Singapore Airlines Cancellation And Refund Policy 2024

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It is common for travel plans to unexpectedly change, especially for frequent flyers who travel for work or leisure. Dealing with such situations often leads to the need for flight cancellations, which can vary depending on the airline's policies. Singapore Airlines has its own rules and procedures regarding cancellations. It is important to be familiar with the Singapore Cancellation Policy when booking a flight to your destination. Understanding their cancellation policy can be beneficial in emergencies.

Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy

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According to the Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy, the following points outline when you are eligible for a full refund upon cancellation:

  • You qualify for a full refund if you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket.
  • Refundable ticket holders will receive a refund credited back to their original mode of payment.
  • For non-refundable tickets, only taxes will be returned.
  • Apply for ticket cancellation within the specified period indicated for that ticket type.
  • If Singapore Airlines cancels your flight, you are entitled to a refund.
  • If international border closure prevents you from taking a Singapore Airlines flight, you can request a refund.
  • In cases of medical conditions, you can provide documentation to the airline for a refund.
  • As per Singapore cancellation Policy, you have the option to rebook your flight at your convenience, request travel credit, or seek a refund.

Does Singapore Airlines have a 24 hour cancellation policy?

The Singapore Airlines 24 hour cancellation provides travelers with flexibility and peace of mind. Here are the key points to remember about this policy:

  • If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking and at least 7 days before departure, you will receive a full refund to your original payment method.
  • This policy applies to all Singapore Airlines flights and those operated by its codeshare partners.
  • Non-refundable tickets will receive credit for a future flight with Singapore Airlines instead of a refund.
  • If you cancel outside the 24-hour window or within 24 hours of your flight, the regular cancellation policy will apply.
  • Canceling online will automatically initiate the refund or credit process. If not done online, contact Singapore Airlines customer service to request a refund or credit.

What happens if Singapore Airlines cancels your flight?

Singapore Airlines may cancel flights under certain circumstances, and passengers will be informed of any disruptions. According to Singapore Airline cancellation policy, travelers are entitled to the following benefits:

  • If a flight is delayed by 3 hours or canceled within 14 days of departure, passengers can receive a refund and compensation for the canceled flight.
  • Passengers have the option to request a flight change with waived change fees and fare differences.
  • Non-refundable fares will be converted into travel credits.
  • Refunds will be provided for any unused portions of the ticket.

Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy for Delayed Flights:

If your Singapore Airlines flight is delayed for over 2 hours for short flights up to 1500 km, 3 hours for longer flights within the EU over 1500 km or other flights between 1500 km and 3500 km, or 4 hours for flights over 3500 km, you will receive meals, refreshments, and communication options.

  • For delays exceeding 5 hours, you can choose to cancel your booking, get a refund for the unused portion, and possibly a return flight.
  • If the delay forces an overnight stay, we'll provide accommodation and transportation.
  • For delays upon arrival of 3 hours or more, compensation ranges from €250 to €600 depending on the flight distance, with a 50% reduction for delays between 3 and 4 hours. No compensation is provided for delays due to extraordinary circumstances beyond control.

How to cancel a Singapore Airlines flight ticket?

Travelers who made flight bookings directly on the airline's official website have the option to cancel their reservation through the website. Additionally, passengers can contact the airline's customer service over the phone to request a cancellation for Singapore Airlines flights.

Request Singapore Airlines cancellation online

To request cancellation of a Singapore Airlines flight online, passengers can utilize the Manage Booking feature on the airline's website. Here are the steps to initiate the cancellation process:

  • Visit the Singapore Airlines website and access the My Trip section.
  • Enter the required booking details to retrieve your reservation.
  • Choose the specific flight that you wish to cancel.
  • Click on the 'Cancel' option.
  • Review the applicable refund amount associated with the booking.
  • If you agree with the refund amount, confirm your selection.
  • The refund will be processed and credited back to the original payment method.

