JetBlue Airlines Name Change Policy And Fees In 2024

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Is there any typo in your name on the booked ticket? Are you looking to change the spelling of your name? If you are searching for any of such answers then you are at the right place. Here we will discuss everything related to the JetBlue name change or correction requirements and request. This is because the JetBlue has separate policies for both.

JetBlue Name Correction Policy 

jetblue airlines name change

Here are all the necessary criteria needed for a JetBlue name correction.

  • The validating carrier should be JetBlue (B6/279).
  • The flights booked or ticket issues should be operated by JetBlue.
  • A traveler can reissue the ticket once for a name correction.
  • Further name corrections will be considered a name change and subject to all change fees and increased fares.
  • A traveler cannot change flights, fare classes, travel dates, or fare basis codes.
  • Minor name corrections are allowed but should be matched with the government-issued ID or passport.
  • A traveler cannot get the gender or date of birth changed with the name correction. If there is a name correction with DOB it is considered as a name change and subject to JetBlue Name Change Policy.
  • Due to booking errors, minor changes are allowed to the date of birth, only if there is no name change.
  • One correction is allowed per traveler if there are further changes it is subjected to JetBlue Name Change Policy.

Here are the following requirements needed for a JetBlue Name Change. 

  • The validating carrier should be JetBlue (B6/279).

  • The flights in the ticket should be operated by JetBlue or OA Interline JetBlue Partner. 

Follow the following instructions to proceed with the JetBlue change name process. This makes the ticket transferable. 

  • Cancel the segments in the current PNR.
  • Leave the ticket open.
  • Book a new PNR for the new traveler and secure a current selling fare.
  • Use the open ticket and initiate the voluntary exchange or reissue of that ticket.
  • Pay any applicable change fee and any fare difference at the time of reissue of the ticket. 

For such a transaction, a waiver code is not needed if the fees and increase in fare have been paid. 

How to request a name change on a JetBlue ticket?

To initiate a name change, travelers can simply contact the customer service of JetBlue, and access the website, live chat, social media and mobile app. As per JetBlue name change policy, it asks for the identity of the traveler and the reason for changing the name. Here are the following steps to do so.

JetBlue Change Name Online

  • To get JetBlue change name on the ticket, go to the website
  • Click on Manage Your Trip.
  • Enter the confirmation code or ticket number and the last name.
  • Click on the Change button next to the name you wish to change.
  • Fill in the new name and click on the Continue button.
  • Review the changes and click on the Confirm button to finish the process

JetBlue Change Name Over the phone

  • Make a call to JetBlue customer service at 1-800-JETBLUE ((844) 769-1366).
  • Tell the customer service representative the confirmation code or ticket number with the last name.
  • The representative at JetBlue will help you with JetBlue
  • A JetBlue representative will assist you with changing your name.

JetBlue Name Change Live Chat

You can chat the customer care and get the name change as per JetBlue name change policy. Go to the website and reach the Contact Us button. From there you can open the Live Chat option. Once the dialogue box appears, you can request a name change there and provide all the necessary details. Confirm the changes and get it by email.

JetBlue Name Change Via Mobile App

You can also change the name through the app. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Just open the app and sign in.
  • Choose the JetBlue Manage Booking option.
  • Provide the reservation details such as name and ticket number etc.
  • Pick from there, the Correction or Change option as per your choice.
  • Choose the name change option.
  • Make the changes or corrections as per the guidelines.
  • Review the changes and confirm.
  • Get the confirmation by email.

JetBlue Name Change Via Social Media

A traveler can also get the name change done through social media. You can open the social media pages by visiting the official website and choosing the icons based on the preferred platform you want to work on. DM the airline about JetBlue change name request and get assistance from the airline after providing all the necessary details of travel.

JetBlue Name Change Fee

The fee for JetBlue name change depends upon the type of changes and the difference between the old and new tickets. It is better to know the JetBlue change fee with the customer representative on call. They will assist you with the name change process. 

FAQs About Name Change Policy Of jetBlue Airlines

Q1. Can you change the passenger name on JetBlue?

Yes, you can change the name on JetBlue online through the website and over call. Keep the confirmation code and other details ready. 

Q2. Can I change the name on my JetBlue reservation multiple times?

Multiple name changes are not allowed with JetBlue in general. However, if some circumstances need to change then you will have to tell the airline and this may require an additional JetBlue name change fee.

Q3. What if I made a mistake when entering the passenger's name?

In case you made any mistake when entering the name of the traveler during the booking, it is important to contact the airline as soon as possible to get it correct. Based on circumstances, there might be necessary changes needed for the same. 

Q4. Does JetBlue allow name changes for all types of tickets?

JetBlue name change policy varies based on the ticket type purchased. Some tickets cannot be transferred, whereas others allow name changes with a certain JetBlue name change fee. 

Q5. What happens if I change my name legally after booking my JetBlue ticket?

If you change your name after booking the ticket, you would need to call JetBlue customer service to update the reservation with a new name and submit the essential documents for it.

Q6. Are there any exceptions to JetBlue's name change policy?

Better that you contact customer service for JetBlue change name, as there are certain exceptions to it. These include military deployment or medical emergencies. Also, read the guidelines for the JetBlue name change.

Q7. Can I transfer my JetBlue ticket to another person's name?

The tickets are non-transferable, which means that the ticket cannot be transferred to any other person or traveler. However, in some cases, such as emergencies or unavoidable circumstances, JetBlue allows the transfer of tickets with appropriate documents and a JetBlue name change fee. It's recommended to contact JetBlue directly to inquire about the possibility and process of transferring a ticket to another person's name.

Q8. What is JetBlue's policy for name changes on group bookings?

JetBlue name change policy about group booking differs from the individual bookings. There are specific terms and conditions regarding the name change of group bookings. It is recommended to know the airline’s group booking name change policy and then proceed further.