Rules And Process To Change Name on Frontier Airlines Ticket

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If you would like to change the name on the ticket of frontier airlines then, you have to pay a $75 fee which is non-refundable. Kindly go through the complete process and in detailed charges in name change.

Being a low-cost carrier it is the best choice among all the travelers in the United States. It offers domestic flights to different destinations within the US and internationally. Frontier Airlines offers travelers to make name changes to their tickets, which is subject to certain fees and conditions. Let’s hit all the information regarding Frontier Airlines name change procedure and fees. 

Frontier Airlines Name Change Policy

Frontier airlines name change

Here are the major highlights of Frontier Airlines name change policy:

  • Make sure the ticket purchased or intended to use should have the traveler’s name accurately.
  • The frontier ticket can be only used by the traveler whose name is mentioned on the ticket.
  • You can change the name before traveling as long as you are not transferring your ticket to someone else and make the correction or change it before traveling.
  • In case you are not changing your itinerary, you will be charged a name change fee of 75 USD along with the difference between the fares of the original and changed booking.
  • If someone else is present at the check-in and not the ticket holder it will be rendered void, canceled or confiscated.
  • You can cancel and refund any ticket within 24 hours of purchase if the date of travel is 7 or more days later.
  • After crossing the period of 24 hours, all the tickets, charges, and services and non-refundable other than the ones purchased as refundable tickets.
  • You can make the name changes at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • For domestic flights, Frontier Airlines name change fee is $75 whereas on international flights it is $150.
  • For some tickets, Frontier change name is not permitted, such as non-refundable tickets or tickets with a discount.
  • If you change the name due to legal changes, you can do so without paying Frontier Airlines name change fee and providing supporting documents.
  • To get more information on Frontier Airlines name change policy, contact the airline’s customer service at 1(844) 769-1366 for more information.

How to Change the Name on a Frontier Ticket?

There are various ways to follow Frontier Airlines name change. Here are various ways to do this.

Online through Website

Frontier Airlines name change on tickets can be done through the following steps.

  • Go to the Frontier Airlines website and log in to your account
  • Click on the "My Trips" tab.
  • Select the reservation you want to change.
  • Click on the "Change Name" button.
  • Enter the new name and click on the "Continue" button.
  • Review the changes and click on the "Confirm" button.
  • Pay the additional Frontier Airlines change name fee.
  • Review the changes and get confirmation by email.

Contact Customer Service

  • To change the name on Frontier you will have to contact the airline by phone at +1(844) 769-1366 if you are unable to access it through the website. You can also contact the airline through live chat. Once a representative of the airline connects with you, provide them with the confirmation number and other relevant information about your reservation. Now provide the correct name as per government-issued ID as per the guidelines of Frontier Airlines name change policy.
  • You will be charged a Frontier Airlines name change fee to correct or change the name on the ticket, so it is important to check all the guidelines of Frontier Airlines change name policy. In case of changing the typos or spelling errors, the fee can be waived.
  • Once it is done you can proceed with an updated itinerary with the correct name. Review the changes done and ensure that the Frontier Airlines change name on the ticket is as per your saying.

How to Change the Last Name on Frontier Airlines?

In case you want to make the last name change on your reservation with Frontier, the are a few steps that you need to take care of.

  • Call on Frontier Airlines customer service number and inform them about the last name change. You will have to provide some ID proof to confirm the correct last name spelling and identity.
  • In case you got recently married or legally changed your name, bring documentation of that too. After your ID confirmation, the agent will make the necessary changes to your ticket. There will be a Frontier Airlines change name fee of $75 to it.
  • You can easily change your last name and get confirmation by mail.

Frontier Name Change Due to Marriage

  • In case you change your name due to reasons like marriage or divorce after booking the ticket, you can update it on the ticket after you get it confirmed through a government-issued ID.
  • It is a must to present the legal documents in support of it, such as a certificate of marriage, court order or divorce decree. For Frontier Airlines change name on ticket you need to pay a fee for it.
  • The fee can be waived if you can present the old and new government-issued ID as proof and your marriage certificate. 

FAQs About Name Change Rules On Frontier Airlines Ticket

Q1. Can you change passenger names on Frontier Airlines?

You can change the passenger name on the ticket anytime but not at the time of boarding. Read the airline’s name change policy and get the name changed online, or by calling customer service 1(844) 769-1366 . There is a certain Frontier Airlines name change fee that you need to pay. 

Q2. What are the conditions for making a name change on a Frontier Airlines ticket?

Frontier Airlines change name can be done only when the ticket is unused and the request has been made within the timeframe before the departure. Travelers need to provide a Government-issued ID proof to show their authenticity.

Q3. Are there any exceptions to the name change policy, such as misspellings or errors?

In a few cases such as misspellings or errors in the ticket, Frontier Airlines can waive Frontier Airlines name change fee. The travelers can call the support team of the airline and get to know about everything in detail. 

Q4. Can I transfer my Frontier Airlines ticket to another person?

You can transfer the ticket to another person. However, the original traveler’s name will be replaced with the new one and the ticket will be non-transferable later. For more details, you can contact the airline’s representative on call.

Q5. Are there any restrictions on the type of tickets eligible for name changes?

There are some restricted or promotional fare types that charge additional fees or limitations with the change of name. Travelers should review important terms and conditions to get the name change on the ticket. 

Q6. How far in advance do I need to request a name change on my Frontier Airlines ticket?

Frontier needs name change requests to be made within the timeframe prior to the departure. It is advisable to check all the details with the airline before you make any changes. 

Q7. What should I do if I've already used a portion of my ticket and need to change the name for the remaining segments?

If you have started traveling on the ticket or used a portion of your ticket, you cannot get the name change done. It is better that you contact the airline before you make any further decision to get the name change done. Also, read the policy of Frontier name change on the website to know everything about it.