrive at your destination more than 3 hours late, you may qualify for compensation.
  • However, Qatar Airways is exempt from compensating for flight disruptions caused by exceptional circumstances, such as those beyond the airline's control. It may include adverse weather conditions or air traffic power strikes. 
  • In such cases, where the airline has no control over the delay, compensation may not be applicable. If the delay is due to internal issues, like a strike or maintenance problems involving Qatar Airways staff, you retain the right to seek compensation for the flight delay.

Can I cancel my Qatar flight and get a refund?

Yes, Qatar Airways will give you a refund for the part of your ticket you didn't use under certain conditions. Read the Qatar Airways refund policy to know more:

  • If you show proof of payment, they will give the refund to the person named on the ticket or the one who paid.
  • If someone else bought the ticket, that person will get the refund.
  • If the airline cancels the flight or doesn't follow the schedule, causing a delay of more than 2 hours for a long issue or 5 hours for a short issue, they will refund the airfare minus the cancellation fee.
  • Qatar Airways won't refund you if you ask more than 12 months after the ticket is no longer valid.
  • The refund will be in the same currency you used for the purchase, and there might be charges for converting currencies.

What is the eligibility to Get Qatar Airways Refund?

To get a refund for your Qatar Airways flight booking, it is important to review the Qatar refund policy and available options for both Privilege Club members and others. Below are simplified conditions for obtaining a flight refund specifically for Qatar Airways Privilege Club members:

  • If you decide to cancel your flight, a refund fee may be applicable, depending on your membership tier and the timing of your cancellation.
  • When canceling more than 24 hours before departure:
    • Platinum or Gold members incur no fees.
    • Silver, Burgundy, or family/guests of Platinum and Gold members face a USD25 fee.
  • If the cancellation occurs between 3 and 24 hours before departure:
    • Platinum or Gold members face no fees.
    • Silver, Burgundy, or family/guests of Platinum and Gold members encounter a USD100 fee.
  • Cancellations within 3 hours of departure or after departure:
    • No refund is granted for Avios and Cash collected.
    • However, airport and government taxes will be refunded.

FAQs About Qatar Airways Flight Cancellation Rules

Q1. Can I get a refund for a canceled Qatar Airways flight?

Yes. Whether you can get a refund for a canceled Qatar Airways flight is determined by factors such as the fare type, when the cancellation occurs, and any relevant fare regulations.

Q2. What is the difference between Qatar Airways economy convenience cancellation policy and economy classic?

Economy Classic, the most cost-effective choice, allows for a single flight change or cancellation within 24 hours of departure without incurring extra charges, and it doesn't offer the option to select seats. Economy Convenience is the same as Economy Classic but grants the flexibility of up to two flight changes.

Q3. How Long Can I Cancel My Qatar Airways Flight?

You have the option to cancel your ticket without incurring any penalties up to 3 hours before departure. Additionally, Qatar Airways offers a 24-hour cancellation policy, ensuring a full refund.

Q4. What happens if Qatar Airways cancel a flight?

In the event that Qatar Airline cancels a flight, they usually present alternative solutions, such as rescheduling for a later flight or issuing a refund. Affected passengers will be contacted by the airline for additional guidance and support.

Q5. What is the Qatar Airways flight cancellation phone number?

You can reach the Qatar Airways cancellation phone number anytime for passenger assistance. If you are unable to connect through the official airline number, dial 1(844) 769-1366 for a quick response to address all your queries.