Spirit Airlines Pet Policy And Fees in 2024

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It is a big pain to leave your animal when you are traveling on a flight. How will the pet survive? What will the pet do alone? Who will take care of your pet? Such questions rush your mind when you are going to plan a domestic or international flight. However, Spirit Airlines knows the pain and understands what to do.

Spirit Airlines is the best carrier to travel on low cost, baggage allowance and even when you have to carry your pet. The airline understands that your pet is important to you, so it has the best services for you in terms of pet traveling. If you have any queries regarding Spirit Airlines pet policy read below to know everything about it.

Spirit airlines pet Policy

Spirit Pet Policy: Soar With Your Pet

Spirit Airlines pet policy is made for all pet lovers to travel safely with their pets. It allows you to take your pet on domestic and international flights. Here are a few guidelines before you travel with the pet:

  1. Spirit Airlines allows only domestic dogs, small household birds, domestic cats, and small domestic rabbits on the plane.
  2. Travelers don’t need to carry health certificates for their pets in the cabin of aircraft, except for travelers flying to USVI. 
  3. Travelers don’t need to carry rabies vaccination certificates for pets who are traveling with them in the cabin of aircraft, except for travelers flying to Puerto Rico.
  4. Birds who are flying on Spirit Airlines cannot be carried to and from the cities in Puerto Rico or USVI. 
  5. The pets which are exotic such as spiders, snakes, rodents, etc. cannot fly on Spirit Airlines. 
  6. A traveler can carry 2 pets in one container, however, one traveler can carry one container on the aircraft.
  7. Animals should be able to stand upright and turn around easily in the container where it is kept.
  8. Throughout the flight duration, animals should remain in the container. 
  9. Travelers carrying the pets should be weaned and not more than 8 weeks. 
  10. The animal should be harmless, odorless, inoffensive and need no attention throughout the flight. 
  11. In case the animal becomes offensive or creates a nuisance around other travelers on the flight before leaving the gate it will be removed. 
  12. The pet cannot be ill, distressed or violent.
  13. It is recommended to provide an advance notice but not required mandatorily. 
  14. You should choose to sit anywhere you want except for the first row and exit row which is used during emergencies. 
  15. The weight of the pet and carrier altogether should not go beyond 40 pounds or 18.4 kgs. 
  16. There is a certain Spirit Airlines pet policy cost which you need to pay as the traveler in the aircraft.

Pet Carrier Under Spirit Airlines Pet Policy 

To carry the pet on Spirit Airlines with you, it is advisable to carry a container with you as a traveler: Here is everything you need to follow.

  1. The animal should be kept in a container which is subjected to inspection and approved by Spirit Airlines. 
  2. Spirit Airlines allows pets in one plus one carry-on baggage
  3. The size of the container should not exceed the limit of 18 x 14 x 9 inches or 45.72 x 35.56 x 22.86 cm combining length, width and height. 
  4. The container must be able to fit beneath the seat in front of the traveler, traveling with the pet. 
  5. The total weight of the pet and carrier should not go beyond 40 pounds or 18.14 kg.
  6. The pet should remain in the carrier during the whole journey and be able to stand upright and move around comfortably in the container. 
  7. You can only carry soft containers in the cabin with you, but not the type that lets the pet’s head be exposed outside. 
  8. The container should comply with all the government requirements to allow easy and safe transportation.

How do I Add a Pet to My Spirit Flight?

If you are looking to book a pet-friendly booking. Use Spirit Airlines customer service number at 855-728-3555 or 1(844) 769-1366 to get assistance. Through this way, you can add pets to your reservation without any hassle. 

Also, travelers can add their pet to Spirit Airlines flights online. Here are the below guidelines on how to book a reservation online with pets:

  1. Go to the website of Spirit Airlines 
  2. Enter the travel details such as destination and dates. 
  3. Choose that you are traveling with a pet.
  4. For service animals, you will have to pick the service animal option. 
  5. Download the form for service animal air transportation.
  6. Enter all the information and submit the form.
  7. You need to complete two forms if you are traveling with a pet or service animal. 
  8. Complete the forms.
  9. Submit the forms after filling them out to the Spirit Airlines support team.
  10. Complete the reservation after entering all the details.
  11. Click to continue the reservation.
  12. Pay the Spirit Airlines pet fee.
  13. When the request is approved, you will receive a confirmation mail from Spirit Airlines.
  14. Collect the submission receipts and keep them with you to show them during the travel.

How do I Talk to Someone at Spirit Airlines through Call to book for my pet? 

