Grab Latest Deals On Frontier Airlines Flight Booking In 2024

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Looking to save a lot on your next Frontier Airlines flight? You are in the right place! This guide will share some tips to help you find the Frontier Airlines deals. Whether you are planning a vacation, a business trip, or just getting together with friends, knowing the best deal to book your Frontier Airlines tickets can save you a lot.

Flying is fun, but sometimes the cost of airfare can be heavy on your budget. If you book flight with Frontier Airlines, there are tricks you can use to find great deals and save money. In this blog we will reveal the best ways to save and fly on budget with Frontier Airlines.

Frontier Airlines Deals

Book Frontier Airline Flight With Deals in 2024

Frontier Airlines is a budget-friendly airline based in Denver, Colorado, USA, and it mainly operates within the United States. It's part of Indigo Partners, LLC and flies to 77 destinations across the country, with its main hub at Denver International Airport. The airline has a fleet of 57 modern aircraft. All the planes have comfy seating, in-flight services, and enough space for your legs. There's also in-flight entertainment for everyone, no matter which class you're in.

Booking flights with Frontier Airlines is easy. You can do it online for both domestic and international flights. You can get affordable tickets either from their official website or through different online travel agents. When you book online, you not only get good Frontier Airline Deals 2024 but also access important details like flight schedules and status.

How to book the best Frontier Flight Deals?

Travelling becomes more exciting if you smartly grab Frontier deals and save on flight tickets. This gives you the opportunity to explore more destinations and make the most of your vacations. You can follow the instructions below and get amazing offers.

Find Cheapest Days: Booking a Frontier Airlines flight on Tuesdays and Thursdays is considered the most economical, offering affordable deals to your preferred destinations. However, it's worth exploring other days as well to check for lower flight deals based on your destination.

Search in Incognito Window: You should use an incognito window when searching for flights because websites use cookies, leading to fluctuating prices with each visit. By searching for your Frontier flights in incognito mode, you can easily find budget-friendly options. This advice holds true whether you're using a travel website or the official airline's site

Book in Advance: One of the most effective ways to discover affordable flights on Frontier Airlines is to book your ticket at least 2 to 4 weeks before your planned travel date. Prices tend to go up every minute, so securing your Frontier Airlines flight ahead of time could result in saving approximately $20 for a round trip compared to booking closer to your departure dates.

Compare the Flight Prices: Before you book a flight, it's a good idea to compare prices. If you don't compare, it could end up being more expensive. You can check different travel websites and also the official Frontier Airlines website to find your flight. This way, you can compare prices and pick the most affordable flight deals.

Contact Frontier Airlines Reservations Department:

Another option is to contact Frontier Airlines customer service and inquire about available offers that match your travel budget. The reservations team will assist you in finding the most suitable deals and offers that align with your travel needs and budget simultaneously. You can connect with the Frontier Airlines reservations team using various communication methods to gather the best information on inexpensive flight bookings and other related inquiries.

What is the Frontier Miles Program?

Frontier Miles is recognized as the most rewarding loyalty program in the skies! Enhance your travel adventures by earning miles and points for each dollar you spend on Frontier. Join for free and enjoy the benefits of flying with Frontier, accessing exclusive Frontier Airline deals, and the chance to earn complimentary flights.

How to earn Frontier travel miles?

When you become a member of Frontier Miles, you accumulate Travel Miles and Elite Status Points. Simply by being a member, you earn 10 times the miles and points for every qualifying $1 spent on These miles can be used to get free flights, and the points help you achieve Elite Status.

  • Travel Miles

You get Travel Miles in different ways, like buying things on Frontier website, using your Frontier World Mastercard, earning miles with a Frontier travel partner, or purchasing miles.

You can use these Travel Miles to book free flights on Frontier. Unlike Elite Status Points, Miles do not help you become an Elite member. Your miles are yours forever, and they won't go away as long as you do something qualifying with your account each year.

  • Elite Status Points

You earn Elite Status Points by making qualifying purchases on or with your Frontier World Mastercard. The points cannot be used to get flights; they are just for keeping track of your progress toward Elite Status. Elite Status Points accumulate every year, giving you status for the current year and the next. 

For instance, if you earn 10,000 points in January 2024, you'll be an Elite Silver Status member from February 2024 through 2025. At the start of each new year, your Points balance goes back to zero, and you need to earn status again annually.

How to redeem Frontier miles?

