Spirit Airlines Baggages sizes and weight limits for Personal Items, Carry-on and Checked Bags

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Being a low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines is the choice of many travelers. Not just fare but also the baggage policy. Spirit bag policy is straightforward to understand. However, if you have any queries regarding the baggage policy here is everything you need to know.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy: Important Things to Know

Under Spirit Airlines bag policy you can take carry-on and checked bags which are chargeable. This is because the airline wants to keep its price lower. However, a personal item which can fit in the smaller size box such as a small backpack, purse, etc is included in the ticket. Anything larger than the standard size and weight of a carry-on bag or checked bag needs a bag fee. 

Personal Item under Spirit Bag Policy

  1. Personal Items: These include a purse, small backpack, etc. 1 personal item is free for all travelers.
  2. Spirit Personal Bag Size: The dimensions cannot exceed 45 x 35 x 20 cm or 18 x 14 x 8 inches with handles and wheels.
  3. Personal Item Weight: There is no recommended bag weight but it should be lightweight to carry easily and fit under the seat. 
spirit airlines personal item size

Carry on Bag Under Spirit Bag Policy

  1. Spirit Carry On Bag: This includes your major belongings including clothes and other accessories.
  2. Spirit Carry On Bag Size: The size of the baggage is22 x 18 x 10 inches or 56 x 46 x 25 cm with handles and wheels. 

The airline might need to let carry-on bags travel as checked bags if they cannot be stowed on the flight. 

  1. Spirit Carry On Bag Fee: There might be fees included depending on the route, time of booking, and Spirit Fare Club membership. The bag should fit in the overhead bin. There are no carry-on bags allowed as free with Spirit.
spirit airlines Carry-on size

Checked Bag Under Spirit Bag Policy

  1. Spirit Checked Bag: Passengers can carry all the clothes, accessories and equipment under certain restrictions. 
  2. Spirit Checked Bag Weight: The maximum weight should not be more than 40 pounds or 18 kg for each bag. 
  3. Spirit Checked Bag Size: The size for the checked bag cannot be more than 62 linear inches or 157 cm in length, width and height.
  4. Spirit Checked Bag Fee: There is a varying fee for checked bags which depends upon the route, time of booking, and Spirit Fare Club membership. The passengers can purchase additional bags after paying extra fees for them.
spirit airlines Checked Bag size

Sports Equipment and Special Items

  1. You can carry sports items with you on the airline. Sports equipment and special items incur additional fees. The fees depend upon the item's weight, route and time of flying.
  2. Spirit Airlines gives you the liberty to carry your favorite sport with you. However, there are some of the items which you can carry. For example, bicycles, golf clubs, musical instruments, surfboards etc. 
  3. To carry sports items with you, make the booking in advance by paying for it. Also, follow the Spirit bag weight guidelines. Contact the airline’s customer representative if you have any queries in your mind. 

Overweight and Oversized Bags Fees

  1. The bags that are overweight and oversized include fees when traveling on the airline. 
  2. The baggage that exceeds weight and size limits is subject to excess fees of the baggage. 
  3. Make a pre-booking for the excess baggage to avoid high fees at the airport. 

41 – 50 lbs. (18 – 23 kg)


51 – 100 lbs. (23 - 45 kg)


63-80 linear inches (158-203 cm)


Special items over 80 linear inches (203 cm)


Spirit Fare Club Membership

Under Spirit Fare Club Programme you get discounts on the baggage fee under Spirit bag policy. 

If you are a frequent member and enjoy traveling with Spirit, there are various perks which include reduced fees, exclusive offers, flight savings and more.

Spirit Baggage Additional Tips

Consider the pre-booking method online to save lower fees than paying at the airport later on. Go through Spirit Airlines baggage policy for any of the restricted items. Be aware of potential fees for flight cancelations, Same Day changes, or excess bags to avoid any surprises further.