There is another easy way to book your ticket with a pet on Spirit Airlines. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Dial Spirit Phone number +1(844) 769-1366 to reach Spirit Airlines.
  2. Follow the IVR instructions to talk to an agent online about pet reservations.
  3. Hold on for a while till you get connected. 
  4. Once connected, tell the airline’s customer representative about pet reservations. 
  5. Ask the airline representative to add a pet to your booking.
  6. Provide them with your travel details such as name, destination of departure and arrival, dates of travel and more. 
  7. Make the payment once Spirit Airlines has booked for you.
  8. Receive confirmation through mail.

Please Note:

  1. It is very important to read the instructions carefully before you take it to traveling. You can also contact the airline customer service representative to know everything in a better way. 
  2. Avoid giving any sedatives to your pet to avoid unavoidable or surprising reactions of your pet.

What is Spirit Airlines Pet Fees Under Spirit Pet Policy 

While you travel with pets on Spirit, there is a certain Spirit pet fee. You need to pay a fee to get a booking done. There is a minimum fee of $125 which is one way in each direction while a round trip is $100. The fare is different based on the destinations, time of travel and more. Keep in mind all the guidelines for traveling with pets before you book your ticket. Further, if there is any issue you can contact the airline to know more in detail. 

FAQs About Spirit Airlines Pet Fly Rules

Q1. Is there any Spirit Airlines dog policy?

No, there is an umbrella Spirit Airlines pet policy, wherein you can carry dogs, cats, birds and rabbits with you in the container. There are specific guidelines that you should follow while carrying your pet. Contact the airline to know everything about carrying your fur friend.

Q2. Do I need to make a reservation for my pet to travel on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, travelers flying with pets online are generally required to make a booking for pets in advance. There may be limited pets on each flight, so it is important to book a spot for your furry friend before time.

Q3. Can I book a seat for my pet on the aircraft?

Yer, you can book any seat for your pet except for the first row and exit row on the plane. For further details about carrying pets, you should visit the website or contact the airline.

Q4. Do I need to carry any documents for my pet on the flight?

Yes, it is advisable to carry the health certificate of your pet. If it is a dog there should be rabies certificates. To avoid any further issues keep the documents with you and show it to the counter while checking in.

Q5. What are the size and weight restrictions for pets traveling in the cabin on Spirit Airlines?

Pets traveling with the travelers in the cabin must be able to fit in the container size so that they should be able to stand and turn around without any stress. The container can be kept beneath the cabin. The maximum dimensions and weight of the container vary as per the pet. Read the instructions carefully or contact Spirit Airlines before booking.

Q6. Can pets travel as cargo on Spirit Airlines?

The travelers cannot carry their pets as cargo in the aircraft. However, travelers can carry them in containers under certain guidelines. Read the instructions before flying. Further, contact Spirit Airlines customer service https://airlinesrule.com/spirit-airlines/customer-support.php to know more about the pet policy.

Q7. Does Spirit Airlines allow pets?

Yes, Spirit Airlines allows easy and convenient traveling on the aircraft provided the pets are kept in the container within the specific dimensions. The pets that can travel on Spirit are small dogs, cats, rabbits, and small birds. 

Q8. Which pets are not allowed with Spirit Airlines?

Exotic or harmful pets are not allowed on the aircraft of Spirit Airlines. These include spiders, snakes, rodents and so on. Before traveling read the guidelines carefully or contact customer service to get the issues solved. 

Q9. Does Spirit Airlines allow cats?

You can carry small or household cats under Spirit Airlines pet policy. There is a certain fee that you have to pay for carrying your pet as carry-on baggage.

Q10. What is Spirit pet fee?

The roundtrip tickets for carrying your pet are $100, however one-way fee is $125 per carrier. Since Spirit takes care of the safety of animals flying in the cabin of the aircraft which is kept under the seat in front of the traveler. 

Q11. Can I fly with my pet internationally on Spirit Airlines?

You cannot carry your pet internationally on Spirit Airlines except if it is a service animal. However, read the guidelines of Spirit pet policy or contact customer service to know more details about it.

Q12. Do I need to provide any documents for my service animal with Spirit Airlines?

Based on the international destination, you should provide specific documents regarding the service animal for traveling internationally. It is better to know from the customer service of the airline to travel with no surprises.

Q13. Can I bring multiple pets on the same flight on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines allows travelers to bring multiple pets on the same flights. It depends on the availability and limitation of the space. There is an additional Spirit pet fee which applies for each pet and it is better to contact the airline before booking to make the arrangements further. 

Q14. How many pets can I carry on Spirit flights?

You can carry up to four pets with Spirit Airlines in the cabin. However, it depends upon the type of flight, route and more factors. Consult the airline to know better about everything in detail and then make your decision. Also, don’t forget to provide the support health documents.