Cancel Flight Singapore Airlines Via Phone Number

Passengers may need to cancel a Singapore Airlines flight ticket due to unexpected circumstances. They also have the option to contact a Singapore Airlines representative by phone. This method involves using the Singapore Airlines 24 hour cancellation process, where you call the customer service number and speak with an agent. During the call, you can request the agent to cancel your ticket and provide them with the necessary details such as the ticket number or booking confirmation. Subsequently, they will inform you about the Singapore Airlines cancellation fee and any additional charges that need to be paid over the phone. Following the payment, the agent will proceed to cancel your ticket and send a confirmation email regarding the cancellation.

Cancel Flight Singapore Airlines by Visiting Airport

Canceling a flight at the airport is an offline procedure where you physically visit the departure airport and request cancellation up to 3 hours before your flight's departure. If you have already checked in, you must cancel the check-in first to receive a refund for your booking. This method is convenient for canceling Singapore Airlines flights offline.

Sometimes, there is no need to cancel a Singapore flight; you can change or rebook it instead. According to the Singapore Airlines flight change policy, you have the freedom to reschedule your flight without any charges. However, you'll be required to pay the fare difference if your new flight is more expensive than your original reservation with Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines Refund Policy 

Singapore Airlines refund policy permits refunds on ticket cancellation, with the refund eligibility contingent on the ticket type. Refundable tickets can be canceled within 24 hours of booking without incurring Singapore Airlines' cancellation fees and are entitled to a full refund.

  • You can request a refund by completing and submitting the "Assistance Request Form" if you booked your flight through the official website.
  • For ticket reservations made through a third-party travel agency, contact them directly for cancellation and refund procedures.
  • Even if you used Krisflyer miles to pay partially or fully for your flight ticket, you can still complete the refund form.

FAQs about Singapore Airlines Flight Cancellation

Q1. Are Singapore Airlines tickets refundable?

Whether Singapore Airlines tickets are refundable depends on the fare type and the conditions associated with the ticket. Generally, Singapore Airlines offers different fare types, including refundable and non-refundable fares. Refundable tickets allow passengers to receive a refund if they need to cancel their booking, subject to any applicable fees or conditions.

Q2. Can I cancel my Singapore flight and get a full refund?

If you have bought a ticket for a flight to or from the USA and your booking was made at least one week before your flight, passengers can cancel the ticket within 24 hours without any fees. Simply reach out to Singapore Airlines to cancel the ticket and receive a full refund.

Q3. Does Singapore Airlines refund the fare difference?

If you discover a fare that is at least SGD30 lower (per passenger) within 2 hours of booking your flight on, we will refund you the fare difference. To qualify for our Best Fare Guarantee, the lower fare must be available for purchase on eligible websites.

Q4. How long does it take for Singapore Airlines to refund?

After receiving a thorough refund request, Singapore Airlines will promptly process refunds for ticket payments. Refunds for credit card purchases are typically completed within seven business days, while refunds for cash or check payments may take up to 20 business days. This also includes refunds for any additional fees paid for optional services.

Q5. How to check if a Singapore flight is refundable?

To check if your Singapore flight is refundable, you can visit the Singapore Airlines official website or contact their customer service directly. On their website, you can navigate to the booking or reservation section and look for details regarding ticket refundability. Alternatively, speaking with a customer service representative can provide you with specific information about the refund policy for your flight booking.

Q6. How to request a refund from Singapore Airlines?

If you made your flight reservation through Singapore Airlines' official website or if the flight was canceled, you can submit a refund request using the "Assistance Request Form." This applies whether you paid for the ticket in full or in part using KrisFlyer miles. If your booking was made through a third party or a travel agency, you should contact them directly for assistance with the refund process.

Q7. What is Singapore Airlines No Show Policy?

Singapore Airlines enforces a policy for passengers who do not appear for their scheduled flight without canceling or altering their reservation. If you miss your flight without taking any action, Singapore Airlines may cancel any subsequent flights you have booked. As a result, your reservation with Singapore Airlines will be classified as a "no-show."