United Airlines Pet Travel Policy

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Get your cat or dog with you on a trip and have fun. Yet, there are various rules that you need to follow. If you are seeking information on traveling with animals that you are fond of we are here to help you out. Hop on to your next flight with your pet after knowing about the United Airlines pet policy.

United Airlines pet policy

Revealing United Airlines Pet Policy 

You can travel your pet safely after knowing the pet policy of United Airlines. Here we have everything which clearly defines United Airlines Pet Policy.

  • If you are planning to fly with your pet then keep in mind you can take with you dogs and cats only.
  • The pet should be able to fit in the cabin within the limit of specific dimensions.
  • The container in which travelers carry their pet should be soft edged and large enough to let the animal stretch, sit and stand.
  • Each customer can travel with two pets.
  • The carriers to carry the pet can be hard and soft sided with dimensions as 9” x 17.5” x 12” or 22 cm x 44 cm x 30 cm and 11” x 18” x 11” or 27 cm x 45 cm x 27 cm when its measured as Height x Length x Width respectively.
  • You need to purchase two seats separately on your flight if you want to travel with two pets.
  • The second seat that you choose should be next to your seat so that you can take care of both the pets.
  • There is a dedicated United Airlines Pet Fee with choosing to fly with pets.
  • You need to inform about any special needs if your pet wants, with providing the documents.
  • If your pet is very disturbing then avoid carrying it to your flight.
  • For more information you can call United Airlines customer support and get assistance.
  • You can make the booking for a pet through an online app or by calling the airline customer support.

United Airlines Pet in Cabin: Make Sure it Fits

You can carry United Airlines pet in cabin with you, making sure about the dimensions of the carrier. If there are no breed or weight restrictions the pet can travel in either hard or soft sided carrier. The carrier should be able to fit under the seat in front of the traveler else you won’t be able to fly with your pet. Only service animals can travel on planes without a carrier.

Hard-sided carrier

The maximum dimensions of such carriers are 9 inches x 17.5 inches x 12 inches in length, height and width respectively. Pet Carry on United Airlines should be of this dimension. In case of any queries you can call the airline and know about the exact dimensions.

Soft-sided carrier

Pet Carry on United Airlines should have the maximum dimensions as 11 inches x 18 inches x 11 inches in length, height and width respectively. To get more updated information you can call the airline customer service to know better.

Fur friend at the Airport

As per United Airlines pet policy, you should keep in mind these few things once your pet is at the airport.

Checking In

Check in at the ticket counter for your flight. You should have your own and pet confirmation number with you. You can get this through confirmation mail or in the My trips section. You will also get a special bag tag for your pet carrier. 

Pet Relief Areas

Several airports have places for taking care of the pet such as a pet -friendly washroom to let your pet get pooped or peed. You can make use of the maps to locate such places through the United Airline App feature. 

How Much Pennies Does it Cost to Travel Your Pet with United Airlines

United Airlines Pet Fee can vary depending on factors such as the route, destination, and size of the pet. United Airlines typically charges a pet travel fee for pets traveling in the cabin, and the fee may differ for domestic and international flights. United Airlines Pet Fee is around $125 for each layover of more than 4 hours for domestic flights and more than 24 hours for international flights. As per United Airlines pet policy don’t book pet tickets by using credit to pay this fee. It is crucial to note that the pet travel fee is separate from the pet carrier fee. Further, there can be limitations on the number of pets allowed on each flight, so it is better to contact the United Airlines reservations department or customer service to learn about the pet travel availability with pricing for specific itinerary.

United Airlines Pet Policy International Flights

For traveling your pet on international flights you need to take care of United Airlines pet fee which varies from domestic after completion of 24 hours. Also, the United Airlines Pet Policy International Flights says that you need to submit documents for your pet to the airline staff while booking and show them at the time of check in. These documents include a health certificate, breed type and name of the pet, or special assistance (if needed). While flying you should make sure that your pet doesn’t make any sort of disturbance and remain inside the carrier. Further, you need to keep in mind the dimensions of the pet carrier, the same as when traveling on domestic flights. If there is any restricted breed then you won’t be allowed to book. For more information on United Airlines pet travel policy you can contact the United Airlines customer service.

How Can You Book United Airlines Pet Travel Ticket

To book United Airlines pet travel ticket as per the United Airlines pet policy follow these steps:

  • Before booking, contact United Airlines reservations department or customer service to inquire about pet travel availability and to confirm that your pet meets the airline's requirements for travel.
  • Review United Airlines pet travel policy, including restrictions, fees, and required documentation. Ensure that your pet meets all requirements for travel, including health certificates and vaccinations.
  • Once you've confirmed that your pet can travel with United Airlines, book your flight. You can do this through the official website, mobile app, or by calling their reservations department. Inform the agent that you'll be traveling with a pet and inquire about pet travel availability for your chosen flight.
  • During the booking process, you'll need to provide information about your pet, including its species, breed, size, and age. This information will help United Airlines ensure that your pet meets the requirements of United Airlines pet policy.
  • United Airlines typically offers options for pet travel, including in-cabin travel for small pets and cargo travel for larger pets. Choose the appropriate option based on your pet's size and travel needs.
  • United Airlines pet fee may vary depending on factors such as the route and destination. Be prepared to pay this fee at the time of booking.
  • After booking, review your confirmation details to ensure that your pet's travel arrangements are accurate. Verify the travel dates, flight numbers, and any special instructions or requirements for traveling with your pet.
  • Before travel, ensure that you have all required documentation for your pet, including health certificates, vaccination records, and any other documents required by United Airlines or the destination country.
  • Make sure that you have the carrier in the size restriction so that it can fit as a United Airlines Pet in the Cabin in front of you.
  • On the day of travel, arrive at the airport well in advance of your flight's departure time. Follow United Airlines pet policy instructions for checking in with your pet and ensure that all required documentation is provided.

FAQs About United Airlines Pet Policy

Q1. Can my dog sit on my lap during a flight?

United Airlines does not allow pets to sit on the traveler’s lap during flights. United Airlines Pet in Cabin can travel inside the carrier of size limit and placed under the seat in front of the passenger during the entire flight.

Q2. How strict is United with pet carrier size?

United Airlines pet in cabin have specific requirements for pet carriers which includes the precise dimensions. For one pet there should be one carrier. Pet carriers must fit under the seat in front of the passenger and meet size limitations, typically around 17 inches long x 12 inches wide x 8 inches high. It's essential to ensure that the pet carrier complies with United Airlines' guidelines to avoid any issues during travel.

Q3. Can I buy my dog a seat on a plane?

United Airlines allow travelers to purchase a separate seat for their pets if these are two in number. However, the seat should be adjacent to the pet. Pets must travel in an approved pet carrier and remain under the seat in front of the passenger for the duration of the flight.

Q4. Does United Airlines allow pets?

United Airlines Pet in Cabin should be carried in a pet carrier which needs to be kept under your seat in front of the traveler. Pets must be small enough to fit comfortably in an approved pet carrier and must meet other eligibility criteria outlined by United Airlines pet policy.

Q5. Does United require a pet health certificate?

United Airlines generally needs passengers traveling with pets to provide a valid health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian. The health certificate needs to be issued within a specific time frame before the departure date and must certify that the pet is in good health and fit to travel.

Q6. How do I add a pet to my United flight?

You must contact United Airlines reservations department or customer service to add a pet to your United Airlines flight, inquire about pet travel availability and make a reservation for your pet. It's essential to book early, as there is usually a limit to the number of pets allowed on each flight. Additionally, you'll need to provide the necessary documentation, including a valid health certificate for your pet, and pay any applicable pet travel fees.