Spirit Baggage Rules

  1. A maximum quantity of five checked bags is allowed for each traveler on every flight.
  2. Under Spirit bag policy, an overweight bag is considered as a checked bag that exceeds 40 lb/18.1kg on a Bare Fare.
  3. Spirit bag weight should not exceed 99 lb/45kg, otherwise it is not accepted.
  4. Check the baggage 45 minutes before the scheduled departure on a domestic flight.
  5. For international flights, the baggage should be checked before 60 minutes of the scheduled departure. 
  6. Oversized and overweight baggage fees should be paid at the airport. 
  7. Some of the baggage fee waivers can be implemented at the counter—such as sports items, mobility devices, etc. 
  8. The baggage fees will include multiple fees for overweight and oversized bags. This states that if your Spirit checked bag weight is more than 40 lbs or 18.1 kgs and larger than 62 inches or 158 cm in length, width, and height, then both overweight bag fee and oversized bag fee are applicable. 
  9. An overweight bag is any checked baggage which has total dimensions from 158 to 203 cm or 63 to 80 inches. 
  10. The baggage fee for oversized bags is $100 for each bag. 
  11. Checked bags which exceed 203cm or 80in (length, width, and height) are not allowed
  12. Special items like sports equipment, musical instruments, etc. should also not exceed 203 or 80 inches in terms of length, width and height and will include an oversized baggage fee of $150 for each bag. 

Military Baggage Allowance Under Spirit Bag Policy

Spirit Airlines provides the ability to add additional bags for active duty military personnel, National Guard, and reservists on official orders. However, the baggage allowance varies on the factors such as fare types and routes. Military bags include personal items, checked bags and carry-on bags. 

Personal Item under Military Baggage Allowance 

  1. Active duty military personnel with their dependents can carry one personal item for free, with any other applicable baggage allowances. 
  2. The personal item should stick to Spirit Airlines’ size restrictions and be under the seat in front of the military traveler. 

Carry-On Bag under Military Baggage Allowance

  1. On the basis of fare types and specific circumstances, military personnel should also be allowed to carry one standard-sized carry-on bag with one personal item. 
  2. The weight and size of the carry-on bag must meet Spirit Airlines’ weight and size restrictions and fit in the overhead bin. 

Checked Baggage under Military Baggage Allowance

  1. Active military personnel on official orders traveling can be eligible for additional checked baggage allowances. 
  2. Spirit Airlines usually offers one or more free checked bags for personnel traveling on official orders within the specific size and weight limits. 

Military Baggage Allowance: Restrictions

To qualify for the military baggage allowance, military personnel should present identification proof or a travel order to check-in. 

Dependents traveling with military personnel can also be eligible for baggage benefits but they should check with Spirit Airlines for further requirements and allowances. 

Flexibility under Military Baggage Allowance

  1. Spirit Airlines proceeds to provide flexibility and support to military personnel and their families, by recognizing their service and the unique challenges that they may face during traveling. 
  2. The Military bags are given special care and priority to make sure a smooth experience for the personnel and their dependents. 

Military Baggage Allowance: Special Considerations

Spirit Airlines can offer additional assistance and accommodations to active military personnel, such as seat assignments, or pre-boarding privileges, upon request.

Active military personnel must contact the airline directly or review the website to get updated information on military baggage allowances or any other special considerations. 

How much does Spirit charge for bags?

Spirit Airlines charges fees for bags online based on certain factors like route, membership status and time of booking. Here are the guidelines for the same.

Spirit Carry On Bag Fee:

  • For standard sized carry on bags if paid online the fees is $35 to $65 each bag which depends on the factors such as the time of booking, route, and Spirit Fare Club membership status.
  • In case there is any issue you can contact spirit airlines customer support to know about further details.

Spirit Checked Bag Fee:

  • For standard checked baggage paid online the fees vary based on factors like route, time of traveling, and Spirit Fare Club membership status. The fees range from approximately $30 to $55 for each bag for the first checked bag. 
  • There are additional fees for checked bags which include higher fees, with prices ranging from around $40 to $70 for each bag which depends on the same factors. 

