How do I change the name on my Spirit Airlines Flight Ticket?

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So you have booked the ticket with the wrong spelling? Or you have booked in the name of another passenger. No worries. Spirit Airlines can help you make the changes. Here is everything about Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy. Airlines understand the pain of changing the name and therefore have a flexible way to do so. 

Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

Spirit airlines name change

Spirit Airlines name change policy offers their travelers the ease of changing name spelling or correcting them. Here are a few key points that can help you make the changes to your booked flight

  • Name Correction: Slight name changes or corrections to the name including spelling errors, or Minor corrections to the name, such as typos or spelling errors can be done with no additional Spirit Airlines name change fee.
  • Major Name Changes: To make a significant Spirit name change such as a full name change or change in the last name, there is a Spirit Airlines name change fee of $100. 
  • Documentation Required: To process Spirit Airlines' name change, the airline needs travelers to offer support documents to it. This might include a marriage certificate (if any), government-issued ID, divorce decree, or any other legal documents that justify the name change. 
  • Timeframe for Changes: The travelers should proceed with Spirit name changes within at least 24 hours before the departure of the booking. 
  • Exceptions: A traveler can make changes within a 24 hour period of grace or at least 60 days before the departure for free as the traveler can cancel their ticket and reebok with the correct name without paying any Spirit Airlines name change fee. This goes for every type of ticket.

Spirit Airlines Name Change Types

Here are various types of name changes under Spirit Airlines name change policy. 

  • Misspellings: If there are minor corrections such as spelling errors or any typos, a traveler can get it changed for free. For example, Spirit Airlines name change on ticket which involves Jon to John needs no additional charges. 
  • Legal Name Changes: In case there is Spirit name change due to marriage, adoption, divorce etc. a traveler can apply for the name change by submitting legal documents such as a license of the marriage, divorce decree, legal name change document, court order, etc. For legal name changes, there is a certain Spirit Airlines name change fee as the traveler might need to get it reissued under their correct name. 
  • Passenger Information Changes: A traveler can also make changes to the information such as contact information, date of birth, gender, redress number, and passport information. 

Spirit Airlines Name Change Fee

There is a dedicated Spirit Airlines Name Change Fee for every passenger who wants to change their name on the flight reservation. This fee varies as per fares bought and the time of the change. 

For Normal Fares

  • The name change fee is $100 if changes are made more than 24 hours before the flight departure. 

  • Spirit Airlines Name Change fee is $150 if a traveler makes changes within 24 hours of the flight. 

For Discounted Fares

  • For flight name changes made more than 24 hours before the scheduled flight fee is $150.

  • If changes are made within 24 hours of the flight Spirit Airlines Name Change Fee is $200

  • There are $25 charges for the processing of the name change. 


  • Note that the name changes are not allowed for certain types of tickets, namely, award tickets, or group bookings

  • Further, no name changes are allowed if the flight departs. 

You can get Spirit Airlines change name changed through the website, or app or by reaching the customer service department at the contact number given on the website.

How Can I Change My Name on Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines allows name changes to its passengers on the booking made. Here are all the methods to do so:


  • You can change the name of the airline by reaching out on the website.
  • Travelers can log in to their account.
  • Choose the My Trips option.
  • Enter the booking ID and last name.
  • Tap on the Change Name link next to the booking a traveler wishes to change.
  • Traveler should provide a new name, along with government-issued ID to verify their Identity. 

By Phone

A traveler can call the airline’s representative to get a name change on the booked ticket. 

Make a call to Spirit Airlines customer service at 1-801-401-2222/ +1(844) 769-1366. The customer service representative assists you with the name change process and will need the same information as needed for the name change. 

At the airport 

If you are already at the airport, you can change your name at the ticket counter of Spirit Airlines. Travelers will need to present their new name, as well as a government-issued ID to verify their identity.


A traveler can get the email ID to get a name change request online. Open the website of the airline and reach the Contact Us section. Scroll through the page and find the email ID. Mail the request of Spirit Airlines change name and get the response soon. 

FAQs About name change rules on spirit airlines ticket

Q1. What are the conditions for changing the name on a Spirit Airlines ticket?

The foremost condition for Spirit name change is that the ticket should be completely unused and unflown. Further, name changes are usually permitted only for a certain Spirit Airlines name change fee and within a specified timeframe before the scheduled departure. 

Q2. How far in advance do I need to request a name change on my Spirit Airlines ticket?

Usually, Spirit Airlines needs name change requests to get it done at least 7 days before the departure. It is better to check the specific guidelines of Spirit Airlines name change policy as it is subject to change. 

Q3. Are there any restrictions on the type of tickets eligible for name changes?

Name changes are allowed on most types of tickets, which include both non-refundable and refundable fares. Yet, certain promotional or restricted types of fares may have specific limitations or fees related to the name change process.

Q4. Can you change the passenger name on Spirit Airlines?

If there is a legal change in the name, since a traveler joined the program and it needs to be updated, the airline can help in that case. To change the name a traveler should submit the supporting documents which are legal for the name change such as a copy of the marriage license, divorce decree, court order or legal name change document. A traveler should use the name as per government-issued ID or international travel document. 

Q5. Are there any documents required for a name change on a Spirit Airlines ticket?

A traveler should provide valid identification documents for both the new traveler and the original ticket holder. This ensures compliance with the regulations of security and prevents fraud name changes.

Q6. Can I make changes to my ticket, such as destination or travel dates, along with a name change?

In many cases, name changes are processed separately from other changes to the ticket. If the traveler needs to change other aspects of their itinerary, such as the travel destinations or travel dates. There can be additional fees for it.

Q7. What should I do if I've already used a portion of my ticket and need to change the name for the remaining segments?

In case a traveler has begun the travel or used a portion of the ticket, a name change cannot be done. Contact the airline directly to explore the available options or various alternatives in such scenarios.