Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction Guideline

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Lufthansa Airlines strictly enforce their rules and regulations. Any violation of these rules can result in significant issues. Similarly, traveling with an incorrect name can cause inconvenience during your journey. However, Lufthansa Airlines has implemented a name change policy to help solve such problems. This policy allows you to correct misspelled names on your ticket easily and without hassle. Lufthansa Name Change policy is simple and enables you to correct your name conveniently. Therefore, follow the guidelines below for a smooth and comfortable travel experience.

Lufthansa airlines name change

How to Request Lufthansa Name Correction on the Ticket?

Below are several methods through which passengers can initiate a name change on their Lufthansa Airlines ticket:

Change Name on Lufthansa Airlines Ticket Online

To correct a name on your Lufthansa Airlines ticket online, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to flyLufthansa and find the 'Manage Booking' section.
  • Enter your six-digit booking reference and last name, then click 'Submit.'
  • Click on the 'Change name' tab. You can correct up to three characters in the first, middle, or last name. Note that this doesn't mean three characters each for first, middle, and last names.
  • Input the correct name and, if needed, upload a soft copy of your government-issued ID like a passport or driver's license.
  • Pay the necessary Lufthansa Airlines name change fee and any fare difference, if applicable, during checkout.
  • After completing the request, you will receive an updated booking confirmation with the corrected name via email.

Change Name on Lufthansa Airlines Ticket over the Phone

If you want to change your name on a Lufthansa ticket offline, you can call the Lufthansa customer service number. Follow the steps to know more:

  • Call Lufthansa Airlines customer service and wait for an agent to assist you. Provide your six-digit booking reference for the agent to access your booking details.
  • Ask the agent to verify if your booking qualifies for a name change with Lufthansa Airlines. They might request legal documents like a government-issued ID or driver's license for validation.
  • Pay the necessary Lufthansa Airlines name change fee and any fare difference using a debit or credit card over the phone.
  • After completing the name change request, you'll receive an updated booking confirmation with the corrected name via email.

Change Name on Lufthansa Airlines Ticket at the Airport

Passengers can visit the nearest Lufthansa Airlines office or airport ticket counter to seek assistance from ticketing agents.

  • Provide your flight confirmation details and request the agent to make the necessary corrections or changes to your name on the ticket.
  • Lufthansa Airlines allows name changes up to three hours before the scheduled departure time as per their policy.
  • Ask the agent to determine if your booking qualifies for a name change request with Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Prepare to submit legal documents supporting the new name on your flight ticket if requested by the agent.
  • Pay the applicable Lufthansa Airlines name change fee and any fare difference using a debit or credit card.
  • Lastly, passengers will receive an updated booking confirmation email with the corrected name.

Types of Lufthansa name changes:

Lufthansa Spelling Name Change:

Making typographical mistakes or spelling errors during flight ticket booking is a common occurrence. If you are a Lufthansa Airlines passenger, you have the option to correct your name. However, there are certain points to remember:

  • Lufthansa name correction policy permits adjustments to your name but does not allow changes to up to three characters in your first name, middle name, or last name.
  • Passengers are also allowed to correct the greeting in their name.
  • You have the right to correct any typos, minor errors, or typographical mistakes in your name as per Lufthansa Airlines' policy.

Middle Name Changes 

Lufthansa Airlines allows passengers the flexibility to add, modify, or remove their middle name from their flight ticket, provided they keep these key considerations in mind.

  • For a hassle-free travel experience, passengers must ensure that the name on their flight ticket matches precisely with the name on their government-issued ID.
  • If your government ID includes your middle name, it is essential not to omit it when booking your flight ticket. Conversely, if your middle name is not listed on your official identification, you have the choice to exclude it during the booking procedure.

Legal Name Changes

A legal name change pertains to situations where a passenger's name needs to be updated on a ticket due to legal and unavoidable circumstances such as marriage or divorce.

  • For Lufthansa Airlines passengers undergoing a name change due to marriage, specific documentation is necessary, including a Government-issued ID and a marriage certificate.
  • To process a name change request, passengers must furnish both their old and new official ID documents as per Lufthansa Airlines' requirements.
  • In cases of divorce, passengers are required to provide divorce agreements as documentation when requesting a name change from Lufthansa Airlines.

What is Lufthansa Name Change Policy

The Lufthansa Name Change Policy has several rules and guidelines that passengers are required to follow:

  • Passengers are permitted to make name corrections once.
  • Swapping of names is not allowed.
  • The name change policy applies to every traveler individually.
  • Legal considerations such as marriage requests, divorce agreements, and updated government documents are important for name changes on Lufthansa Airline tickets.
  • Passengers must provide legal documents like divorce decrees, marriage certificates, name change legal documents, and government-issued IDs or passports.
  • Name changes on Lufthansa Airlines are limited to two letters in the first, middle, and last names.
  • Passengers cannot add or remove second names, titles like MR, MRS, MS, or infant names, and are restricted to changing only two letters.
  • Within 24 hours of ticket purchase, passengers can correct their name free of charge according to Lufthansa Airlines name change policy.
  • Name corrections made after 24 hours of ticket purchase will incur a name change fee.

Limitation of name change on Lufthansa Ticket

  • The primary name, middle name, or last name cannot be altered by more than two letters.
  • Exceptions are made for passengers with their first and last names reversed, those using nicknames, or individuals with legal name modifications.
  • Changes are allowed only to the middle name within the passenger's full name.
  • If a passenger hasn't undergone a name change due to marriage or divorce, they may add or remove the second family name.
  • Titles such as Mr., Mrs., or Ms., as well as academic titles like Prof or Dr. cannot be added, deleted, or modified if there is an incorrect or missing entry.
  • Tickets cannot be transferred, and a new ticket must be issued if another passenger needs to board.
  • If a new person boards using a ticket instead of the original passenger, the previous ticket will be refunded.

Does Lufthansa require a middle name on a ticket?

Passengers are permitted to modify their middle name on their Lufthansa Airlines flight ticket, which can be reissued once the changes have been made.

  • Modifications are permitted within a passenger's name record.
  • Passengers are required to include the documentations in the Passenger Name Record (PNR) for the updated name.

Lufthansa Airlines transfer ticket to another person:

Lufthansa Airlines does not allow passengers to transfer the ticket to another individual. There are situations in which you may be eligible for a refund of an unused flight ticket. Refunds are applicable for most eTickets purchased directly from Lufthansa Airlines. Upon purchasing an eligible eTicket, you have a 24-hour window to cancel the ticket for any reason and receive a complete refund, including prepaid fees and ticketing charges, without incurring cancellation fees. One of the main reasons for not allowing Lufthansa Airlines to transfer tickets to another person is income protection. 

How much does it cost to change a name on a Lufthansa flight?

Changing names on Lufthansa tickets is free of charge before ticket issuance. However, after tickets have been issued, name changes incur a fee of 100 euros per passenger name. Name corrections, such as those due to marriage, are allowed at no cost even after ticket issuance.


The airline provides flexibility to all passengers, and the Lufthansa name change policy is designed for the comfort of the passengers. You should know that name changes or corrections can be necessary at times. Therefore, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with all the essential details in case you encounter such a situation.