How Can I Add Carry on and Checked Baggage?

You can add checked and carry on baggage online and by reaching customer service. 

Here are the guidelines to do so:

Add Carry on and Checked bag online

  1. Spirit Airlines Website: Reach the Spirit Airlines website using a web browser. 
  2. Log In: Log in through your credentials to the Spirit Airlines account. If you book as a guest, you might need to use a confirmation code to retrieve the details. 
  3. Access Manage Booking: Move to the Manage Booking or My Trips option on the website.
  4. Find Your Reservation: Fill in your booking details or fetch your reservation details using the confirmation code and the last name. 
  5. Select Baggage Options: Choose the baggage option to add baggage to your reservation. There are separate options for checked and carry-on bags. 
  6. Choose Baggage Allowance: Choose the number of carry-on and checked bags to add to your booked flight. Be ready to review any fees related to adding the baggage. 
  7. Review and Confirm: Check the baggage options that you have selected along with any associated fees. Confirm the selections you have made and proceed further.
  8. Payment: Pay any added fees for the baggage, you will need to give the information to complete the payment. Spirit Airlines accepts all kinds of payments including debit and credit cards. 
  9. Confirmation: After the transaction is done, you get a confirmation mail with the updated details of your booked flight, including the added baggage allowance. 

Adding Baggage Through Spirit Customer Service

  1. Call Customer Service of the airline: Move to the official website and then Contact Us. Dial the Spirit Airlines customer service number.
  2. Provide Booking Information: Give your booking details to the customer service representative of the airline.
  3. Request Baggage Additions: You can now request to add the baggage which includes both carry-on and checked ones under Spirit bag policy. The representative will assist you in selecting the appropriate baggage allowance and provide information on any associated fees.
  4. Review and Confirm: Check the baggage options offered by the customer service agent. Confirm your selections and give the payment information if applicable. 
  5. Confirmation: After the transaction is done, the customer service agent will offer you the confirmation of the added allowance of bags. 

Through following these steps, you can easily add carry-on and checked bags to your flight. This ensures that your travel needs are met and you can carry necessary belongings with you.

FAQs About Spirit Airlines Baggage Allowance

Q1. Can I bring my pet carrier as a personal item on Spirit Airlines?

You cannot carry your pet as a personal item on the airline. However, you can carry in other ways which you can check under the pet policy of Spirit Airlines or by calling a representative online. 

Q2. How much does Spirit charge for oversized bags?

Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage fee for oversized bags which have more than 158 to 203cm of dimension including length, width, and height is 100 USD per bag. For special items, if the limit exceeds 203 cm or 80 inches in terms of combined dimensions then the oversized baggage fee is 150 per bag. 

Q3. How many bags can I bring on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines typically charges for both carry-on and checked bags. Passengers are generally allowed one personal item for free, with additional fees for standard-sized carry-on bags and checked bags. The number of bags allowed may vary depending on the fare type and any additional services purchased.

Q4. What are the size limits for carry-on bags on Spirit Airlines?

On Spirit Airlines personal items must be smaller and fit under the seat in front of you. However, Spirit carry on bag size must not exceed 56 x 46 x 25 cm or 22 x 18 x 10 inches with handles and wheels included. Contact the airline for any further details.

Q5. How much does Spirit Airlines charge for first checked bags?

Spirit checked bag fee for first checked bags ranges from $30 to $55 and these are higher for additional checked bags which depends upon the time, destinations and membership status of the travelers.

Q6. Can I pre-pay for checked bags online with Spirit Airlines?

Travelers can pay for checked bags online in advance through the website of Spirit Airlines. They can also access the Manage Booking option online for the same. Pre-booking bags are less costly when compared to the ones paid at the counter at the airport as per Spirit Airlines baggage policy. 

Q7. Can I bring a carry-on bag for free on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines has fees levied on standard carry-on bags, but travelers can bring one personal item for free. The fee depends on various factors like time of the booking, Spirit Fare Club membership, route and more. For more queries you can contact the airline through number or chat.