United Airlines Name Change On Flight Ticket And MileagePlus Account

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If you find that your name is misspelled on a United Airlines ticket, it can be a confusing situation for travelers. However, when flying with United Airlines, you have the advantage of their convenient policies. If you have made an error in entering your name during booking, you can use United Airlines name change policy to make necessary adjustments in your name even after booking.

United airlines name change policy

United Airlines Name Change Policy

Before requesting corrections for a wrong name or last name on United Airlines tickets, it's important to note that United Airlines only permits minor changes to names and does not allow complete name changes. Passengers must adhere to the following criteria for name corrections:

  • Name edits must match the details on the passenger's government-issued ID.
  • The flight must be operated by United Airlines.
  • Passengers are allowed only one reissue per ticket for name corrections on United Airlines tickets.
  • Minor corrections to date of birth are only permitted if errors were made during the reservation process.
  • Date of birth and name changes are subject to United Airlines' name change policy.
  • Requests to change date of birth and gender on the boarding pass are not allowed.
  • Additional changes beyond name corrections will be considered as name changes and will be subject to United's name change policy, potentially resulting in increased ticket prices.
  • Modifications to flight dates, times, classes, and base codes are not permitted under United's name change policy.
  • United Airlines allows one correction per reservation for name changes, with additional charges for further modifications.

How To Change The Name On A United Airlines Ticket?

United Airlines passengers have the option to change the name on their tickets, with slight variations in the process depending on whether it is done online or offline. Below is a guide for both methods.

Online: Change name using United Airlines official website:

Passengers have the option to request name corrections online by following these steps:

  • Visit the official United Airlines website.
  • Then go to the "My Trips" section.
  • Further, enter the passenger's last name along with the six-digit confirmation number and click on "Search" to access the reservation.
  • Now, find the "Name Correction" option within your reservation.
  • Select "Edit" to rectify any misspellings.
  • Confirm and submit the request for a name correction.
  • Lastly, you will receive a confirmation email with the corrected name.

Offline: Call United Airlines customer service for name change:

Follow these general steps to request a name change through United Airlines customer service:

  • Dial United Airlines customer service phone number to request a name change for your booking.
  • Share the required details, including your confirmation number, and the current name mentioned on the ticket.
  • Clearly explain the reason for the name change, whether it is due to a misspelling, a legal name change, or another valid reason.
  • Provide supporting documents such as a marriage certificate, driver's license, passport, or court order, depending on the type of name change needed.
  • After processing your request, the customer service representative will inform you of the outcome and any further steps required.

Documents Required for United Airlines Change Name on Ticket:

Passengers should have the following essential documents ready to support a name change request on United flight ticket:

  • A name modification application along with the original flight ticket.
  • A government-issued photo ID such as a driver's license or passport.
  • In cases of name corrections due to divorce or marriage, passengers must provide a divorce decree or marriage certificate.
  • The airline may require a court order to verify requests for legal name changes.
  • Additional documentation may be necessary for minor name alterations.

Type of United Airlines name changes:

United Airlines requires that the name on your flight ticket and boarding pass matches the name on your government-issued ID precisely. This is essential to ensure accuracy and security when traveling. If there is a discrepancy in the name on your ticket, the airline may deny you boarding. It's important to request a name change promptly upon discovering any errors. United allows passengers to change the name on their booked flight ticket, with different options for minor and major corrections:

Minor Name Correction:

  • Passengers can correct spelling errors in the first or last name.
  • They can adjust titles, prefixes, inverted first and last names, or add/remove middle names.
  • Simple name modifications can be made through the MileagePlus account profile or United Airlines customer service.

Major Name Change:

  • For significant name changes due to marriage, divorce, or adoption, passengers must provide legal documentation such as a marriage license, divorce decree, or court order.
  • A government-issued ID reflecting both the former and current names is required.
  • If unable to provide the necessary documents, passengers can submit a Name Affidavit along with a copy of a government-approved ID.
  • The valid document should be uploaded to the MileagePlus account or mailed.
  • Processing a major name change by United Airlines may take up to two weeks.

In some instances, passengers may need to provide legal documentation for minor name modifications, including nicknames, military titles, misspelled names, and variations.

How to make changes on Unitеd Airlines MilеagеPlus Account?

You can update your name, gender, or date of birth, you can easily do so by accessing your account. Navigate to the "Profile" section, then select "About me", and click on "Edit personal information". After making the necessary changes, you will be required to provide supporting documentation. Upload a copy of one of the following legal documents as proof:

  • Divorce decree
  • Marriage license
  • Legal name change document
  • Government-issued IDs displaying both your old and new information.

If you don't have these documents available, you can instead submit a notarized change name affidavit form.

Can a United ticket be transferred to another person?

United Airlines does not permit name transfers for various reasons. According to United Airlines' ticket change policy, passengers are only allowed to modify the itinerary or add or remove a passenger from the booking. However, transferring a passenger's booking to another individual is not permitted. The airline prohibits the use of tickets for personal gain or similar purposes, which is why transferring bookings to someone else is not allowed.

FAQs About United Airlines Name Change Rules

Q1. What if my name is spelled wrong on a United plane ticket?

United Airlines permits passengers to rectify minor errors in their names, such as misspellings, without any extra cost. However, significant name alterations, such as changing the entire name or correcting names due to marriage or legal reasons, may result in a fee.

Q2. Can I change my name after booking a United flight?

Most airlines offer the option to change the name on flight tickets, subject to an administration fee. While some airlines may permit name changes for correcting spelling mistakes, they generally do not allow the transfer of flights to another individual.

Q3. What happens if you forgot to put your middle name on a United Airlines ticket?

If you forgot to add your middle name to your airline ticket, there's no need for concern. As long as the first and last names on your boarding pass correspond to those on your government-issued ID, you should be eligible to board your flight. This is because your Secure Flight passenger information will be consistent with the details on your ticket.

Q4. Can I change my United ticket to someone else?

No, United Airlines does not allow ticket transfers to another individual. However, United Airlines does have a 24-hour full-refund policy. Therefore, if you require changes to your flight within 24 hours, you can simply cancel it and make a new booking.

Q5. Do United Airlines charge to change passenger names?

The fee for changing a name with United Airlines varies depending on certain factors. If you request the change within 24 hours of booking, the fee is $75. For changes made after 24 hours but up to 2 hours before departure, the fee increases to $200.