You need to redeem the miles that you have collected for fly Frontier deals. Follow the steps to redeem Frontier Airlines miles:

  1. Sign In: Make sure to log in to your Frontier Miles account before finalizing your booking.
  2. Search Using "Miles": When reserving a flight, use the "miles" option (instead of dollars). This will also display the number of miles required for your chosen trip. Refer to our redemption levels below for more details.
  3. Choose Your Flight: If you have sufficient Miles for your flight(s), you can proceed with your booking.
  4. Conclude Your Booking: Complete your booking. Remember, if you hold Elite Status, you enjoy complimentary seat assignment and no change/cancel fees! (within 7 days of departure)

What does Discount Den mean on Frontier?

Always on the lookout for the best Frontier flight deals? Become a member of Discount Den. As a member of Discount Den, you will enjoy special offers, the option to book discounted fares, and even buy-one-get-one-free tickets for kids on select flights. Below are the features of Frontier Discount Den program

  1. Fares for Discount Den members can frequently be $30 less each way compared to regular fares.
  2. The annual membership fee is $59.99 for a full year of savings. New members pay $99.99 in their first year, which includes a $40 enrollment fee (applies to returning members who had previously canceled their membership).
  3. Be the first to receive updates on new offers, promotions, and exciting new destinations.
  4. On qualifying Kids Fly Free flights, one child under the age of 15 can travel at no cost for each adult DISCOUNT DEN fare that is purchased
  5. These fares are available for up to 9 people on your reservation, as long as you are on the same reservation with the other passengers.
  6. As a member, you will earn Frontier Miles for each flight.

What is the benefit of Discount Den on Frontier?

If you become a Discount Den member, you get special access to Frontier deals at absolute lowest fares, guaranteed. These savings are available throughout the entire year, and the more you fly, the more you save. Explore the other benefits below:

  1. Lowest Fares Guaranteed: Enjoy exclusive access to the lowest fares.
  2. Kids Fly Free: Take advantage of Kids Fly Free on specific dates and flights.
  3. Exclusive Deals: Access our lowest fares and exclusive promotions.
  4. Share the Savings: Reserve DISCOUNT DEN fares for up to 9 people.

What is the work bundle on Frontier?

When you buy a bundle, all passengers on your booking, for both directions, will get the benefits! Remember, bundles are meant for round-trip bookings. Frontier provides two bundle options: the Works and the Perks. 

  1. The Works can only be accessed while booking on and comes with a carry-on bag, a checked bag, seat selection, flight flexibility, priority boarding, and an attractive 100 percent refundability feature. 
  2. The Perks can be purchased at any time through the website and includes a carry-on bag, a checked bag, seat selection (excluding Stretch seats), and priority boarding.

Advantages of Frontier Work and Bundle:

  1. Carry on bag: Bring it with you! Both the Works and the Perks bundles include one carry-on bag per passenger for each leg of the journey in your booking!
  2. Checked bag: Need more luggage space? Both the Works and the Perks bundles include one checked bag per passenger for each leg of your journey in the booking.
  3. Seat Selection: Pick your seat! With both the Works and the Perks bundles, every passenger on the booking can reserve seats.
  4. Board first: Be one of the first to board! When you choose the Works bundles, all passengers will experience Zone 1 boarding. Not available for separate purchase
  5. Flight Flexibility: Change of plans? No problem! With the Works bundle, you can modify your flight without paying change fees.
  6. 100% Refundability: Unexpected situations occur - enjoy the flexibility to get a complete refund on your flight! With the Works bundle, you can refund your booking without cancellation fees.

Tips to save money on Frontier flights:

Passengers can avail the deal that suits them the best. You can get the best Frontier Airlines Deals 2024 when reserving your tickets. Read these extra tis and tricks:

  1. Plan in Advance: Booking days before your trip can help you save our money. Last minute tickets often cost more.
  2. Join the Discount Den: Frontier Airlines provides a membership program known as the "Discount Den," granting exclusive access to reduced fares and special deals.
  3. Pack Light: Choose carry-on bags instead of checked luggage to avoid additional charges.
  4. Book Round Trips: Sometimes, booking round-trip flights can be more economical than purchasing one-way tickets.
  5. Follow Frontier on Social Media: Airlines frequently announce flash sales and promotions on their social media profiles, so make sure to stay connected with Frontier Airlines for the latest updates.


In conclusion, find the cheapest Frontier Airlines Deals, do some research and stay flexible. Plan ahead, consider flying midweek or taking red-eye flights for better deals. Use Frontier's tools like the fare calendar and watch for special promotions. Following these tips will help you save money and enjoy affordable travel.